Monday, August 31, 2009

I wish

One of these would land on my doorstep. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever. Seriously, if you are a mom, grandma, proud aunt...just like to wear necklaces with names, then go check out this website. :)
Or maybe I'll just win one from the most simple blog lady I know :)


Anything different about me?
the LONG tejas update will be coming soon :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

She moved.

And to celebrate, there's a blog train....soooooooo....

Come on ride it, ride that blog train! Tooot, Toooot!

"But wait Tina, didn't you just drive to Texas with the wee ones? Where are the pictures and story behind that adventure?"

Coming my friend, coming...but first let's celebrate Amy's new move to


Once you download my word art freebie here, head on over to Laura's blog here
And be sure to check out Amy's store for all the goods :) She rocks!!
The LOs below are from some of her newest kits..
You can also check out Amy's blog here for more goods!

Update on TX coming soon....go out and snatch up Amy's goods while they are on sale!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Road Trip

I decided, on a very last minute whim, that the girls and I needed to get out of town for a bit.

So where did we head you ask?

I've been wanting to make it down to see my niece and my friends and I'm going to get to do a lot of that! Though the decision to up and leave was a hard one, I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends & family who love me and support me in making this decision.

Soon, I hope to update with pics of the wee ones...they are having a blast! Until then, I need to buy a new battery for my camera.

Be on the look out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I got in a fight...

with a marshmallow and it kicked my arse! See below...I went to visit my bestest cousin Meloni in Pittsburg and her brand new fiance' created this massive bonfire. We were enjoying (lots) of wine and a fabulous dinner (thanks Meloni & Chris), and after dinner I thought a toasted marshmallow would top off the dinner perfectly...little did I know that that marshmallow had other plans. While toasting my mallow, it caught on fire, and naturally I spun it around to extinguish the flame and instead the marshmallow JUMPED off the stick and landed right on my lip (aka, I swung the stick right into my face with a flaming mallow). It felt awesome. Really. Awesome. No really. We laughed our hinies off, because seriously only I would do that and then I sat like this for 2 hours.
We continued on with the festivities, and the next morning I woke up with this awesome blister. You can see the big on, but do you really see all the other tiny little blisters all over my lip? LOL...needless to say I've been pretty self-concious about it. Today, BWO asked me to wash it off. Nice. And Paul told me it was gross. Which it is...all kind of runny and what not. Yuck. Oh well, whatya gonna do??

It was so hard to smile without looking like I had to use the bathroom...ha!
Congratulations Chris & Melonhead!!! Can't wait for June 19, 2010!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

2 LOs

I was able to finish 2 LOs and I'm happy with them...I haven't been able to post any of the LOs I've been working on lately, so it's nice to be able to show you what I got done this evening. Happy Friday Everyone!

This first LO I did because I didn't like the previous umbrella LO I did. This one turned out much better.

This LO was for a template challenge I did at I used Sugarplum Paperie's kit Candy Sunshine (mostly) with a few of Amy's items from Little Bunny Foo-Foo and Oh So Happy.
Hope this inspires you to get out and get something done this weekend. Whether it's scrapping, cleaning, knitting, sewing or taking a shower...enjoy doing it! Have a great one...t

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty Ears

She rocks a sweet pink diamond flower...big eyed cuteness!