Monday, June 30, 2008


To help Big wee one eat more nutritious meals, I'll let her dr. them up a little. This morning, I put a little apple sauce in her oatmeal, and she put sprinkles on top (Halloween sprinkles). After mixing it all up she said, "Look Mommy, this looks like cookies in my oatmeal! When K gets here, I will show it to her and she will think it looks like a deewicious passert!" (aka: dessert)
All of this in her very happy sing songy voice! She's cute.

Friday, June 27, 2008

She loves the stage

Here's a clip from Big wee one's Vacation Bible School performance. Today was their last day, and she loved going all week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We had our monthly MOMs Night Out last night and I had a BLAST! I drank a little too much, laughed really hard, ate good food and spent a little bit of money (just enough to make me happy) :-) Two of the stores downtown stayed open after hours for us and provided food, discounts and beverages. We called it the Progressive Dinner and usually we do this at a neighborhood where a few of the moms live and start with appetizers at one house, walk to the next house and have the main dinner and then finish at another house with desserts. It's usually a lot of fun, and last night was no exception. Here are some pics:
This was my attempt at a self-timer pic, sorry I accidentally cut out 1 or 2 people
This is one of my dearest friends...she'll go above and beyond and she's always great for an ear to vent! She's also really freakin' funny and crazy! The night ended relatively early, so we decided to hit a local watering hole to finish off the evening. Man, I laughed REALLY hard here!!

These nights out are some of the best times. Its a great way for us to vent about our kids and laugh about them as well. If you are reading this and you are a mom who needs to get out, look into joining your local MOMs club. Its a great way for your kids to meet friends and for you to meet friends. This club has been a life saver for me in SO many ways! I've made some incredible friendships that have changed my life forever. Thanks to all of you who make this club so great...I don't know many clubs that have the dynamics that we do!

On to swimming. We hit my gals house for a little water fun this afternoon and Big wee one looked so cute in these goggles. I've been experimenting with the manual settings on my camera and love the way the pictures come out.

This is what happens when a two year old opens a bag of! This little lillypad is FULL of spunk! She is exactly like her Momma!

The girls have been playing so well together. I'm so happy that they truly love each other and want to play together. Big wee one has been a very good big sister and taking care of Little wee one. This morning she even got Little wee one's breakfast for her and threw away her trash. She loves to rock her at night and help put her to sleep. I love this picture because it shows how much they really resemble each other. Same exact hair color and silly little expressions.

Don't you just love summer time?! We get to eat fresh corn on the cob, play outside all the time and go to the beach...which is where we are headed tomorrow. This weekend should be a fun one. We'll have Cousin A with us and we'll get to see Grandma & Grandad! Big wee one is excited to sleep in her sleeping bag, and Mommy is excited to get some sun! Hopefully I'll have a lot of great pics to post. Have a good one!

Oh, I'm gonna finish with some pics we've taken outside when the sun has been going down...we've had some amazing cloud formations and pretty sunsets, so I thought I would share :-)

This is the post that never ends! As I'm sitting here uploading and updating the 'ol blogger, I can hear Paul and Big wee one downstairs having a conversation. It's so cute! I can't hear exactly what they are saying, but she sure does have a lot to say. On a side note, her attitude has been soooo much better! I've been doing a little reverse psychology on her and it seems to be working. A friend told me that whenever they start to whine to start whining just like them and then they'll stop. Sure works! She'll start whining so I'll do it too, and she can't help but laugh! It's so funny! This week, she's been going to Vacation Bible School and she's had a blast! Tomorrow is her last day for that, and then I think we'll sign her up for a day camp at the "Y"...keeping her busy seems to be working. Ok. I'm done.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Something stinks...

I logged off of the computer about 5 minutes ago and when I walked by Big wee one's room to go down stairs, I smelled something. I thought to myself, what smells, I didn't clean anything (no laughing! )...hmmm.

I go outside, get the mail, come back in, come upstairs to change my pants (I got chilled) and smelled it again. What could that smell be??

I open her door and see her standing on her stuffed lamb chair (Lulu) and she is dressed in her cat dress with her tinkerbell tights (she's really doing a lot of sleeping! ha!)...and there it is! I see it! The SMELL!

I asked Big wee one, "What did you do? Where did you put this?". She says to me, "Right here." (Of course I say Right where??) and she says, "All over my arms." LMAO! She stinks!! The stinker rubbed vicks all over her arms and I see her cheeks glistening! Atleast her nasal cavity is cleared! Kids.


We don't see much of our family very often, so I thought I'd give a few little updates.
Uncle E: he's somewhere far far away...not sure exactly where he is, but this picture should give you some kind of idea:
He's doing fantastic, from the sounds of his emails and should be home sometime in late August, hopefully in time for Little wee one's birthday...she's gonna be 2!! How did that happen?? Anti-who...looks like he's dating someone, and they seem to have really hit it off. I'm happy for him. And luckily, this datee is familiar with the requirements that come with his lifestyle, since she's there doing whatever she does with him. Should work out nicely...I wish them luck! Hey E, you should start blogging on your worldly adventures!!! Sounds like a great idea to me!

Uncle N, Aunt J & Cousin Munchkin: just moved from Arkansas to TX, familiar territory for Uncle N. I am dying, in the worst way, to go visit them and see my little munchkin neice!! I really do miss them so much! Cousins should not go a whole year between visits :-( Here is a shot of the cutest munchkin ever with her floatation devices...teehee

Cousin Al: will be joining us on our adventure to OC, MD this weekend. I can't believe she's going to be a senior next year! I remember dancing with her in Grandma's kitchen and fixing her hair on Saturday mornings and now she's thinking about COLLEGE!! We haven't seen her, well since winter time. We keep up with each other on myspace, but I know that Big wee one (and Little wee one as well) will be excited to play with her this weekend.

The rental units are doing great. My parents are finally landscaping their yard! After 5+ years of living there. It looks great and soon we'll be picking fruit and veggies from their garden :-)

Uncle J is doing fabulous!! He had his port removed about a month or so ago, which means no more treatments! YAAAA!! He's itching to get back into the swing of things...literally, we have a tentative date to go play golf in two weeks :-)

Paul's parents are doing great as well. Grandma recently had a procedure done and everything went better then planned! Always a good thing! They are in the hunt for a house in C-burg, and I've been sending "bites" here and there. We are visiting them this weekend which means:

and lots of 'em. We'll also be hitting the beach and picking up a pass for our jeep on Assateague Island. We are hoping to bring the girls there to go camping soon. Big wee one has been asking to sleep in a tent and camp out. I think it would be fun :-)
That's it for now. Toodles

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the Groove...

This is the most recent page I've completed and I'm hoping to get my groove back soon! I've been in the mood to digi scarp, but just haven't. No real rhyme or reason...well, besides kids, life, laundry...watching the back of my eyelids. You know, life.

I did find a lot of really cool digi sites recently. Check 'em...if you are into that kind of thing:

I'm home from work since K is at senior week in OC, MD, and the girls are sleeping, I should be productive...I think I'll work and then hopefully tonight, all my work will be done and I'll be able to digi scrap. BUT...the dilemma is, when I'm laying in bed I LOVE to read, and that conflicts with the scrapping...hmmmmm....what to do, what to do???

We are heading to OC, MD this weekend so I'm definitely going to bring my laptop then...the Flohr side of the family are night owls, so I could digi scrap while they are all chit-chatting :-) SO YAAAAA...I'm gonna scrap this weekend!! hehe!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


If this doesn't make you laugh...I don't know what will.
Note to those that don't think I do house work, the folded laundry in front of me! :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Proud...

Paul was nominated Coach of the Year (click on that to read the article)
E. Delong was named Player of the Year
And two other players from C-burg were nominated for the All-Area team.

Note to the reader...if I had taken that picture, I would not have used that angle...nothing like an up the nose shot, does nothing for the neck area. That could just be the "girl" in me talking...maybe they were going for the whole tough man look, with the Trojan man in the background. (Do you say Trojan Man, like I do in that know which one...Trrrojaannn Mannnn?) hahaha!


Despite Paul's broken hand we had a good Father's day. We drove to WV and did some "mock" hiking/camping. Actually, we parked the car, got out and threw some rocks in the lake, got back in the car drove to a camp ground area and cooked hot dogs while the girls wondered in the "forest" and smashed bugs (guess which wee one was doing most of that!). After chillin' for awhile we drove to the outlets and then came home. It was a beautiful day out, perfect temperature and wonderful company. Everyone was well behaved and happy! We finished the night with cereal on the back patio and vegging on the couch.

Paul went to the dr. yesterday to get his cast, and it turned out to be much better then excpected! They don't think he'll need surgery and his cast is really more of a clamp on his hand. It's called a Galveston splint or cast or something along those lines. He shouldn't take it off, but while he was sleeping last night it came off. Thankfully, they marked his hand where he should place everything on the splint (he has to check the pads daily for moisture), so he just put it back on this morning.

Here are a few pics from this past weekend:

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, looks like Paul will have a fantastic Father's day tomorrow. He was working in the garage after playing golf with his friends this afternoon, fell and broke his hand! Yup...broke his hand. Random right. Golfing one minute, in the ER the next.
He is wearing a simple sprint right now, which is half of a plaster cast that he can take off, but Monday he'll get his real cast. Big wee one already has plans to decorate it for him :-)

Speaking of. I think she's going crazy! She can't decide if she's happy or mad or funny or angry. She can't decide if she wants a drink or her shoes on or who she wants to pour her drink or tie her shoes. It is so frustrating. She asked for a Polly Pocket at Target today (before hand breaking incident), so we said if she was good she could get one. She really wasn't great, but good enough and smiling and we head to the Polly Pocket lane, pick out one in the price range that we were in the mood to spend and that wasn't good enough for her. So, Paul being the #1 dad that he is, offered another Polly Pocket option, but again...that wasn't good enough. So, she didn't get one. Oh man, did she throw the biggest fit...I took her to the side, had a little talk with her and she chilled. She walked beside me and every word that came out of her mouth was, "Mommy, can I have a Polly Pocket?"..."Please Mommy, can I have one?" so on and so forth. Nope. Not gonna happen. We made it through the rest of the store with her asking me, until we got to check out and she realized (finally) that we weren't going back to get as we know it was OVER! She spent the night in her room, well...until the ER incident and then she went to C's house. I'm so tired of trying to figure her out. Little wee one is just so chill (for the most part)...I don't know if I need to give her a little more TLC with the new summer transistion of it's just an "age" or "phase"...who knows, but it stinks!
Ok, Paul needs his cast back on. Wish him luck!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Big wee one and Little wee one are going through some transitions. Its tough. Exhausting. Annoying. Funny. Kind of. Not really. I take that back, it's not really funny.
I know they LOVE K, watching them, and hanging with them all day, but man, Big wee one sure is pushing buttons! And, can anyone who has kids please let me know if this is a phase...the word poopie. I can't stand it and I don't know how to get her stop saying it! Everything is poopie. "Bye Poopie!", "I love you big poopie", "Do cows make smelly poopies?", "Goodnight big poopie wishy washy poopie".
Will it ever end?
Will they be nice again and not hit or tell me no? I know it's the whole transition thing, I get that, but come's not like I'm sending them away to boarding school! They get to hang with the K, play in the sand and water...hmmmm....thoughts? Anyone? Are you out there? I see you looking at me...I know where you are looking at me from, so help a momma out and give me some advice on the poop situation and how long transition will take, or else, it will be a LONG summer!
Speaking of summer time...we are officially kicking of summer with a pool par-tay tonight! Should be fun, I picked up some beer, made some brownies and I'm about to finish the deviled eggs. Now all I need is my hubby to come home from work, throw on some swimsuits and get this party started!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Never Have I...

Seen such cute pictures of Little wee one. Or have I been able to get such cute pictures.

If you've known Little wee one or have seen pictures from birth till now, you know that she's not my cheeseball. She usually has a puckered lips look to her, like she's worried. It sometimes reminds me of that little kid that played the duck kid on Full House...remember him? He had the crush on Stephanie?? Well, she just always looks concerned.


Today, I set up the photoshoot for my neighbor's grandbaby and Big wee one said she wanted to take pictures. I get her all set and then she says, "I don't want to take pictures, get me down!" I take her down, and ask Little wee one if she wants to take pictures for Mommy, and she grins. I put her up there, thinking she won't sit still either, but low and behold...a Cheeseball was born!!

This is the little chunk of cuteness...Baby J.

Good Times.

We had a great weekend. Good times, good friends and nice relaxation!

Yesterday, I took the girls to Mimi & G-pa's house, where they enjoyed sand and water :-) Little wee one struggled with her allergies for most of the day and slept a lot, and when I was leaving from dropping them off, Big wee one was already dressed up as a butterfly. I know they had a great time, especially since Big wee one told me all about it and said if we sold her room she could move to Mimi's house (don't even ask...I have no idea where that came from)!! She especially loved the hot dogs and chips that they had for dinner...thanks Mimi & G-pa :-)

While the girls hung out with the grand-rental units, Paul and I went to the grand opening of Roy Pitz Brewery. We went with Horn and his gal TJ to the "par-tay", and upon arrival got word that the party was moved to another location. Apparently, the Bourough of C-Burg wasn't thrilled with the idea, so we ended up having the grand opening at the one owner's parent's house. Which was AMAZING! The house, just the outside that I got to see, was incredible! Anti-who, the food was delicous! The beer fantastic and the festives fun! I really love the watermelon beer that they brew, and Paul liked all of them but the watermelon :-) Go figure. We stayed all day, and really the time flew by (sounds familiar, didn't we talk about time flying by recently??). Afterwards, we headed home, the men dropped the chicks off, the grand-rental units dropped the children off, and the men returned home with 2 dozen crabs. We ended the night on a good note. TJ...not so much :( Poor thing didn't feel good at all...I attribute it to heat. It was BLAZING yesterday and we were outside all day. I hope you're feeling better!!

This morning I mopped. Seriously. Mopped. Moved the table out of the kitchen and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed that bad jackson. It sparkles now and my house smells like Mr. Clean. Later in the afternoon, I took Nona's grand-baby's pictures...adorable little chunk. She asked me if I wanted anymore food :-) hehe...I might just take her up on that offer!

I'm in the process of uploading pics to shutterfly, and usually I'm pretty good about uploading every other week or so. Well, its been over a month and I am now in the process of uploading 699 pictures! That was just for the month of May! I uploaded the last of April's pictures before that, so for those that are on the picture receiving email on the look out :-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Time is flying by!

We went to K's high school graduation this evening...I can't believe that 10 years ago I was graduating high school...TIME FLIES! It was nice that K invited us :-) We were drowning in sweat through the 600+ names that graduated tonight, but it was worth it. We, of course cheered for K, but also for her boyfriend T-Mac, and a couple of the other guys from lax. Afterwards, Paul got a picture with the senior guys and I got a pic with K. Monday, K starts her new job as the wee one's babysitter...she'll be here bright and early (7:20 am)...I know the girls are going to LOVE having her around all summer!! (Note to reader...I DO NOT LOOK GOOD in that picture. No explanation, I had a funky hair day, I was glowing from the radiating heat that the bleachers produced along with the ball of fire we call the's just not pretty. I know it, you know it...all is ok in the world, I just wanted you to be aware, that I am aware that it is not a good picture...thanks) :-)

Doesn't she look so good there! be young again!

Speaking of time flying! Big wee one finished her first year of "school" at Mom's Day Out about 2.5 weeks ago. She had a great year, and a frustrating year. Definetly a year of trials and tribulations. She is not a child who likes change sprung on her. She needs to be aware of what is going to happen and when it's going to happen. Every night before bed we have to run down what is going to happen when she wakes up in the morning, and as soon as she wakes up we review what we are going to do that day. We can't do anything that's not on the list or it just messes her up COMPLETELY! It is very frustrating! She is also a grump when she wakes up, so put those two together, and she could be extremely difficult to pick up at, because she was sleeping (sometimes) when I would come to pick her up (who decided pick up during nap time was a good idea?? anyone?? helloooo??? are you out there?? tip: it's not a good idea to pick your child up during nap time. incase you were wondering), so i would have to wake her, and thus that would lead into the whole "she wasn't prepared for me to be there part of the day", which would then lead to a mind-altering melt down, and Mommy (aka: ME) feeling like I might do something that could be potentially harmful (she better be counting her lucky stars she's in public right now kind of thing), and that I'm a horrible mom because of my spazzing child, and no, I don't appreciate the fact (says the teacher) that a lot of kids do that. It doesn't make me feel better....anywho...let's just say it was a difficult year, and I'm ready for the summer and carefree days of playing in the baby pool and eating popsicles, all with the help from my trusty sidekick...K. Here is Big wee one the first day of school, and the last :-) The first day of school, I got to pick her the end of the year, she picked her outfits. Can you tell?? Just wait it gets better.
First Day...Last day...
Time is still flying by...

We had the lacrosse banquet on Tuesday night, along with a work meeting (for me), it was a BUSY week here in Flohr land! The season seemed to go by pretty quickly. The guys did great this year and Paul is already missing it. Usually he needs a couple of weeks to detox, but after about a week he was missing his pal "Horn" (or Hornie...whichever you prefer) and some of the guys. What a great group of kids! We'll miss the sr's for sure!

Seniors...and then the whole team. Below is a picture of Big wee one with her BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world (here lately!) Mr. C (otherwise known as Horn or Hornie)...seriously, they are best friends! And Mr. C (I like that better then the other names) is really great with both of the girls! He plays with them, which is why Big wee one has a man crush on him, and acts goofy with's sweet. This is not the only picture I have of them from that night, but in the other ones Big wee one is showing him nerds in her mouth. It's kinda gross. I'll spare you.

Remember a couple of posts ago, I mentioned we were going to the zoo...well here are those pics. See, time does fly! Freakin' FAST!

Earlier, I said "It gets better"...this is what I meant.

This is how Big wee one dressed herself one morning. At least she is wearing all pink and brown...girl's got some style! hehe! Laster that day, we chalked her body.
The following pics are from the past month, which basically...FLEW BY!
Little wee one has MAJOR she is with a completey annoying eye issue...poor thing. And just so you don't think that I don't take pics of Little wee one, I do, its just hard to get a good pic of her, whereas Big wee one is a poser. So, I'm going to do my best to pic out a few good ones of Little wee to show her off as well :-)

This is where they eye issue started. The Memorial Day parade, she looked so adorable and then the allergies kicked in. :(
Just hanging out.

They love each other...hehe, no pressure from the parents.
I don't have any pictures of this, but yesterday Paul and I played in a golf tournament for the Chamber of Commerce and had an awesome time!! It's been many years since I've actually played for meaning, let alone play 18 holes, so I was pretty proud of myself. I won the closest to the pin contest for the ladies :-) and then I won a door prize :-) We played with that Hornie guy, and Mr. Vanilla (hope you are feeling better big D!!) We really had a good time!!
Tomorrow is the grand opening of Roy Pitz Brewery which will be an all day event, so I must get some beauty sleep. Leave us a comment if you are visiting...I know I sneak around a lot of peeps blogs from way back in the if you catch mine, let me know :-) Good night!