Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've only been working on this new blog for about 2 months...changing themes, uploading pics, losing too many files to talk about, but here it is...the new blog. I love it :) Easy to upload, easy to customize, just easy.
So...if you read this, will you follow me here?? I hope so!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Soon, our lives will be filled with lunch boxes and pack backs. School uniforms and gym day. Music and Daisy troop. Soon, I'll be driving my Big wee one to school and walking from my office to pick her up. I'm sure we'll do cool things, like grab a cool drink at her favorite coffee shop and have a cupcake. We'll celebrate her cool new life as a Kindergartener. We'll talk about all the crazy things that kids talk about at 5, but we'll keep it in check and talk about Santa as well.

Soon, our days will be filled with running from one activity to another, to running home for dinner and a bath. Soon, we'll start the adventure of tons of birthday parties and possibly sleep-overs (sooooo not ready for that! well, I'm not at least).
Soon, her chore chart will be filled up and she'll be helping her little sister adjust to everyday preschool. Soon, her sister will miss her and wonder why she can't play with her every.single.moment of her free time.
Soon, this mommy will cry (like I'm not already right!?!) and wonder, "Where the heck did time go?" I remember, so vividly, being pregnant with her and riding the elevator up to our apartment in our first home, thinking I was in labor. I remember holding her and sleeping with her. I remember her first steps and the first time she drew a picture (it looked just like Shrek).
Soon, all of these BIG changes will happen.
But for now, I have 10 more days of my 5 year old being just a 5 year old enjoying the last days of summer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer is..

having a delicious ice cream cone after dinner. Having it match the pink in your shirt ads to the yumminess :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins 'n Stuff

This past weekend, my cousins came in from CT to share in remembering their father, my uncle and a very special man! My Uncle Jay passed away after a very difficult battle with cancer (for the past 3 years), and though it was so sad and emotional, I love these guys and love to spend any time I can with them...which isn't much.
If you knew my uncle, you know that these boys are spitting
images of him! I also noticed how much they look like my mom.
Super tall studs! They are "lowering" to my level :) kind of...hehe!Little wee one and "Cousin" had a special connection. She's been talking about him EVERYDAY since they left. She really misses him!Group shot of the fun people :)
Though we are all heartbroken that my uncle passed (that post to come later), I am filled with love that my cousins are apart of my life...our lives.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ok, so I already missed a day in my post a day...
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure these days are FLYING BY! Honestly, wasn't it just May yesterday and now it's almost time for school to start??
After bath this evening I made Big wee one try on her school uniforms for me. I can't wait to wash them and iron them and make them fresh and "new". The school she's attending in the fall is a Catholic school and she's pretty excited! I'm pretty excited. And nervous. I'll cry, no doubt.
I'll post those pictures tomorrow, and maybe you can help Big wee one decide what she should wear on her first day (it's a toss up between jumper and skort).
While taking her pictures, a little tiny Little wee one as
ked me to take her picture. I know, I know...I couldn't believe it either, so I asked her if she really wanted me to and she said, "Yes, Momma"
Here is that picture. Love those big blue eyes, even in black and white! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Got your back.

I can't believe that Big wee one is starting kindergarten at the end of the month. I mean really...she can't be school age already!
Though, to me in this picture, she looks much older than her wise beyond her 5.5 year old self. She's always got her sister's back, and on the occasion when she doesn't, believe me she hears it from me. I'm trying to teach her that no matter what Little wee one is her sister and they have to stay tight.
My goal this week is to blog once a goes :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hanging around my side of town.

Recently a friend of mine met the girls and I downtown for a nice morning of walking around, stopping at the candy store, getting a glass of iced tea from my favorite coffee joint and ribs from the farmers' market. We probably spent 3-4 hours just chit-chatting, letting the girls play and enjoying the simple things that our quaint little town offers.

We have been trying to enjoy the relaxing summer days, even though we've been pretty busy. Enjoy your special moments :)