Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I do take pictures...

Ok, so it's been awhile since I've actually posted an update on the wee ones and the big guy and myself :) So get ready for a visual adventure through the land of the Flohrs.....imagine sparkling fairy music in the background.
Weeellll...Paul has been out of town a lot and when he's out of town we like to eat outside. Little wee one loves to eat tomatoes, and this shot is her chowing down into a whole tomato, she calls them apples.
I don't remember what they ate for dinner that night, but it had cheese...the shredded kind. I had a delicious salad that I posted a picture of in a post below. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent? Don't let her fool ya!We were fortunate enough to be able to visit my grandparents one Sunday afternoon. It was a very short visit, but a nice one. The girls loved playing in the water outside and then playing in the pool inside. See how long Big wee one's hair is??The next day we got it cut and it is so cute! So easy to manage, tangle free (for the most part) and light for the summer. She can rock a short do, and it makes brushing in the morning so much more enjoyable :)Back to Nonny & Grandpa's house....look at that humming bird. They were fluttering about all over the place, they are really cool little birds and the girls were having a blast checking them out.Look at that view...I have a couple of pictures of them doing this, in various stages of their lives :) It was a pretty day for checking out the land.Back to the water and rocks.Big wee one ran away, so I tried to get Little wee one to sit for me, and she kind of did. This is the one picture of her smiling...And this is her silly little grin...hehe, I LOVE IT!Swimming is always a hit when we visit N&G's. Little wee has no problem jumping in and swimming. Seriously, this girl has no fear of water!Big wee one, well...she clung to me the whole time. Please excuse my awful tan line!Since Daddy has been gone, we like to sneak in little ice cream treats on occasion. On this nice evening Little wee one had chocolate ice cream from HEAT---->to TOE! A MESS. She looks a tad scary in this picture, but she's actually saying, "CHEEEEESE"."Whatch you lookin' at?"Cheesing again, but this time with the sun in her face.Self-portraitLittle wee one and "her mommy" It has been so nice outside. The girls love to be outside and when it is nice, we spend every moment we can enjoying ourselves. Daddy has introduced the wee ones to golf. I asked Big wee one if I could take a picture of her with her club, and this is the pose she busted out for me. Sidewalk chalk can't be beat!If you don't have anything else to do, you can roll around on a deflated bouncy ball.
Practicing her swing.BIG NEWS: We have taken off BWO's training wheels and she's doing pretty well. She can ride about 5-10 ft. before realizing no one is holding her. Practice makes perfect. Paul is giving her a little prep talk here.And awayyyyyy she gooooeeesss...... See, we've been having fun and we've been pretty busy, even though we aren't doing too much of anything. More later peeps...and yes, I'll posting more LOs...I'm thinking of starting a seperate scrapblog, but then that's just one more thing to manage. So, if you don't mind, I'll just keep it all here. Easy for me, and you still get a peek of what I've been up to :)
Like this: Layout of the Week :)
Have a happy hump day!

$2 Tuesday

Jana has some kits on sale at The Digi Chick store...check 'em while they are hot. I know (uhm...Annisa...Julie....) that some of my girls have beach pics to work on ;-) hehe!

I've started a beach book for a vacation we took a couple of years ago, so I don't have a lot done with the Lost in Paradise kit just yet...but here is the LO I have finished. I also have a ton of pics from visiting Grandma & Grandad at the beach that I need to scrap. Lots to do, lots to do!

I plan on swiping up those frames to help ease the pages along this evening :) Paul has a lacrosse game in Harrisburg, so I'll be home alone (nobody knowssssss my soorrooooowwwww...hehe, just kidding! He hates when I scrap in bed, so when he's gone, it's a perfect opportunity for me!)

And just wait until you see the kit that Jana has coming out on Thursday!!! All I can say is

Last, but not least...this is a sweet little LO I did of my dad and Little wee one...way back in the day :) It's from this kitAnd this is a LO from the same kit that I did of Little Wee one from last summer...little sweetie :)And I promise that I will do an update this evening on our real life :) We've had some fun recently and I'll fill you in!

Have a great Tuesday!

all images are linked for easy finding :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fresh Mango Summer

I'm a pretty lucky girl. I've been blessed to be apart of another amazing designer's creative team! JM Designs (formerly known as JanaM Designs) creates for The Digi Chick, which is where I found out about her. She creates amazing kits and the CT members have been creating amazing LOs.

She has a new kit out today called Fresh Mango Summer and it's on sale NOW! Go grab it up and start creating...you'll be happy you did, and you'll be thrilled that you have an awesome kit to go with all those fun, fresh, summery pictures :)

Here are the LOs I've created (so far) with FMS:

I have also started documenting a family beach trip we took a couple of year's ago to Bald Head Island with this kit: click on picture to take you to the store

I haven't gotten very far, my week has been SUPER busy (surprisingly), but I plan on working on a page or two from this trip every week until it's done. Be on the look out for more LOs that I'll be adding to the beach book ;)Have a great day! Happy Scrappin' :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Delish Dish

I have been on this healthy/green kick here lately, which of course I hope stays put for indefinitely! With that being sad, I love cooking. I love my garden. And, I love making "pretty" dinners.

My mom and I headed to Sams Club to scope out some things, and while I was there I got a huge honkering for homemade salsa. We love to make homemade salsa, but I wanted something chunkier then what we usually make and a little more fruity. I picked up a pack of pickled peppers...hahaha!! No, I didn't pick up pickled peppers, I just couldn't pass that up....I did pick up an assortment of peppers (orange, red & yellow), some peaches and limes (the rest I had at home) and made this AWESOME summer salsa.
It was sooooo good. The thought of it was so good that I also bought a chicken (already cooked...did I mention that Paul's out of town, so what's the use in cooking a whole chicken for 1 big person to eat and 2 small mouse like eaters),
and my thought was to go home, pick some lettuce from my garden (look how bountiful it's becoming...I'm so proud!)
and make a chicken and salsa salad.

Since Paul is not home, I got a little fancy. It was so light and refreshing, and my glass of cherry limeade was the perfect thirst quencher. What a great night for a delicious salad!!

I had some left over salsa so I shared with my neighbor and then invited a few girlfriends over for some homemade lemonade and salsa. I love that I can just pull some cilantro from my herbs for a quick garnish...hehe.It was a beautiful and relaxing evening...too bad Paul wasn't here too :(

Recipe for Tina's Summer Salsa:
  • One each: yellow, orange & red pepper; seeded and chopped
  • 1 peaches skinned and chopped
  • half of a red onion chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic minced
  • juice of 2 limes
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • salt & pepper
  • cilantro
  • and I had frozen strawberries in the freezer, so I chopped a handful and added them as well.

Mix all chopped ingredients together, add juice of lemons & limes, handful of chopped cilantro, salt and pepper to taste (I use kosher salt, but you can use whatever you like). Cover and refrigerate for 2+ hours.

Refreshing Lemonade:

  • In a glass mix 2-3 TBS freshly squeezed lemon juice with 2(ish) tsp of sugar.
  • Add rum, and stir again.
  • Add ice and pour water over the top. Garnish with a pitted cherrie (gives it a pink tinge) and lemon rinds.

You can also make this non-alcoholic for the wee ones...my girls LOVED it today :) Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get it while its HOT!

That's right...Amy has a new brush set out that is so incredibly adorable! If you have small chitlins, then you need this set! I even used it on a LO that I did for Paul and myself.

click on the picture above to be directed to the page to purchase these bad jacksons!

I am positive that these will go into pretty regular rotation within my brushes. Check out the LOs I created :)
For this LO I used the circle brush to "frame" Little (teeny tiny) wee one, and then I used the flowers for an added embellishment. I used the outline flower brush to create different sized flowers for the background (all on one layer) and then turned that layer into an overlay and moved the opacity to about 50% to get the soft flower look. I really like it! I used Amy's Children's Day kit from the So You Think You Can Design contest...these brushes go PERFECTLY with that kit! Which you cannot download now since the winner has been announced, but maybe if we ask Amy really nicely she'll share it with us again?? PLEASSSEEEE AMYYYY!! *batting eyes like a little puppy dog*

I posted this LO in my entry below, but thought I would point out that I used one of the scribble crayon brushes for the border under the brown flower paper. I created a new layer under the brown flower paper, added a row of the scribbles (clicking once, then going under, clicking again...till the row was filled) and then I grouped a yellow sheet of paper over it. Dragged the yellow paper over the layer with the brushes, clicked Ctrl+G and it grouped them together, then I flattened that layer by clicking Ctrl+E :)So go get 'em while they are on sale!! I'm pretty lucky to work for Amy, and believe me when I say, you'll be pretty stoked about what's in store for the next coming months :) Of course it's a secret...If I told ya, I'd have to....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I feel like we've been so busy not being busy...does that make sense?

If it's nice out we spend all waking hours outside, which is doing WONDERS for my tan :) and Paul's as well! He's rocking a pretty sweet tan. The wee ones look dirty all the time. It is that time of year though, where they get tan and their tans just look dirty. My brothers and I were the same when we were wee ones...my grandmother would try and scrub our necks clean. Want to see a pic of me when I was a wee one? Check 'em:
Rocking a really sweet bikini here :)With my cousin Jake
Paul has been out of town a lot lately, so the girls and I have been vegging. Which is nice (sometimes) to just regroup and hang with the small peeps. He'll be leaving again on Saturday and I think the girlies and I will have a sleepover in my bed on Saturday. Highschool Musical is showing on the Disney channel, some kind of karoake dance special, and I think the girls will like sleeping in my bed...if they make it that long before they kick me and roll over me too many times.

Paul and I went to the high school graduation last week and for some reason it really got me choked up. I started to think about the girls and phewwww...the tears just flow. Life better slow down, I can't take this "time flying" by crap anymore!
We had a great night together, after graduation we grabbed a quick dinner. Uncle Airwick was cool enough to hang with the girls for us :) We needed a night out for just the two of us...aaawwww, love :)Paul and some of his players...Me with the players...I feel like some of these guys are my little brothers. I'll miss them next year!I did this LO tonight, inspired by a LO challenge on thedigichick.com forums
Oh, did you want to see pics of the girls too?? I haven't taken that many lately. I need to get a new camera battery, my rechargeable is dying so my camera doesn't last long :( Anyone want to buy me a new fancy one??
We had an impromptu garage/yard sale at a friend's house last Saturday and this is what the kids did...Doesn't it look like they were born posers...hehe. Big wee one with her diva pose and Little wee one with her "don't look at me I'm a super model pose" or the "I'm gonna pee my pants pose"Must have been the "pee the pants pose" because she lost her bathing suit at one point!Our family tradition on Sunday's are donuts! She likes the powdered kind...can you tell?

Till we meet again :)