Monday, April 27, 2009

She Had a Baby...**UPDATE**

It's A....
I don't want to spoil her surprise, but I'll link you to some blogs that can fill you in.
CONGRATULATIONS ANNISA!! Can't wait to meet h....

**since momma and little one are in the hospital, click on "fill you in" for your update :)
I stopped by and met him today!!
He's beautiful and when I walked in, his very proud big sister was holding him! I didn't want to take him from her, so I waited until she asked me if I wanted to hold him...and boy did I! He's so sweet and cuddly...want to see??

Take a look...

I love how she's watching in the background...tehe...protective big sister!

Congratulations looks like you will have lots of help :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Wee One

She made me take these pictures of her holding the flower that is now her best friend

For my birthday (birthday post to come in the next day or two), Paul got my a dozen roses and Big wee one has been carrying one around for 2 days. In the car on the way home from school (yes, the flower made it all the way through school), she says:

BWO: "Here (to Little wee one), smell my flower. I can smell the wimsy. Can't you Little wee one?"

LWO: "Noooo, I can't smell da wimsy."

BWO: "Just try and smell it, I know you can smell the wimsy."

Anyone know what wimsy smells like?? Just checking ;-)

I still thought it was pretty cute...along with these ladies ;-)

BWO sat in the car most of the time during an Earth Day playgroup we went to. She kept getting cold and mad at me because I was doing a rain At 4 years old I'm already embarrassing my daughter!She actually let me take pictures of her smiling at me! But sadly, none of them turned out all that great :(Freezing her tooshie off at the Earth Day playgroup we had this afternoon...GO GREEN!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To one of my very best friends! Love ya girl!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photo shoot

A good friend of mine and I got together tonight to get some pregnancy pictures before the next little Meyers joins the crew. I took 195 amazing pictures...pretty easy with such gorgeous subjects :-) Thank you so much for asking me Annisa...I was completely flattered and I hope you like them (of course there are a LOT more), these are just some of my favorites :)
Yes, her eyes are that blue...crazy blue. Her daughters' eyes are crazy blue too...lucky ducks.

I really liked this looks awesome in black & white as well.
Doesn't she look fabulous!? Pretty awesome for thinking she was going into labor at Wal-Mart this
Her sweet little girls...
This little stinker is too freaking cute!
Couldn't you eat her up?? She's cute in black & white too.

Miss Thang here rivals Big wee one on true princess-esque
She's also got some stunning blues...almost clear blue.
Thanks again Annisa and I promise to bring your bassinett over and burn these on a CD for ya :)
You Rock!


We had such a nice day on Easter Sunday :)
But first, we decorated eggs on Saturday and the girls had a ball! I think I may do that more often, just for fun.
This is Little wee one showing me her teeth, I was trying to get her to smile at me, "Show me your teeth, say cheese!"
Not only did we enjoy Easter, but we also celebrated G-pa's birthday, sadly I do not have pictures of that part of the day, but I do have pictures from the rest of the day.


We started with a 7:00 am wake up call from Big wee one letting us know that yes, indeed the Easter bunny had visited our house.

**Side note** I am sitting outside typing this up while the girls are playing and I am enjoying an ice coffee from Dunkin' D's. The point is that the girls are playing so well together. I LOVE this age! They look so cute running down the hill and playing in the sandbox...*sigh* so sweet.

Back to Easter...

Next, my Secret Sister (a fun MOMS club thing we do leading up to our Mother's Brunch) left me some chocolate pancake mix, so I made those for breakfast...YUM!

Next, the girls decided to play with their treasures and paint their garden gnomes. I would like tp make a planter box for our backyard and I thought these (along with seeds) would be a nice treat for the girls. They loved painting them and now we just need to get Daddy on the ball with our planter box.

After breakfast, we got dressed and headed over to Mimi & G-pa's house where this went on...The girls had a blast searching their house for eggs and eating all the treats immediately. I bet that took up a good 2 hours. After filling their tummies with treats, we headed outside to play on the swing set.We topped off the afternoon with a freaking fabulous ham and fixings, cupcakes and cheesecake. What a nice and relaxing day, with beautiful weather, and nice family to surround ourselves with.

**Side note #2** Little wee one now does this: YEAH!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. My kids don't like soda...can you tell?? Actually, Little wee one would probably like it if I actually let them drink soda, but I don't. Big wee one does not drink soda, at all...she doesn't like the bubbles.
  2. Big wee one took this picture of me, and I thought it was perfect to "show off" my AVM. So, there it is. Looks smaller then it was, which was the point of everything previously done.
  3. When its so pretty out like it was 2 Sundays ago, we spend as much time as possible outside. We stay out until bedtime, because who knows when we'll be out again with the weather patterns we get in this area. I decided to fill some plastic containers with rice and ABC noodles and the girls went to town...
  4. Another thing that the girls can spend hours doing. I'm pretty sure we are going to go through GALLONS of these!
  5. Big wee one doesn't really have a "lovie", but she does love this guy! And on occasion she invites him to partake in the activities that she he is veggin'.
  6. Easter Sunday was almost as exciting as Christmas
  7. These two were really practicing their dance moves while we visited them. It was so cute and I just love this picture!
  8. If you are going to fly, the only way to fly SUPERMAN
  9. Every weekend. Every.single.weekend. This is what we see from Paul. We love that he keeps Mommy's car clean!!
  10. We miss you friends!! Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Girls

Just a few pics of the girls from yesterday. Big wee one had dance class pictures taken, so I dressed Little wee one up as well to get pictures of the girls taken together. Little wee one didn't smile for the photographer, but hopefully we still got a cute one :) Big wee one really knows how to lay it on, so I know we'll have a cute one of her.

Big wee one looked so grown up with her make-up on (and NO, I'm not a crazy Toddler & Tiara mom, she only wears make-up for her recital)...but this girl was blessed with some serious eyelashes...long, thick and they curl up right at the ends. She'll never need an eyelash curler. Lucky duck!

Here they are, my hazel eyed big girl and my blue eyed little one :)
Smiling pretty for me in the dressing roomShe would only smile for her big sister to take the picture.She's got her stare on at another pretty costume in the room. Serious stare.

She has some killer eyes...she wanted me to take this picture of her with this purple flower that turned blue in the pictures.One day, I will get a picture of this little girl's eyes...they are so cool looking, but she moves too much and they are blurry or she won't look at me directly or the sun isn't hitting them in the right get the jist, but she sure is cute! (in my opinion)