Friday, May 28, 2010

She's a graduate!

A year of learning, making new friends, exploring all kinds of cool stuff, and growing taller and stronger...our big girl graduated preschool. And yes folks, I shed some tears. When I put her in the car in the morning to bring her to her last day of school, when I took her to wally-world to pick out her bestie a necklace to remember her by and when she walked past us during her ceremony...tears during all of those events.
I just cannot believe that she'll be in kindergarten next year. I mean really, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were just moving to Chambersburg!
Oh well, she growing up and there isn't much I can do to stop her, so instead, I'll just be uber proud!
My big girl, posing before we left.

A pic with the daddio.and one with the momma (me) :) And the ceremony begins...she would not make eye contact. She was on a mission. A mission to the stage without cracking a smile or moving her eyes away from her goal!Opening "hello's", she listening and her little friend A-man is smirking. Hehe...too cute!OH! Do you see that, we made eye contact. Still no smile. She cracks me up!Saying the pledge, and how appropriate that it's Memorial Day weekend and their ceremony was "Red, White & Blue" themed. I know I'm biased, she is my off-spring and all, but she sure looks adorable in her floppy graduation hat and double wrapped necklaces. Girls got style!Just singing. I'm pretty sure my eyelashes where stuck to my eyelid, from being wet and smashed up against the camera. I teared up through this WHOLE program. I'm a sap!Big wee one and her friend A-man. They are going to get married. I knew she had a little crush on him all year, though she never fully admitted it, she would get really angry if we asked her about it (guilty as charged!). We found out the truth though, A-man told his mom he was going to marry Big wee one....hehehe, he's a cutie! She does want to have a play-date this summer, so I'm sure this won't be the last that we see of first crush (oiy! already?!).This ABC chant/song was really cute! They are all gearing up for, "GIMME-A""C-We're CREATIVE"Did I mention that the little cutie right behind Big wee one in the red shirt is her bestie? They have on matching "best friend" necklaces that we had to get on the way to school. Every school day they brought each other a little gift (a barbie outfit from their stash, a little tiny hairbrush, a little stone or gem from a broken ring, a ribbon...anything they thought the other might like) and exchanged them. That was one of her highlights from the day, to show me what her best friend brought her that day.The official graduation moment. Big wee one really enjoyed Mrs. W and being in her class. Not a true smile, but she is looking my way :)We are so proud of you Big wee one! You've learned SO MUCH! Counting by 5's, reading, writing, and you are so creative. You exploded this year with knowledge and willingness to learn. We have loved watching you become this indepent and smart big sister. Thank you for being you, we LOVE YOU!

*yes, I know there aren't any pics of Little wee one in this post, or the last few for that matter, that child I will do my best to get one of her and share it soon!*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cause I... I will Survive.

I hope anyway. These kids are going a-wall and I am running on very little sleep...makes for really FUN days. HA! So much to catch you up the one below who can ride her bike without training wheels now, and can only take a bath with her goggles on. Because, you know, she's gotta get ready for swimming and all :)
She's a dork. She get's it from me.

I do plan on updating the 'ol blog the meantime, have you checked out T. Flo's page (I've heard she's a really cool chick!) ;-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The last two weeks have flown by. We've been so busy, between lacrosse games, photo-shoots, work, soccer games and life in general...I cannot wait for the weekend! I plan on getting my garden ready for planting and going to the annual MOMS Club Mother's Day brunch. I also plan on watching Big wee one ride her bike...WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS (if you are a friend on facebook, you know this already). We're getting ready for summer....YEAAAAA!!
Peace my peeps...