Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ratatouille is so Sad

That's what Little wee one is say..."Why is Ratatouille so sad?" and she is so sad when she says it! She feels the poor little rats pain :(

This was the end of our awesome and long cream from one of our favorite local joints and a movie :)

We ended up finishing our ice cream outside and low and behold, she pulled out a smile for me on demand...hehe!

Dancing Queen

I'm proud :) Our Big wee one is the last one on the end in the back, and then moves forward...I'll let her fantastic 4 year old moves speak for themselves. Hehe....

So, we're a little biased. We are just so proud that she got up there and did her thing...and she looked darn cute doing it :)

This was just the dress rehearsal, the real deal is this Saturday night.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School's Out!

The girls finished their school year last Wednesday (May 20th). They both had a wonderful year and made a lot of new friends!

Here they are in the fall:

Don't they look completely amused...Little wee one is up to her same 'ol avoid the camera actions and Big wee one must have found a flower or leaf.

Here they are last week:

Some things changed...some did not. I thought this picture was funny, they are both facing the same way from the above picture. Big wee one is smiling, but obviously distracted and Little wee one is doing what she does best!

At least Big wee one is smiling and looking at me in this picture.

Highlights from the past school year:

  • Big wee one could write her name at the beginning of the year, but she can now write lots of names (Mommy, Daddy, Paul, Little wee one's name & Mimi)

  • She can also write sentences, such as I love you (her favorite)

  • Big wee one knows the date of her birthday (and asks everyday if it's getting closer), the days of the week and her address

  • She still wants to be a ballerina and doesn't really like boys (there are a few that she will play with, but generally doesn't want them to look at her)

  • LOVES to color and do crafts

  • Big wee one STILL does this when I drop her off!

Little wee one's highlights include:

  • going from scribbling one corner of a page in one color to coloring the whole page with mulitple colors and kind of staying in the lines
  • TALKING! Lots of it! Big complete sentences
  • Potty trained! (YEAAAAHHHHH!!) but we are still working on #2, which can be difficult for wee one's to get the hang of
  • knowing the names of her classmates and asking about them
  • picking out her own clothes and shoes and insisting on wearing them
  • becoming extremely independent and wanting to do everything by herself
  • she also does this when I try to take her picture...GET AWAY!

Next year, the girls will go to a new pre-school with wonderful new teachers and programs. As much as I love Moms Day Out, Big wee one would be going through the same pre-school program and she needs a little more (so to speak) before Kindergarten. Since it will be easy to take them to the same school in the morning and because I have such wonderful friends that have offered to help with pick-up and drop off, Little wee one will go to the same school as Big wee one. I am excited to see what the next school year will bring for both of the girls and am pretty sad that it will be Big wee one's last year of pre-school before entering "real" school...until then, we are going to enjoy every bit of summer!

I ♥ Faces : Silhouettes

click on button above to be directed to the website :)

This week's contest is silhouettes, and I had to try my hand at entering with this picture. I love how the girls are dancing in the sunlight...just doing their thing, without a care in the world!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Update Soon

I have lots to update on! I'm excited to let all you strangers in on what's been going on in our the meantime. Welcome these little guys to the world. They are lovin' life and the girls are lovin' being able to check them out at Mimi & G-pa's house...except they flew away and found a new home. Good luck little birdies!

SUMMER IS HERE! Which is why we were swimming today and tomorrow it will be 56 degrees. awesome. really, i'm stoked about that. can you tell?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pump it UP!

NEWS FLASH! Big wee one can pump herself on the is about freaking time! Mimi's been working with her and today was the day! Uncle Eric's birthday is a day of celebration...his birth and the birth of Big wee one's "pump" lol

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something Delicious

This week is banquet week for Paul...meaning he's been gone 3 nights this week, so I've been left to cook for the wee ones and myself 2 of those nights (one of those nights, I went to the banquet as well and had the BOMB BBQ...might I add, it is so difficult to find good BBQ 'round these parts!).

This eveing it was so beautiful outside and I was hesitant to come in and cook dinner, I just wanted dinner to be there. The table cleaned off of markers and coloring books and my dinner to be waiting for me. But since that is also what the girls wanted, I put my book down (still trying to read Eat, Pray, Love) and marched myself inside and starting pulling out random ingredients. What I ended up with was a bowl full of a delicious fresh ingredients :)

T-Flo's Delicious Elbow Salad
  • cup or so of un-cooked elbow spegatti (looks like spegatti noodles cut into 1 inch pieces)

  • 1 shallot, chopped

  • 1 large clove of garlic, minced

  • 7 or 8 cherry tomatoes, quartered

  • couple slices of bacon, cooked crispy

  • half a cup of pureed butternut squash

  • shredded parm cheese

  • tastefully simple season salt (I tried to link their site, but it's not working :( )

  • baby spinach, rolled up and cut up to shredded slices

  • butter

Boil your noodles until tender. In the meantime, soften the shallot, garlic and cherry tomatoes with a TBS of butter (or OO) until nice and brown. When the noodles are done cooking, drain and add a TBS of butter, pureed squash and the shallot mixture back to the pot with the noodles. In the same pan you sauteed the shallots, add your bacon and cook till done. Drain fat, and crumble/chop. Add to the pot of noodles. Take a handful of baby spinach, roll it up (kind of like a tortilla) and chop it up. Add to the pot. Throw in a handful or so of parm cheese, and mix well. Season with season salt.

When serving, sprinkle more cheese on top and avoid giving Big wee one tomatos :) She ate everything else, but I know she would freak if she had a tomato in her bowl. Sooooo good! It really was, and it was so healthy. I don't call spinach, spinach because Big wee one won't eat spinach, but she will eat herbs :) hehe!

Here's a picture of the girls after dinner. I finally charged my camera :) Tomorrow's Friday! and the start to a long weekend....enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of Face

Lots of face stuff going on lately...if you head over to their site, you can enter to win this prize drawing they are having

...but DON'T...hehe, because I want to win :) BUT DO check out allpopart's website...

We have the lacrosse sports banquet this evening, I'll be sure to post an update in the next day or two :)

In the mean time, here's a picture circa fall 2005 :) This is my oldest brother, he's single and available ladies ;-)

Look how little Big wee one is...awwww, chubs!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I LOVE this FACE...too

I felt bad I didn't plaster I nice big picture of Little wee one, so here she is. Beautiful blue eyes and all. I love how they are dark on the outside, kind of grey, blue and gold on the inside (like you can tell in this picture..ha!). It's very rare for me to even catch her looking at me while taking her picture, needless to say I was thrilled when I found this on my camera...only because you never know if they are going to be blurry or as good as you think they might be. It's not even like she's giving me a huge smile, it's just her simple, sweet little personality.

Remember the chalk pictures from below? This was taken the same time...she thought she was putting on makeup (I guess??), she does this. Covers her face with markers or chalk and then rubs her face...see blue marker all over her face.
Little wee one is going through the "terrible two's" right now. Well, her version of the terrible two's which is NOTHING compared to her sister's version of the TT's. She's basically a little more assertive, saying "NO" a lot, swatting on occasion, irritating her sister (that's not really a TT's symptom) and just being a little more winey and wanting me to hold her all the time. I don't know what that's about, but honestly, I don't mind. She's my baby, and who knows if we'll ever fully decide to have another and if so when that will be, so I'm going to soak up Little wee one's baby moments for as long as I can. :)

We've been spending a lot of time outside soaking up the beautiful weather. Little wee one loves to run after her big sister and our "dapper" neighbor, S-man. Blue face and all :)

I was lucky to get away for a bit last Friday and scrap. I'm thrilled that I am just about caught up with Little wee one's first year! If you are a scrapper, you know that it's almost impossible to stay caught up, for those doing Project 365, I don't know how you are doing it (take a picture every day of the year and then scrap them weekly). Pretty soon I'll be scrapping 2008 and feeling closer to 2009! Heck, maybe I'll even get caught up to 2009 before 2009 is over! Wishful thinking right?! Hope you like the LO's and I'll charge my camera so I can take some pictures this weekend...have a great night!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I ♥ Faces

I am entering this picture of Big wee one into the amateur division of the I ♥ Faces blurb book contest. It's not your typical straight forward shot, but I love how happy & silly she looks, and I also love the rich spring colors... so I thought I'd give it a try :)

Check out the website...It's pretty cool and if you are a budding photographer, such as myself, you can learn a lot!

I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fat Thursday

I spent yesterday vegging with a girlfriend, it wasn't supposed to start that way, but it ended that way :)

I had plans to go to a mother's brunch at a friend's house, but it was torential down pour city here, so she cancelled. I called another friend and invited myself to hang with her for the day and scrap. We scrapped a little and ate a TON! I seriously, no joke, ate my fill of calories for a week in one day. Here's the page I did :)

**This is a LO that I scrap-lifted from a page I found online...I love the way it turned out :)

This afternoon I'll be scrapping again...and hopefully I'll get more then one page done...happy start to the weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chill-laxin Mother's Day

So Mother's Day came and went...I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. This was the first weekend in a LONG time that I didn't feel bad for not doing AN-E-THING, and not having to hear about it...yes, sometimes our relationship is a little backwards. I clean and keep a decent house, but Paul is more of a "do it now, get it done" kind of guy and I am a "I just want to sit for one second after cleaning up pee for the 5th time in the last hour" kind of person :) But we work.
Two weekends ago we had our MOMs club brunch for Mother's day and it was a ton of fun. Always is; and I'm sure it always will be. I found out my secret sister was one of my besties and I was the second to the last person to go so I was totally stumped. I had no clue it was her and because I got up to go to the bathroom I missed the name of the person who went before me (we do a little guessing game to see if we can guess who our secret sister is), who happened to be the person I thought had me. Anyway, long story short, I was totally shocked and absolutey thrilled and very happy...she gave me a ton of great gifts, including skunk beer from 2007. Awesome!
Here's the group of ladies, not all of us, but a good group of us.
Ok, much better, but I still can't get that blue to go away...
So, remember awhile back I took the girls to get their pictures taken?? Here's a sneak peek at Little wee one...she wouldn't smile at all. The photographer came up to me while picking out pictures and specifically pointed this one out, "Look how sweet she is! She's kissing the bear."
I say to Little wee one (who's sitting on my lap), "Are you kissing that teddy bear?"
LWO: "Nooooooo...I cry'in"
I'm not really crazy about the softening/blur of the picture, but it's still kind of sweet. So, I only bought this one picture proof... I had to post this next random picture because it makes me laugh out loud...a lot. Every time I see it it makes me giggle. She looks hilarious!
On Mother's Day, I came outside and found the girls coloring over and over in the same place with chalk and then rubbing their hands over it, covering their hands and other body parts in chalk. Here is the, "Hey girls...look at Mommy" picture. No kidding, Big wee one really did make this face, like she got caught.And then the, "Stand up and show me your hands!" picture.
I finish this randomness with pictures that BWO had drawn. She's such a creative little gal and I love looking at her pictures, they make me smile. The one below is BWO as a girl scout, and then LWO and their baby brother (SORRY! No news to share, just a little girl with big dreams) ;-) Next comes a duck.
We finish as BWO as a girl scout (all of her pictures lately, the girl that has long hair always has it to one a side ponytail, which seems to be the "in" thing, which I've noticed among teenage girls at lax games. I'm guessing she noticed as well). Back to picture, girl scout who plays the drums, sleeps in a tent and also plays the xyliphone (I'm sure that's spelled wrong).Life is slowing down in the Flohr house which makes me soooo happy. We've been spending all of our afternoons (that include sun) outside basking in the little warmth that we've had. I hope you all are enjoying nice spring like temps as well (or whatever season you are in) :)
Little wee one will be 3 in August, so I thought it was time to get her first birthday album done. Here it is in all it's glory :) Memories...gosh, I can't believe that she's getting so big. I'll be posting another update later today...Happy Mother's Day!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Be-Lated National Scrapbooking Day!

Saturday, was National Scrapbooking Day and what better way to celebrate then to have friends over to scrap and eat food. They all brought something to share, and we got busy working on digi and regular pages. I didn't get too much done that night, that was the first night I started to feel sick, so I was struggling, but I powered through it and did manage to get something done...

two pages done. Since I was laid up for the next 3 days I managed to get a little bit more done...Have a great night!

10 on Tuesday

It's been awhile since I gave an update on me, and not one on Annisa and her new little man :) Who is BTW: the smallest thing I have ever seen and LWO was about a pound smaller then him when she was's amazing how you completely forget what it's like to have a baby when the baby is all grown up. Anti-who, he's doing great, and she's adjusting to no sleep just fine :)
On to the Flohr's 10 on Tuesday...which I'm hoping is a recap of my birthday and the last two weeks. So...without further ado...
  1. I have been wanting, breathing, living for a pair of "boyfriend" jeans, but apparently they only make "boyfriend" jeans for super skinny ladies. I'm more of a curvacious lady and though I was willing to spend the money to buy the jeans I've so willingly longed for and FINALLY...I FOUND THEM! The.JEANS. And I LOVE them. REALLY.LOVE.THEM. Due to their price tag this was my birthday gift from my amazing hubby and my wee ones. I "heart" them. And I know they look good, because my mom even commented on them! HEHE....without me saying, "Hey Mom, do you like these?"
  2. The Saturday after finding my new loves was a busy day. I had a baby shower in Philly for an amazing friend expecting her first wee one. I worked on cakeballs for the shower all week and because my dear, loving husband was about 30 minutes late getting home so I could depart and get to Philly on time, I was 40ish minutes late for the shower and was too embarrassed (yes, sometimes that does happen...shocking I know!) to walk in the shower and say, "Here I am and here are my blue balls!" I let them melt in the car. When I go visit the new parents to be I'll have to bring them a stash of cake balls...until then, I had a lovely time at the shower and then had to book it out to head home for a night out (very busy Saturday)...
  3. I got home and immediately ran upstairs to change into beloved jeans and new shirt (thanks in-laws!!) to head to a surprise birthday dinner for another dear friend that moved. She was completely surprised and we had an awesome time. We ate at a delicious spanish restaurant and I cannot wait to take Paul there to eat...definitely something right up his ally. I completely fell asleep in the car on the way home, the kind of asleep where you can't even keep your eyes open, but it was worth it to see two great friends that I don't get to see very often.
  4. I can't remember what we did on Sunday, the next day, but here is a cute picture of Big wee one that I was able to capture. Little wee one wouldn't even look at me so I didn't get a good picture of her...maybe next time.
  5. Tuesday, I started to receive lots of flowers at work...thank you to those that sent me flowers, it was so flattering. I had the best day on my actual birthday and even though Paul had a game (it started to rain this week and I don't think it's stopped since...ok, it has, but it's rained A.LOT.) Monday evening, a friend called and said she was picking me up the next night (Tuesday) and that's all she would tell me. When the doorbell rang, she came in and blind folded me and then drove me to our destination. We ended up at a local restaurant/bar that hosts "Ladies Night" on Tuesdays, where ladies can eat free! Cheap date right!! :) She made this delicious peanut butter chocolate cake and more of our friends were there waiting for us. Thank you for such an awesome birthday celebration with friends!
  6. The rest of the week was a blur, but it was good. A great birthday week overall. Saturday came, and the weather was beautiful, so I put on my new lovely jeans (hehe) and took the girls to Paul's lax game. We lost :( But the girls had a great time getting completely dirty from head to toe and the manager offered to come over and watch the girls so we could go out. Lucky for her, they both fell asleep on the way home from the game. This is a picture of Big wee one sleeping, which is really the sun setting, but I thought it was pretty :)
  7. Little Nikki came over and I made steamed Mussels and we headed over to N & D's casa for the first patio night of the year, and hopefully it will stop raining so we can get together more often on the patio. Patio nights are the best, vegging with good food, friends and drinks...letting the kids run wild, except for me...hehe, mine were snug in bed and we were free! This little one was very entertaining, and I can't get over how much she has grown in the past year...time flies (do we say that a lot??)
  8. The next morning, Sunday, since it was so nice out we decided to head to Lowe's and get the supplies we needed to start our garden. Big wee one had an awesome time helping me plant everything and is constantly checking the status of her little seedlings, and secretly, so am I :) I am hoping it stops raining for a day this weekend so we can get out planter box together and get these now HUGE seedlings planted
  9. After the Little wee one woke up from her nap we headed over to my parent's house for this guys:

famous "Jay Burgers". Before burgers though we played a little bit of this.

After dinner we enjoyed this....which is by far the BEST ice cream cake I have ever had! Thanks for a delicious dinner and birthday fun to all my friends and family! This was the best and last birthday of my 20s. :)
10. It's SPRINGGGGG!! Happy Spring everyone and hopefully all of the rain that we are experiencing will bring lots of May flowers!

These are some sweet little eggs that are on my parent's porch. Big wee one gets so excited to see them!
Happy Tuesday!