Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am thankful for:

  • my loving husband and two adorable little girls...who may drive me crazy at times, but what's life without a little hectic in it??
  • the roof over my head and the clothes on my back
  • my parents and my in-laws...both wonderful in their own ways
  • my brothers and sister-in-law...and my niece, i miss them all terribly
  • my friends, who sometimes are the only people that make any sense in my life (as in they get that my kids aren't perfect and that sometimes i just cry)
  • our babysitter, who loves the girls and the girls love her
  • digi scrapping and the girls who dig it with me :-)
  • cameras for catpuring all the special moments in life
  • my new oven...for not setting off the fire alarm all the time!
  • my job and the people i work with
  • life in general...sometimes i think i have it bad, but then look around me and realize that life isn't so bad after all and that it could be much MUCH worse.

I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day. We'll be leaving shortly to head down to the beach to spend turkey day with Paul's mom and step-dad. It will be nice to get away, I just hope the girls are in delightful moods!

I've been baking since last night...I love this time of year, for all its baking glory :-)

Here are some pictures of the girls off of my mom's camera. Travel safely and eat lots of good stuff!

And a sweet little video of Paul and Little wee one...I'm not sure why Paul starts rapping about a knife, and I think its funny when LWO looks at the camera and says, "Cheeese".

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Days of Sunday

Last night's parade went without a hitch. It was really cold I thought my finger tips might fall off at some point, and I had a gnarly blister on my heel, but other than that the volunteers I worked with were awesome and the parade was full of holiday spirit :-) What a great way to start the Christmas Season!
I don't have any pictures of the girls from last night, they tried to stay for the parade, and I think they made it for the beginning, but it was just way too cold. Paul brought them home, snuggled them up with some chocolate milk and let them zonk out on the couch. I think next year, I'll let them ride the train with Santa.
Today, we have some friends coming over to play. I think I'm going to conjure up some kind of craft for them to do, or just let them play...who knows. Paul went to go shoot around with some of his players and we are just relaxin' to the maxin'.
Hopefully I'll upload some pictures at some point and maybe be able to post a couple of updated pics of the girls. Have a warm Sunday!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Beginning to look a lot like Chrisstttmaassss....especially in downtown Chambersburg!
It's snowing right now, this very moment snowflakes are falling (on my head...I'm in song mode today!) and its going to be so pretty today!
And then.
Tomorrow when the parade starts (that's another one of my job events, the Christmas parade) it will be FA-REEZING, and the snow will look gross and muddy and everyone will be cold and wet...should be lovely.
BUT please...don't let that damper your holiday parade watching mode, because it should only heighten the whole parade experience!
I'm excited, but cold just thinking about it.
Isn't it pretty though :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had such a productive weekend!

Really Tina?!! What did you do?

Did you do all of the laundry so that the only clothes left dirty are those on your body? Nope...but Paul did :-)

Did you change the scummy shower curtain and put a new gleaming one in? Nope...but Paul did :-)

Did you keep the house picked up, free of toys on the floor and clutter on the the tables? Nope...but Paul did :-)

Did you entertain and feed the kids for 2 1/2 days straight so that your spouse could relax and maybe do something for themselve? Nope...Paul did :-)

Instead, my productive weekend consisted of scrapping! Paul so graciously let me slip away for the weekend to a 3 day crop to scrap until I couldn't see straight...literally!
I left as soon as I woke up in the morning, and didn't return until the wee hours of the morning, to get up and do it again the next morning...and then the next morning.
I went with my friends Jules and Kim (and Kim's friend Kristi), and we knocked out some serious amount of memories! I believe Kim did 34 pages!!!! I, personally have never been able to do that many at a crop! Jules did 16 or 17, and that was after she deleted a program and reinstalled a program onto her computer and unzipped a ton of digi files. I accomplished 19 pages, which was HUGE for me and (drum roll please........) I finished 2006! YEAHHH!!!!
What a huge relief that I am now only a year and a half behind...ha! Here are a few pages that I did this weekend...I hope you like them :-)

We seem to be feeling pretty good. The antibiotics are in full force here. Little wee one did have a fever of about 102.9 when I got home today...not sure what was up with that. Ater some motrin and a bath, the girls were going crazy playing ring-around the rosey. She appears to be "normal".
This week will be a busy one. The Downtown Business Council Christmas Parade is Saturday, so I'll be working most of the day Saturday and prepping this week. I also have my year review this week, which I'm pretty excited about. I can't believe how quickly the year flew by!
I'm pretty exhausted from my productive weekend so I'm gonna hit the sack. Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


All of us are.

Big wee one has an ear infection, Little wee one has a sinus infection and her allergies are "running" (literally), Paul has an ear infection and I've had a soar throat/cold for a week now. Except now, I think it's turning into an ear infection as well. My ear drum hurts into my throat, so I'm assuming that's what it is. ugh. I'm tired of being sick.

Update: I headed to the doc today and I have an ear infection and some medical term for what appears to be "puss" in my throat! GA-ROSS! Started antibiotics, and got a warning from the phramacist that it could do a number on my intestines...lovely. Awesome. So not only will my ear hurt, my throat hurt, but so will my rear end! TMI I'm sure, I know...but by now you should "get" me...ha!

Everyone is on an antibiotic except for me, so hopefully this will all clear up soon, and our house will be sick free :-)

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week or two, and one from when Big wee one was a little wee one :-) It's getting cold out here, and this is a little warm and fuzzy shot of her :-) Plus, I haven't posted any pictures of her as a tiny little thing...enjoy and stay healthy!
Here is Little wee one sharing her breakfast with a friend.

Paul tried to take this picture of the girls...see how well that worked out...ha!Little wee one cheesing big time in a "yellow" bath...I have no clue why the bath water looks yellow, and no it's not what you think it is.Big wee one as a little wee one all snug and warm :-) Awww...memories!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the middle of cooking

But I had to run up here and type what was just said:

Moose on Noggin asked, "What are you thankful for this holiday season?"

Big wee one said, "Max & Ruby, my mommy and daddy and my little sister."

I wasn't even paying that much attention until I heard her ramble that seriously brought a tear to my eye! So what that her family is behind Max & Ruby, it was the sweetest thing she's said in a long time!

I'm making up my own pumpkin soup, if it comes out good I'll post my recipe :-)
Have a great day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Paul found this artist creation in Big wee one's room this morning. I wondered why she was so quiet this morning, it was because she was so busy. We couldn't get too mad, because the art work was just too cute :-)

I apologize for sounding like a dude in this little video clip, but I have a cold and it's making me sound man sexy...ha!

Friday, November 7, 2008

You're gonna like it...

I've been working on this calendar for a Christmas gift all night at my friends house. Just for you, you know who you are :-) A special someone...I'm working thru the pain. My throat hurting and being tired! LOL, seriously though, you are going to love this calendar! Here is a preview page:

Of course there are more pages that highlight another important person, but I think you are gonna like it:-) Did I say that already??

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new rule...let's vote. ---------------------->

I'm gonna get sick. I can feel it. Swelling up in my throat and nostrils. It's lovely. You know what I'm talking about. Ugh.
And...I know exactly when it happened. Yesterday. When I was voting at the old folks home (no offense old folks), but it was kind of musty and gross. Damp if you will...stagnant air just sitting there, waiting for me to walk right into the germs.
Oh, and the lady behind me with the phone stuck on her ear (the "blue tooth") she had a "cough" if that's what you want to call the phlem rattle going on behind me. Nice.
I'm overdosing on vitamin C right now. Uck.

A new rule, shall we vote:

Men...hey, you! Listen...DO NOT WEAR SWEAT PANTS IN PUBLIC! Save that for at home, when you are relaxing on the couch watching the game. No one wants to see that. It should not be allowed. Believe me, Paul knows this rule...I tell him all the time. I don't mind sweats at home, I don't mind you running through the dunkin donuts drive through, but NEVER wear them out if you are actually getting out and walking in public. Gross.

This rule of mine started in college. A young guy who thought he was "hot stuff" wore sweat pants to class one day. He leaned over his desk and his rump jiggled. Last time I checked, young men should not have jiggly rumps. They should be firm and man like...that very moment started my hate towards men who wear sweat pants in public.

So, if you thought, " I'll just run out in my sweats", think just made some lady infront of you swallow her own vomit. Yuck. Don't do it. (I'm only bringing this up, because I saw a man voting with sweats on, and it was gross. And then the lady hacked behind me.)

The end.

I know you are thinking, well, maybe you are thinking, "Where are the pictures of the wee ones? We haven't gotten so see how adorable they were in their costumes...Please post a picture!"
I don't feel, just at this moment, sitting here for the hour it will take to upload all the pics, so I'll leave you with one :-) or 5!
Big wee one and her friend Little wee one as a witch who carried her hat around all nightHeading downtown to go trick or treating.Little wee one is getting to the age where she wants to wear what she picks out. During trick or treat downtown, she didn't want to wear her witches costume, she wanted to wear her jersey. I didn't have a choice in the matter, so she was a football player :-) Everyone loved it~Dorothy...stricking a pose.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a couple

Paul hates posed pictures...can you tell?

These are from our dinner last night, before we went out :-) Just a couple of variations of our pose :-)
More pictures to come later from Halloween :-) But for now, check out my adorable niece here...sweetness!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 Years...

In the last 5 years we have:
  • gotten married

  • found out we were pregnant on our 6 month wedding anniversary

  • celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary while I was very large and very pregnant

  • patiently waited through Christmas and our due date of 1/1/05 for our first daughter to come

  • had our first daughter on 1/11/05

  • moved about 2 months later to C-burg from King of Prussa, PA...we miss KoP, but we love C-burg

  • sat at home for the next year alone a lot, annoyed my parents a lot and tried to settle into our new life with no friends

  • finally we started to make some friends :-)

  • had our first Christmas in C-burg

  • my brother and his wife came in to visit and I was sure they were going to surprise us and tell us they were pregnant

  • New Year's day 2006...WE ARE PREGNANT! wowza!!

  • stayed in shock with that news for a while!

  • kept on keeping on through out the pregnancy

  • had some complications, and was induced on 8/25/06 and Little wee one joined us on 8/26/06

  • celebrated our 3rd anniversary with our sweet girly family of 4

  • made new friends, had a lot of fun times and started to really enjoy life in C-burg

  • Paul's lacrosse team had an awesome season, and the girls and I loved traveling to the games

  • the summer was a lot of fun!

  • and here we are 5 years of wedded bliss, and 9 years of sharing our life together!!

Life is awesome and amazing! Sure we have our hard times like anyone else, but when you lay in bed at night and laugh at something really stupid until you pee know life is so good! I know I drive Paul crazy with my inability to put clothes away on the end of the bed, I have flaws, but I also know he loves me for me. That I'm loud and obnoxious at times, and quiet at times. I love that he let's me be loud and think that I'm funny (but seriously, I really am funny!) I love that he worried about me through-out my whole surgery and even paced the O.R. doors...he's amazing. He is so great with the girls! He can calm them down and stop them from crying when I can't even go near them. He's my ying to my yang and I'm his ball to his stick (that was my lax analogie there).

Tonight, we are celebrating our anniversary at a nice restaurant with some friends. I know it will be a fun night out and I am so happy that one of my greatest friends will be watching the girls. Life is good. I have no complaints (except for a new house, but that's a given) will change and go new directions for us and we'll keep being us :-) The Flohr's. The crazy family of lots of princesses, love and laughs.


I was going to upload pictures from through-out the years to this blog, but after 5 years and 2 kids...I'm sure you can imagine what this scene must be like. Both of the girls are jumping/running on my bed, they are asking for Mike & Ikes (it is the day after Halloween) and we are also trying to get dressed for trick or treating downtown. In between all that, occasionally one will crawl up into the chair where I am typing, the other will see and soon after 3 people will be in one chair with 2 arms trying to type and 4 arms going all over the place. So, maybe I will come back and update pics from the past 5 years, but it certainly won't be today...we've got some serious anniversary plans :-) YIPPEEEE!!