Friday, January 30, 2009

IceFest 2009

If you live in the Chambersburg, PA area...stop by and see me at IceFest.

updates to come after the weekend's festivities.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have no milk in the house. Big wee one is begging for milk for her oreos and I don't have any to give her (no need to worry mother-in-law, Paul is getting milk on the way home). The reason why I don't have milk...I pulled a wifey moment last night, after having missed her husband all day just wanted him to get home and forgo the grocery store. Hence, we ran out of milk.

  2. It snowed today! The girls got to spend the day with the "boys" at the sitter, since the "boys" school got cancelled. (Boys: sitter's oldest son and his friend)

  3. We are supposed to get another 3-5 inches tonight...with ice. Lovely.

  4. IceFest 2009 is this weekend...starts Thursday. Be there, and dress warm (see above).

  5. Tonight, I am trying a new recipe that a friend gave me, sounds delish. Crepe Manicotti...YUM! Which reminds me, back in the fall I made a pumpkin soup and never posted the recipe. Sadly, I can't find the sticky that I wrote everything down on, but it was good.

  6. I'll be making more of these this week. It's my new "thang".
  7. I just called Paul to pick up 2 cans of crushed tomatos and he just happened to be standing right infront of them, or just walked by them or was thinking about them...whatever, we were semi on the same wave length :-)

  8. The girls are watching *shocker* Barbie and the Diamond Castle, and now I can't stop singing "we're gonna find it....some day soon". If you have a daughter who is at all into barbies, you are probably familiar with this...if not, you have no clue and you are a very lucky person!

  9. I need to post some of the LOs I did this weekend when I got to hang with my girlfriends. I believe I finished 10 LOs, which is pretty good for me. This digi thing just helps me whip 'em out :-) Thanks for a wonderful time Sherry and for making the delicious baked potato soup, and for letting me crash in Jake's room.

  10. It's prego time!! NO...not for me...for everyone else. A friend just had her 3rd last night, a little boy (after 2 girls). Another friend of mine finds out on Thursday if she is having a boy or a girl, and two moms in the MOMs club are now in their 2nd trimesters and doing good. Two more are about to pop at any second! I have the bug, I'm not going to lie, but I'm not going to do anything about it either (at this moment in time).

Here's a little video clip of Big wee one singing a little Barbie & the Diamond Castle for us, she's also been watching a lot of the news lately...can you tell??


This sounds delicious!! I think I need to try it...or win it ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

She bangs, She bangs..

Get it?


I got bangs, and I've been making "bang" references all day, because...I think I'm funny! I emailed Paul earlier today and asked him if he wanted to have lunch with his "banging", little comments like that have been making me laugh to myself. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at??

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just keeping it real

This is what it's been like in Flohr Land lately :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Eyes Fixed Upon Us, God's Grace Behind Us"

Momentous! Wonderful! Tearful! Joyous!
No matter who you are, and who you voted for, you should be proud to be an American today!
You should stand tall and stand behind our new leader and the hope that he brings with him.
I know I do, and I am extatic that I got to witness history. I get to explain to my girls when they are older how I felt, where I was, where they were and how cute they sounded when they said, "Rack Obama" or "Grock Bama". A wonderful, wonderful day.
Where was I:
I was at work, and honestly, I didn't even realize that the whole ceremony was happening so early. I heard a fellow worker listening to his computer, so I decided to jump on CNN and I was able to live stream the whole event on my computer. Since we are in a new world, in a new time, I was able to chat with friends on Facebook while I watched...watching history change with my friends, seeing their comments, feeling their joy. There hasn't been a moment when I've sat down to talk or think or type about this defining moment in history that I haven't teared up...I'm doing so now. I'm such a girl!
While I watched, I was invited to my co-worker's office to watch with him and 2 others, while I was in there, his video stream froze up and he wasn't able to reconnect...guess everyone else in the world who wasn't in DC was also online, but lucky for me, I never closed out my CNN coverage, so we all went back to my computer and the only part that we missed was the VP's swearing in.
I took pictures with my cell phone. Yup, pictures of my computer screen to document the moment. A friend of mine was in DC, she had tickets for the big day in the "purple section"...I can't wait to hear about the atmosphere and the vibe that she felt while she was there.
Hotels here in C-burg were packed with folks who have came to take witness to this special day. During a meeting last night, we watched two buses full of folks pull in to the hotel adjoining our restaurant. We only live about an hour and a half from DC, so I'm sure that every hotel between here, there and beyond was filled to capacity.
I had a stronger stride in my step, and held my head up a little higher today while I walked around downtown today, talking to store owners and handing out IceFest flyers. Today was a wonderful day! I hope that you feel that hope as well!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been toying around with the header for the blog...what do you think?
I scrapped today...all day. Thankfully, I didn't have to do any major cooking because I made Mexican Stew yesterday. You should make it, too...deli!
Mexican Stew
  • 1 package taco seasoning
  • 1 package ranch dressing mix
  • 2 cans of crushed tomatoes (I used a jar of tomatoes from my parents garden this summer, and then pulsed them)
  • 2 cans of corn
  • 2 cans of beans, you choose (I used red kidney beans, and only one can)
  • 1 lb ground beef (I used half lb of ground beef and a half lb of mild italian sausage)

~put all of this in the crockpot, cook all day and enjoy deliciousness...helps keep you warm when it's freaking freezing outside! brrrrrrr....also yummy with cornbread and mac-n-cheese (I made some for the girls, and decided to put some in the bottom of my bowl and then topping with Mexican stew, it was good).

Little wee one ate 2 bowls of stew, Big wee one didn't even want to look in the crockpot. Little wee one then finished off my kidney beans (I don't like kidney beans, hence why I only used 1 can, well, that and I only had 1 can)...guess who will be home with Little wee one tomorrow when the bean fest goes down (one hint: not me!).

Here are the pages I did and another template if you want one :-)

This was a template I downloaded and added my own papers and embellishments.Another template I downloaded...those templates are helpful for getting ideas and getting your ideas flowing.

I created this template...
And here is the template I created, below is the link for the download.

Download Here

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!!

Trying this Out

I've been toying around with the idea of designing templates and digi kits...this will be my first try at an actual download. Let me know if this works out...for Photoshop :-)Download Here

This is the LO I created from the template :-)

Lazy Days...

We enjoyed a very layed back weekend, Paul even layed on the couch for awhile on Saturday, and he NEVER does that!

Friday night, I was able to head out and scrap with some friends, this always entails a ton of laughing and good times! I didn't get too much done, just this, but I was able to finish the second part of the LO on Saturday.

**I used templates on both of these LOs and just tweaked them.

Speaking of Saturday, Paul let me in on Saturday until about 9:00 am (even though I woke up earlier then that), it was super nice to just lay in bed while he took care of the girls downstairs...just like I'm doing now :-) Nice trade right!

We layed in our PJs all day Saturday, until about 2:30 when we finally decided to get "moving" and head over to a friend's house. They just moved and we went over with another family to help break in their new casa. Saturday morning, I made a crockpot full of Mexican Stew and since we didn't eat it yesterday, lunch/dinner is already to go today!

The girls are coloring, eating cinnamon buns and watching Pinnochio, which I might ad, is just a tad "off" if I might say. We told her last night that there might be some scary parts in the movie, and she woke up 2 times last night saying she couldn't sleep in her bed...I had to take the movie case out of her room for her to sleep! She's a little sensitive. The boys are turning into donkies at this very weird. What is up with Disney?? They make some whack movies!

I'm gonna do some digi scrapping now and enjoy the rest of our lazy weekend. To one side of our family: GO the other side of the family: GO RAVENS!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. I tricked my girl into eating greenbean tacos tonight! Whoosha Momma??

  2. Everytime Big wee one sees Barack Obama on tv she says, "Look there's Rock Obama of the United States."

  3. I'm still doing pretty good on my new year's resolution of being a better domestic goddess...I've been cleaning up after my kids, and dinner. Emptying the dishwasher, sweeping a lot (I heart sweeping now that I have this.), and though there have been some moments and I still get frustrated I haven't gone all phsycho momma on my girls...Whoosha Momma?

  4. Works is in a semi-busy mode, but quiet. I'm working on IceFest, Old Market Day and AppleFest all at once, and only one of those is in the near future...can you guess which one? One is in July and the other is in October...craft vendors are crazy!

  5. I confirmed with Paul this morning and he is cool with me heading back to the 'ol stomping grounds for an old school crop (ie: scrapping) with my girlfriends! I'm uber excited!! I go next weekend, not this weekend, but next...incase you were confused on that.

  6. I have to call my mom and ask her to babysit...are you out there Mom? I need her to watch the girls during IceFest (did I just give that away from earlier), probably a spend the night kind of thing, and Paul and I have been invited to B-more with some friends...that's not until April though (another stay the night gig). I hope she says, "Sure daughter of mine, I would love for the girls to come destroy my house and wear me out...bring 'em over!" I heart my mom :-) Whooshmy Momma :-) (tricked ya didn't I??)

  7. I've been suffering from a cold this week, but so far I think that's all it is.

  8. I told Big wee one tonight that if she got out of bed at all in the middle of the night, visiting the potty being an exception, that I was going to spank her hiney. Now I feel bad, because if she has a serious bad dream, or really needs me, she may not want to get out of bed. I doubt it though, that girl comes to visit me at least twice a night...most of the time it's like 3 or 4 times a night; and when you have a cold all you want is to sleep.

  9. I am happy to report that the girl hasn't had any spankings in a LONG time (since way into last year, thankyouverymuch) I won't really spank her, due to my new year's resolution, but it gets the point across :-) Whoosha Momma??

  10. I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog to: Whoosha Momma...keeping it real in my world...your thoughts?

I had a friend tell me the other know who you are! That I looked fat in a picture where I'm holding Wee one in the hospital. Gasp...I know, only true friends can call you fat and get away with it...this my friend is for you. I don't look fat here! was the angle of that horrible picture and I think I'll replace it with this one :-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Through the Years...4 Years of Big wee one

Alrighty, here we go again...another monster post. We are going to take a ride through the life of Big wee one. I didn't feel like whipping out all 20-30 cds full of pictures from her first year of life (yea, crazy picture mom!), so Big wee one and I picked out some pages out of her scrapbook and then I took some pictures around the house and then finished with going through pictures on my external hard we have a mish-mash of memories :-) Some quality is good, some not so great, but they are still memories to show. And we are off....

We're Pregnant! We found out we were pregnant with you on May 1, 2004...our 6 month wedding anniversary. This was the first ultra sound picture we had taken of you, and boy did we fall in love at first sound of the heartbeat:)
Oiy! Look at how HUGE Mommy was!! Yes, I did gain 40 lbs with you and, Yes, I did the awful "mom" cut right before I had you! Looking at these pictures just blows me away, I was HUGE! These were taken a few days before I was induced, and I was about 2 weeks past due at this point, no wonder I'm so large and in charge.Yeah!! You were born! January 11, 2005 at 7:11 pm was the day that changed our lives forever! You were so beautiful and perfect, no funny cone heads or weird birthing marks, just pure beauty.There were many moments like this one below in the following 7 months or so. I still think you look cute, and so tiny! Look at that hair :-) You were just a month old here, and not shortly after we moved from King of Prussia, PA to Chambersburg.Growing up takes lots of sitting :)We didn't get too much use out of this jeep walker, but I love this picture of your little feet dangling. Around 5 months.This was just a silly face that you started making around 5 months.We made it to 6 months! You and brown bear were best friends even back in the day.Your first trip to the beach. I loved this bandana on you and you LOVED being at the beach.We took these pictures while were at the beach. I love how your littles are poking over the bottom of the picture.You were so amazingly sweet as a baby. Yes, you only wanted to be around me, but as you can see you LOVED to be around me and you loved to laugh and smile.I started setting up little photo shoots for you when you were tiny, and this was my "angel" shoot. You were about 7 months old in these photos.Nine months old. Full of energy and just about ready to walk full time! I just think this page is so sweet. We used to sit outside and wait for Daddy to get home every day from work, and this was one of those days.Another photo shoot...your first Christmas is right around the corner. Wow, I can't believe your first year has flown by!You are 1! What a busy year you had...your first trip to the ocean, your first plane ride to TX and a mega drive down to see Aunt Jessica & Unlce Nick, all in your first year. At your birthday party, you didn't want any parts of having cake, so I don't have those usual first birthday pictures of smashed cake in your face. Just these pictures of you with a little bit of cookie smudged on your chin. We found out you would be having a little sibling on New Year's Day 2006. Needless to say the next 9 months went by so quickly!In May of '06 Grandma got married to Grandad, and you of course were adorable through-out the event! You loved running around outside and playing with Daddy. I love this picture of the 3 of us together and your little sister in my tummy.You love to jump! On everything! These pictures were taken right before Mommy had your baby sister. Gosh, you were so full of energy, no wonder I only gained 11 lbs with your sister, I was busy chasing after you all the time.The first time you met your little sister. Love at first adored her from the moment you you touched her and I knew a beautiful friendship would form between the two of you.This was the first nighth all 4 of us were home together (sorry it's blurry). I was so nervous you were going to be jealous or act up, but that wasn't the case at all. You were so concerned for Little wee one and wanted to help me with everything. Here, we are reading a book before heading to bed.You always wanted to hold Little wee one and kiss on her. Little wee one's face makes me laugh because she looks distressed, and you can really tell you are giving her a major love squeeze.We signed you up for dance class and you started right after Little wee one was born. You did pretty good. You were shy and didn't really participate too much, but it got us out of the house for our own special time together and you looked so stinking cute in your leotard.Daddy's girls.You and Mimi have a very special bond together. You love to play over at Mimi & G-pa's house and you are definitely spoiled (well, you both are!). In October of '06 we headed on a GIANT family vacation. This was the first time that most of the family had seen you since you were a tiny Big wee one...and the first time that everyone met Little wee one. We had a great time spending some time away with everyone celebrating Great Grandpa's birthday.I like this picture of the two of us together, taken at Grandma & Grandad's house during Thanksgiving '06.Just having some fun outside...your face is hysterical in this picture.Typical you, dressed up in some fashion, this time with a cool headband.Christmas 2006...your second Christmas and this means that your birthday is right around the corner. Two years old and totally into anything princess and everything girly! The many faces of you! In March of '07, we took a group trip to Bald Head Island with some friends...we had an AWESOME time, so much so that we headed back in the summer with Mimi & G-pa. There were 4 moms and 9 kids 4 and under! Here you are all running towards the beach shortly after we arrived.Of course I had to get a picture of the two of you sitting on the beach together.All of the kids, luggage and Julie the day we headed home...we have some great memories from this trip. Look, we are back in Bald Head and it's August of '07. It was steaming hot and so beautiful! You loved the huge light house, you kept calling it Cinderella's castle.You have always loved the water, and with the ocean being so warm and the beach being so quite you had an amazing time playing and splashing.You aren't smiley and happy go lucky 100% of the time, sometimes you look sad like this picture. So so sad. Well lookie here, it's Christmas again! And right after Christmas means it's your birthday again! Wow 3 years old and totally a stinker. Little did we know that three was going to be such an "interesting" and difficult year for us. You love to play in the snow and Daddy loves to play in the snow as well. Together you two are some funny cats! I'm not sure what is going on here, but you think it's pretty funny!We spent a lot of time at Daddy's lacrosse games over the last couple of years. You were being so silly at this game, that I had to take a picture of you acting goofy.You are such a happy girl when all of the stars are lined in a perfect row :-) Pretty cute as well.This is your school picture from your first year of "school" at Mother's Day Out.You love to spend a lot of time outside playing. You are probably at your happiest when you can be outside running around like a wild woman.Fancy girls all dressed up! Another GIANT family vacation, except Daddy couldn't come with us because of lacrosse.You took dance again this year and LOVED it! You danced in your first recital and did an awesome job! You were one of the only ones in your class that actually danced...we were so proud of you!We skipped a few months and got to your birthday party! You girls are some barbie loving girls, well most of you anyway :)Playing with your awesome new barbie you think you are thrilled or what?This is you today. Today you are 4. This is what it's like to turn 4 :-) You have a couple of tattoos, a big stamp on your forehead, and your arm and a bandaid on your thumb. Four is awesome! I can tell, we aren't even a full day into being 4, but your attitude has been getting better and better for the past couple of weeks. We love you and can't wait to see what this 4th year of you brings us!