Thursday, October 30, 2008

No teeth.

Big wee one said to the Mommy last night, "Mommy, I'm getting old."

Like she has to worry about getting old...wonder where she heard that from ;-)

She followed up with, "I'm going to lose all my teeth and then I won't be able to eat any dinner tomorrow night."

What a perdicament we are in...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 on Tuesday

  1. We had a FANTASTIC family day today :-) EVERYONE cleaned the house. BWO (Big Wee One/Little Wee One... Thanks Mrs. Barclay for the initial idea) :-) dusted, everything. LWO pretended to vacumn, really she pushed the buttons. Paul rearranged furniture. I, did 3 loads of laundry, vacumned, changed poopy diapers, made dinner, and, Paul did dusting and cleaning of windows as well...we were all on a cleaning kick.

  1. Don't count on that to last long with me. Though since my mother-in-law has been here (when we were in Tejas) I've mopped the floors twice! I know, I'm shocked as well. But I was completely embarrassed that I didn't have a chance to do it before they came to stay, and then found out that she did; that I've decided to keep up with it on a much regular basis :-) So far, so good.

  2. We had a fabulous weekend...I scrapped a lot! I had some friends over Friday night, and then Saturday I stopped by a weekend crop some scrap friends put together. I was hoping to stay and scrap, but when I came home I fell asleep, so I ended up not going back, but I did scrap some more when I woke up.

  3. Sunday, I scrapped some more after mopping my floors :-)

  4. BWO had her first sleep over at a friend's house by herself...she LOVED it! And from what I heard was a good girl.

  5. Tonight, BWO told me, "Mommy, you make the yummiest food in the whole world." She's right you know ;-)

  6. Saturday, Paul and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, and then later in the month we'll celebrate 11 years of love :-) We are going out Saturday night and I am uber excited!

  7. I bought a new dress yesterday for the big anniversary night. It was $100, and I got it on sale for $!

  8. I just finished the first book in the Twilight series...I'm starting the second book as soon as I'm done here.

  9. Paul, I love you so much! Even when you are crabby on Sunday, and get in your laundry, cleaning, freak modes. You mean the world to me, you make me laugh all the time and you are such a cool daddy! Thanks for being my best friend in the whole wide world!! xoxo

Look at my weird numbers, I don't know why it did that...Freaky! Oh, and tomorrow we could wake up to snow! Well, a mintry mix of mush and rain...bluck...unless it is snow and then the wee ones will think it's pretty cool! I'm prepping my blog for my new fall "style" that's why I changed the background color...incase you were curious

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Funny...

I'm just full of them today.

I realized a bit ago that I have on one black boot and one brown boot.

I love being me! LOL!!

Funny little thing.

Last night, as we were getting ready to get a bath, Big wee one pulled naked Little wee one into the bathroom and said, "Come on Little one, want to go potty? You need to try...just sit down and try, ok?"

Paul and I were listening in our was really funny.

Then she says, "Little wee one, Mommy and I will be so proud of you when you wear big girl panties!" (If you've ever heard her talk, she kind of goes into this really high tone when she's happy and excited...she was doing that).

So, Little wee one is sitting on the potty and I hear her asking Big one for a book, so big one gets a book and then silence.

And then...

"You DID IT! Wait to go Little are SUCH A BIG GIRL! Mommy, Little one went tee-tee in the potty!"

Immediately, Paul and I run in there, and sure enough she went tee-tee in the potty! Of course, the whole house was doing the happy tee-tee dance and slapping some major high 5's. I love this age! Man, I know I grunt about my kids, but they sure are amusing (and pretty darn cute!).

This potty training thing is gonna be a breeze if the Big one is going to do it for me :-) Keep up the good work big sister!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Settling down...

AppleFest is over and I thought over all it went great! Next mission to accomplish: the CHRISTMAS PARADE.
Life is good in Flohr land. We've been busy and sick. Big wee one is finally back on track and acting like a "normal" 3 year old instead of the crazy, scary one she was acting like. She was in major need of normal rest, daily schedule and some way healthy food; I've been "doctoring" her meals as much as I can. Muaaa-aaah-aaaahh... It's nice to have her back again :-)

Little wee one is sick again and back on antibiotics which means the diaper scene is pretty scary. Ugh. Oy. Yuck! I'm hoping to have her potty trained around Christmas, if not before. She wants to sit on the potty all the time and tells me when she wants to change her diaper, so she's getting ready. I just need to take the actual time to do it. Big wee one was a breeze to potty train, so I'm hoping the little one follows nicely in her footsteps.

The girls are excited about halloween quickly approaching and have been flaunting their costumes whenever they have the chance. We went to a MOMs club diddy this morning and I'm hoping that my new friend Marie will email me some pics of the Dorothy's

Not too much to talk about. Sorry.

That could definitely be a good thing.

Paul and I will be celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss on the 1st of November and we've asked some friends to join us for dinner. One of them asked if we wanted to be alone, but we like to hang with other fun folks, and we'll be alone later anyway ;-) We are thinking we'll probably get our sitter to come a litte early and we'll go have a couple of drinks together, just the two of us.
On the 10th, we had our monthly MNO (MOMs Night Out) and decided a haunted house could be no match for us moms. I mean seriously, what scary dude can scare those of us who have or have had 3 year olds! HA! We laughed in the face of creepy scarey dudeds! Not really, most of us were pretty scared. Only AFTER the fact was I all, "Heck, that wasn't scary at all, I mean come on, they didn't even chase us with a chainsaw!" Here is the picture before we went in.

Afterwards, since the haunted house took a total of 18.4 minutes, we decided a little karoake action was in order. So, we hit up the local hot spot, sang (terribly), laughed our asses off and of COURSE, Twinkle Toes Tina (thanks Tracie) had to shake her groove thang. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, just let loose and get down and funky, boy did we ever! See how I'm dancing with all the OLD ladies (no offense Old ladies, I feel your inner grove coming out)...see how you don't notice anyone else in the picture?? That's ok, there is no shame in my game! I came out of the bathroom to find this, it's a GOOD THING no one caught my singing on video, because it was HORRIBLE! LOL, no offense J&S, but we should definitely stick to our day jobs, you can kind of hear me in the end joining in with them. What a freaking fun night! After busting this joint, we hit up a local hole in the wall kind of place and TOE'UP the dance floor there! We rocked the party, ROCKED THE PARTAY!

The next morning after my singing debut and dance marathon with my gf's, we decided to have a play group. We did crafts, which included pumpkin butts and ghost feet :-)
Sometimes when I set my camera on manual settings I get these funky pictures. I kind of like their spooky qualities :-)
Playing on the swing set at Jules' house. Those are the best play dates, when you load up a ton of kids and just let them do their thang, while the moms sip coffee and chit chat the morning away.Look at my gf in the background...too funny! Girls definitely rule the roost at these get togethers.Big wee one painting some kind of master piece.Little wee one and her friend Lil.If there is a princess dress in site, she will have it on soon!Little wee one driving me somewhere :-) Probably crazy...heheTaco Tuesday at Uncle Airwick's house.Uncle Airwick & myself. He'll be leaving again soon :( We'll miss ya!Hanging with Uncle AirwickCrazy moon when we left Eric's house...spooky!Big wee one insisted I take a pic of the two of them in their Dora pj's. Goofballs!Big wee one took this picture of Little wee one. She's really into taking pictures these days.Just playing outside one afternoon.Isn't she sweet :-)Daddy can't deny this little girl, she looks just like him!LOOK! She's actually looking at the camera and smiling.I like this picture of my Mom.Here is Mimi and Big wee one.Let's throw a Little wee one in there.Oh, wait, she's getting a little side-tracked.

Ok, Mom, let me just get this little feather looking thing here...

And turn around to tickle Mimi...

You think you can run and hide, but I'll getcha!

Here I come!

Another spooky looking picture that I like.Word is, if you see a lot of these it means there is going to a bad, snowy, cold winter. I can tell you this isn't the FIRST of these that we have seen...kind of creepy and cute at the same time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Watch Me :-)

Tonight on Hagerstown NBC 25 news @ 5 pm.
I said, "Wazoo"; YOU SAYS THAT?????????!!
Update: they did not use the little blurb where I said Wazoo, instead, they used the blurb where I fling my arms around and talk about
I was interviewed this afternoon in regards to AppleFest, and at one point (I'm admitting, but I'm not impressed with myself at all) I said, "Come visit C-Burg...blah, blah blah and we'll have food out the wazoo."
Thank you dear Father above for editing software!
It's can laugh, I've been laughing about it all day. I would post a link to the video here, but really I don't want to impress you with my insane interview skillzzzz...ha!

Peace out, I should be alseep by now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just walked down to the coffee shop to talk with the owner about tomorrow's AppleFest and while I was in there two older ladies stopped me to tell me they thought my skirt was really cute. Isn't that nice :-)
That was the 2nd time that happened this morning and what makes me so happy about it is 1) they were women. We don't stop another lady to tell them they look nice unless they really do look nice. Men honk, whistle and stop if you have high wasted tapered jeans's different when a woman compliments you. And 2) my skirt is really a dress :-)'s a tube dress, but the "tube" part of it slides down my front (I'm not sporting the sistas like I used to) so I fold the top down and now I have a skirt that gives me extra support in my tummy :-)
It's nice to improvise!
I hope you get stopped today and some ladies tell you nice things as well. Happy Thursday!

Feeling Good...lovin' life.

For the time being at least.

I'm still feeling a little something in the my throat, but it's mostly in the morning and at night. I've been going to bed uber early, and waking up refreshed; and this morning both of the girls slept until 7:45! And one of them was so delightful! Well, both of them were, but sometimes (ahem, most of the time) one does not wake up delightful.

AppleFest is set to go. I'm just ironing out all the minor details, like bathroom signs, detour signs, cones & barricades, printing enough of everything for the volunteers, and making sure I have checks for all the entertainment. So far so good...I'm not excited about the 4 am wake up call, but I'm a morning person, so once I'm up I'm up :-)

Things with Big wee one are steadily improving. The girl was definitely tired, hence sleeping in so late today. She's been telling me she's tired a lot lately, which makes me feel this big (thumb and pointer demonstrating an inch) for getting so angry with her when all she needs is some sleep. But. Guess what? I'm not perfect and heck, I was tired too. So take two grumpy, tired, bullheaded Flohr girls, mix them together and you get a big stew of crabbiness!

She still loves me though. And I still love her :-)

Ok, off to get things done. I wish I had a picture to update with, let me see if I have anything I can post on here for grins and giggles :-)
These pictures are from a trip we took to Bald Head Island 2 years ago (wow...I can't believe that was 2 years ago, well, almost 2 years ago) with 3 other moms and 9 kids all together! CRAZY! It was fun, but it sure was crazy :-) What great friends!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. AppleFest 2008 is THIS Saturday, October 18th from 9am - 4pm...downtown Chambersburg. I'll be there at 5 am if you feel like stopping by and bringing me a cup 'o joe :-)
  2. Things with Big wee one still aren't great. Getting a little better, but she's still so wishy washy. It's frustrating, but we are working through it. That's what wine was created for...all that whining!
  3. I think I'm getting sick. My throat has that scratchy feeling you get before you lose your voice. Lovely, right before my VERRRYY long day on Saturday. Maybe I just scratched my throat on a chip at lunch. Keep your fingers crossed.
  4. I had lunch with my friend today at the new Italian cafe' downtown and it was very yummy! You should go there, and bring a bottle of wine :-)
  5. I sent in my deposit for a 3 day crop in November! I'm super excited and I'm hoping to get a LOT done!
  6. We had Taco Tuesday at my brother's house...sounds like he'll be leavingggg on a jet plane, don't know when he'll be back again; on either Saturday or Sunday :( We didn't even get to carve pumpkins :(
  7. Tomorrow morning I have a Christmas committee meeting, and I have to bring the girls. I'm hoping drawing on the dry erase board will keep them occupied and Big wee one won't suddenly get mad at me for something infront of everyone! I may need to bring....GUM.
  8. I got a cute little book in the mail today from girl Lele...thanks Lele!
  9. Fall in PA is GORGEOUS! The weather is perfect, the trees are beautiful...what a gorgeous day today was!
  10. I wanted to be asleep by 8:30 is now 8:40.'s that working out for


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Sugar Coating. (& reunion)

That's right. If you came here to read about all the joys of motherhood, you've come to the wrong place. It. Is. Hard. I'm pissed, annoyed, hurt, angry, frustrated...pretty much just emotionally drained.

Big wee one...that's who. She's always been my emotional roller coaster of a child and boy has she been soaring on the super looper! I'm trying to jump off, but I'm stuck hanging upside down with no signs of slowing down.

Until tonight.


After a night of crying and screaming and yes, I admit it, a spanking or two, oh and a call in to Mimi (thanks Mom!); we are all feeling a little more calm and and controlled. We've (the daddy, mommy and the big wee one) compiled a sticker chart that hopefully will help.

So, with Big wee one sitting close by, along with Daddy and Little wee one (who's been a *dare I say it* angel lately!) we all worked on the sticker chart and what should be put on it. Such as:

  • Brushing our teeth in the morning & at night

  • Making our bed in the morning

  • LISTENING to Mommy & Daddy

  • Eating 3 bites of dinner (I'll be happy if she does that)

  • Dusting on Saturday's

  • and going potty before bed

She came up with most of these, so we'll see how she does. If she doesn't miss a single sticker for a week, she'll get a new outfit for her barbie...if she can go 8 weeks she'll get a pizza party. BUT, she can't miss a sticker. She gets it, she told us all about it. How she's going to listen and do what I ask and eat 3 bites of dinner (because she's 3). I'll keep you posted on the how this goes.

How was the trip you ask? GREAT! Paul and I had a blast, totally reconnected and it was fun hanging with all of my old cronies. The guys were exactly how I had remembered and my girlfriends all became way more beautiful...10 years didn't hurt anyone!

Of course we RUSHED home to see our babies and this is what we've been dealing with since. To help relax me, I'm sippin on some Paris, TX wine out of my new Paris, TX wine glass ;-)

Pretending this is how I feel right now...

Here are some pics:

At the pep-rally Friday morning...brought back a TON of memories.

Enjoying a class after lunch :-) Lele and I, blurry and not so great, but pretty much the most decent pic I have of the two of us :(At the football game Friday night...NL won homecoming! GOOOO Panthers!

This was the night of the was BEAUTIFUL outside after a morning of TX size thunderstorms. Shelly & Joe's place is beautiful! Thank you so much for being awesome hosts!

Me, Rach, Stacie & Steph
Paul and I :-) There aren't many times we can get pictures of just the two of us...I like to take advantageOur dinner table, the Pursifull's, the Flohr's, Sikes & the Kirchoff'sJenny of my besties from back in the day! She looks FREAKING AMAZING! She totally did not look like that 10 years ago, hope this is ok Jenny, but the girl lost like 70 lbs!! She rocks! and is still as funny as ever, I can't wait for X-mas, she's coming up to visit her sister, so I'm going to bombard her :-) We truly only spent like 3 hours together and mix that in with mingling with everyone...:(Some of the graduationg class of 1998Maddox, Sikes, Me & Shane...I'll miss these folks a LOT! :(