Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Eeekkk...I still have 10 things to do (if not more) before leaving for Texas tomorrow. In no particular order, here they are:
  1. PACK! Everything...clothes, makeup, hair accesories, jewelry, skivvies...all of it.

  2. Deliver sandwich board signs to a couple of my work cronies downtown. Our last First Friday event is this Friday.

  3. PACK....my reading materials for the ride, camera and charger, repack a new purse...ugh

  4. Clean my bathrooms

  5. Do the minutes from the September DBC Meeting

  6. Kiss my girls 1001 times and then some, because I'm going to miss them uberly! *sigh*

  7. Change the sheets on my bed and put my duve cover on for my in-laws, who are staying at our casa while we are gone to watch the wee ones.

  8. PACK...so what, I've said it already, I get it...but I really haven't packed a thing.

  9. Paint my toenails and file my broken nail.

  10. Email the superindent of my HS and give him a head count for football tickets, call the HS and let them know folks will be going to the pep-rally and then call the dinner place, give and give them a head count on meal choices.

  11. Oh wait, I'm not done...drive my in-laws around town and show them the places to be and when to be there.

  12. Kiss the girls some more and put away their clothes that I folded this evening.

Ok, well, I'm POSITIVE there is more to do, but I won't have time to do it all, so it just might not get done. The world will go on...good night and maybe if I get the chance I'll send a little hello from Tejas :-)

Flashing back to the '06...Princess Fairy big wee one and the Little one who adores her...cuteness.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Night Time Conversation

While some are tucking in their wee ones, saying sweet little prayers before drifting off to dream land. Preparing for visions of marshmallow clouds and delicious chocolate dreams. This is what Big wee one and I were talking about:

Big Wee One: "Girls make toots and boys make toots"

Mommy: "That's right they do. Do Mimi's make toots?" (lol...sorry mom...hehehe)

Big Wee One: "Oh no. Nope, Mimi's don't make toots silly." (Phewww...thank goodness!)

Hehehe....Mondays ;-)

This is Big Wee One circa 2006...the girl loves fashion. And so what...her shoes on the wrong foot, it adds character...lol. Bet she's not tootin' in this outfit. The life of a mom ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


My last post was my 100th post!

Congratulations Tina...job well done.

Here's 101, a couple pages I've recently completed :-)
These pics are from Big wee one's first day of school. The quote is part of our fall scrap challenge. I thought it fit the pictures nicely. This LO was a template, I added the paper and embellishments, another easy page.This LO documents all of our Halloween activities from last year. Including treat or treat on Main, the MOMS club harvest party and actual trick or treating at Mimi & G-pa's house.This LO documents Little wee one's first night in her big girl bed. This page was a quicky page, all I did was add the title and journaling. Easy as pie. This LO just documents a fun morning we had...painting and making a HUGE mess...Daddy loves it when we do that ;-) I should start documenting the designers and websites, if there is anything you like, message me and I'll let you know who designed it and where I got it.

I made a mistake in my last post, the last time I saw Lele Big wee one was 6 months old and the bean was almost a year...sorry 'bout that Lele, and no I didn't forget, I just has a brain fart :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This wee one is into everything. I can't do a thing. I turn around and she's got toothpaste out, or she's pulling out every single book we own. She also waks her sister with books and pulls her hair. Frustrating. Luckily, her teachers at Moms Day Out LOVE her and always tell me what a great child she is, and how well she plays by herself. I asked if she hits any of the other kids and they were appalled that I even asked...lol. You never know, I guess she just likes to take it out on her sister.

Big wee one is getting sassier by the second. This afternoon when I asked her to help clean up some toys she told me to, "Chill Out, I am on my cell phone." Nice. I'm sure I've told her to chill out, but the whole cell phone thing is her own invention ;-)

On the other hand she really cracks me up. The chill out comment was kind of funny and her expressions are hysterical and while talking on the phone to K tonight she was mimicking with her hands, pointing and what not...so cute. She's a small person! At dinner she must have gotten a chill because she asked for a blanket and when I told her she didn't need a blanket she said, "Yes, I do. I'm very very cold!" I get that that might not sound all that cute, but you have to add the facial expressions and the hand movements...cracks me up! Like she's 30 or something.

This past weekend Paul and I went "wheelin'" with my brother and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun. Paul broke his front light and Eric got stuck on a rock, and he busted his tire...sounds like fun right...lol. Seriously, though, it was fun (minus the gnats, that part wasn't fun). Eric's girlfriend is really nice. She's great with the girls which, of course, is HUGE points with me. I hope they can make it work, since they'll be on different ships when they head back out to the deep blue sea, sea, sea.

Here we are going up a hill...isn't the sky a lovely shade of blue :-)
Going down the "bowl" (Eric & Deb)After Eric popped his tire. It's strange how proud they are...hmph. Lots of these things moving about. Urgh.Notice the gigantic spider web behind my head?? Not cool!Look you can't see me, because I'm a stick. WRONG! I see ya! You can't play tricks on me. I've got lots of time to pass while those guys change that tire.Group shot after lunch.This is just about the time Eric gets stuck. That thing is not budging.And then Mr. Muscles thinks this is going to help. Maybe it does...but I don't get it. He ends up wrapping that thick rope thing around his jeep and pulling him out that way.Uncle Airwick and Debra (whom Big wee one misses already...isn't that sweet) The guys like it when their tires "flex" like this.Rut-row...Juice gots a boo-boo. Nothing a little duct tape can't man handle!We finish with a nice scenic shot of the love birds on top of the mountain.
This time next week I'll be in Tejas! I'm super excited to see all my girlfriends! Gosh, I haven't seen Lele since she was prego with the bean and Jenny since I was about to bust with Big wee one. I miss you guys!! I'm also going to catch up with a bunch of ladies from our old stompin' ground. Fun Fun!! It will be a long drive, but Paul and I will get some much needed regrouping time and of course practice our singing to the Dixie Chicks.

Lots going on in this post. Guess that happens when you don't update more then once in a week. Monday, we visited a farm. Both of the girls loved it! And the milk and cookies at the end were a big hit. Last night (Wednesday night) was the MOMS Night Out, which was a TON of fun! We had our annual scavenger hunt and it was a riot! I have some of the best friends in this club and as a whole the group is amazing. At one point in the night we all broke out into the Rocky theme song...it was awesome! All day today I was chuckling about little things that happened last night. It's such a relief to know that I can turn to these ladies when my day is crappy or get a phone call from one just wishing me a happy day. Aww, ok, enough sap...I love ya ladies!

Big wee one and one of her besties "K"...aren't they sweet:-) Minus my child's mess of a hair! She's on a farm, that's what farm girls look like right? In their "Sarah Plain and Tall Dresses" and rag-a-muffin hair-dos. She thinks that's going to make me pick her up. She's wrong. That's a little sweeter. Nice teets behind her! ha! Hand in hand, two little girls go. The dark lady in front, she's from Hawaii. She was showing us pics of her surfing with one of her grandaughters and then that same grandaughter asleep on a surf board. How cool is that?! I thought it was pretty cool. She's rockin' a serious tan!These are mom cows about to go into labor. I bet they were feeling some pain. I think one of them lost her mucus plug while we were there. LOL...that reminds me of a funny story. NO! Not about me. Gross.Milk, It does a body good. And no, brown cows don't make chocolate milk...the farmer said so.Have a MOOOOValous night :-) Lol...you knew I had to!
I have to get ready for the Grey's Anatomy 2 hour season premiere.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Short and Sweet

I'm tired tonight, but I wanted to post these two pictures. My two wee ones. Two polar opposites. Two stinkers who make me laugh and cry. Two little munchkins that I can't get enough of. Who make me so mad one minute and laugh out loud the next.
The picture of Big wee one is from the first day of school. She's usually willing to give me a great smile. She loves to pose for the camera, after this picture came a lot of posing with her lunch box.This picture of Little wee one is the 2nd day of school. She wasn't too cooperative on the first day and as you can see, she wasn't thrilled with me shoving the camera in her face the second day. Though, I did ask if she would go sit next to this window so I could get good light and she did. Bummer she didn't want to follow that up with a great big beautiful smile :-)

Good thing that face makes me smile. So does this video clip. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I do like to torture my kids. Little wee one is going through this stage where she doesn't like me to sing (can't blame her) so she'll give me the "look" and then follow it up with a "sh. be quiet". I taunted her on video so you could see it too (isn't that nice of me) :-) Take note of the look and then the in my face approach to be quiet :-)

*A friend's mother-in-law once asked me if I was a singer...obviously she has not seen this video. And yes, she was serious!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. This morning while getting ready I heard Big wee one say to Little wee one..."You da' man!" Cracked me up!
  2. Yesterday was Grandma's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!
  3. I love my husband so much! He does drive me crazy at times and I know that I drive him crazy, but yesterday was Wife Appreciation Day and he got me a small little gift...he's so cute. Did you know it was Wife Appreciation Day??
  4. I leave in 2 weeks for TX...so if you graduated from NL in '98 leave me a comment for reunion details. Our list of RSVP's is growing :-) I also need to confirm up some last minute details on that.
  5. My work menu includes, a cup of coffee for breakfast, maybe a handful of cereal and an apple for lunch :-) An apple a day keeps the dr. away.
  6. Speaking of dr's...mine called last week. I need to call him back and FINALLY schedule my follow-up appointments. I missed them due to my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration back in May.
  7. I have a Hispanic Business Meeting in about 10 minutes and I'm sitting here blogging. Luckily, I have everything ready from last month's Hispanic Business Meeting. **Meeting went super well and the attendance was awesome! Not a seat left in the boardroom and as some left, more came in to fill those seats! Makes me want to make enchiladas for dinner tonight...YUM**
  8. I LOVE my job! I love strolling the streets and talking to store owners. I love planning stuff and working out details. I love strolling the streets and talking to store owners. I love the people, and I love strolling the streets....rrrrr...did I just say that? LOL
  9. The monthly crop is this Friday. I'm excited! Hopefully we have enough to book the store, otherwise, we'll be crashing someone's house. Note to self: call the scrapbook store and see how many she needs, maybe she'll let us scrap with the amount we have??
  10. Little wee one was screaming in the car this morning when I was driving them to the sitter's house. She stopped to take a breath and said, "Mommy, funny?!" She thinks she's hysterical! Stinker!

Have a great Tuesday...catch ya on the flip side :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lotta, lotta, LOTTA stuff...

What a week!

The girls started school this week (sorry, I haven't downloaded those pics yet, but I'll post them once I do), and dance. Big wee one did great, with both, as well as Little wee one; though Little wee one wasn't thrilled with dance. I can't really blame her. The instructor had NO rythm, she couldn't clap to the beat at all and her dancing was pretty blah, I understand it's little people, but still you should be able to catch a beat...right? To top it off, Little wee one was crying and she pretty much avoided us (it was a Mommy & Me class) like the plaque, and it's not the class was full, there was one other mom and child there. I was slightly annoyed with that. The instructor interacted with the other child and would "dance" up to her, but not once did she try to get Little one involved. So, I think we'll hold off on Little wee one's dance class, but keep Big one in. We were able to watch her on the tv while she danced and she was lovin' it!

My oldest brother came in this week with his girlfriend. He tried to surprise me, which he did, but I caught on quickly! He called my cell asking all kinds of weird questions, like "Where is your office again?" and "When do you have lunch?" obvious signs that he was in route ;-) Sure enough, I walked up my work stairs to call him to let him know that I really did know that he was in town and there he was! ha! I got to meet his girlfriend, who seems extremely nice, and after dinner on Thursday night, we haven't seen him since...hmmmm, hope he's enjoying his vaca.

Yesterday, Paul changed Little wee one's crib into a big girl bed, and I am happy to report that she did excellent last night and only managed to roll out of bed once :-) I need to get those bed rail things (Mom of the year...lol). Eventually we are going to put the girls in the same room and put all their toys into the extra room, hopefully that will clear up some of the clutter I feel is surrounding me right now.

This morning was very productive. I finished editing my friend's pictures of her daughter and I completely cleaned out all of Little wee one's clothes, put them in a bag and will be giving them away tomorrow. I now have room in their closets for the next round of clothes, and I still have to go through Big wee one's clothes. It feels good though, to get rid of all those little clothes.

My next mission is to go through my paper scrapbooking stuff and pack that up. I am finally selling my scrap cubes, so if you want or need any paper materials, let me know! Digital is the way for me :-)

We'll finish with some pictures of the little cutey :-) and some LOs I've done lately, and then while the girls are sleeping I'm going to digi scrap! Fall lacrosse started today, so Paul is out for the afternoon...scrap happy :-)

Have a great week!Isn't she like a little model...so cute!

Thanks for letting me take your pictures again this year :-)
My first "white paper" page...I hardly ever do pages using a white background, but I kind of like it, so I might try it again.This page was for a LO challenge using neon colors.This 2 page LO is Little wee one's first year :-) Thanks for peeking :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurrican Ike

Hey Texans, I'm thinking about ya! We've been following Ike on the tube and I just wanted you to know that I've been hoping and praying that you all stay safe! Steph, are you and the boys close? Did you head into Paris? Lele, I heard electricity could go out all the way into Dallas, give me a call to let me know you are ok, and Cody, did he evacuate? I was going to call you, but it's still early, I don't want to wake anyone up.
Kirchoff's, are you all ok? Along with the Wolfe's, are you in any danger? Again, everyone please stay safe! And if you can send me updates please drop a line (like you have anything else to worry about!).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rembering...a day later.

It's crazy to know that we lived through something our kids will learn about in text books. I will never forget that day. Seven years ago our lives changed forever.

I was a senior in college (Cabrini College, Radnor/PA) just waking up to the sounds of my roommates and my alarm. My first class of the morning was a history class, ironically enough. I remember my roommate saying, "Oh my God, what the f&c*!" and all of us roommates running into the room. It was so surreal. So fake. I couldn't believe it, even though I was watching it with my own two eyes. Classes weren't cancelled, because at that time, no one knew exactly what was going on. Was it an accident? I mean seriously, who really just flies a plane right into a building?
We all watched, glued to the tv while putting our clothes on to see what exactly was going on.

I went to class and my professor didn't turn on the tv, he didn't want to talk about what happened, because again, we didn't really know what was happening. I don't remember a thing from that class on that day (seriously, who does??)...I just remember thinking, what is (my then boyfriend) Paul doing? At one point, I left class to check my message at the phone in the hall. During class a LOT had happened. A whole nother plain crashed into the other Trade Center, and into the pentagon...and one of the buildings had collapsed! Now I was saying, "What the F*C&!" Paul had left me a message saying (he lived in Baltimore at the time) that he was picking up his niece and he didn't know when we would be able to talk. He had heard on the tv that they were shutting down phone lines and shutting down 95...how was he going to come get me??

I raced back to my room, tried to call him and didn't get a hold of him. Called my mom, whom I don't think even knew what was going on yet, and then tried to call my oldest brother, who was docked in VA. He said that he thought they might be leaving to head up to NYC for assistance and that he would keep in touch. I finally got to talk to Paul and was going to leave to come to Philly the next day.

At this point, we know that it was a terrorist act and I remember some or my roommates going on about the day, and me being scared shipless. My mom and dad were in TX, my one brother was heading on a boat up to NYC and my other brother, who's in the Airforce, could end up anywhere. The love of my life was 2 hours away and I didn't have anyone. I was alone. Sad. Scared. I wanted my mom and I wanted my pink bear. I wanted a hug. I wanted my roommates to be as sad and scared as I was. Maybe they were, but I don't know. They could all leave to go home and I couldn't.
Shortly after 9/11, Paul moved into my apartment at school and shortly after that we got our own apartment.

Life moved on and those events from 9/11 are now a memory. Ones that I will never forget. I can't even begin to imagine how New Yorkers felt that day. I lived only 2 (give or take) hours from NYC and I was freaked out. I can't even imagine how they were coping with this. Watching their city being destroyed like that.
Shame on you. Shame on you for killing thousands of innocent people and destroying thousands of families. For putting this day in their memory as a day they will never forget. Shame on you.

Last night Paul and I watched a documentary on the history channel that chronicled videos that were created on 9/11. From tourists, New Yorkers and news people. It was insane. People running while filming. The cloud of ash and dust that flew over everyone, how you could see it coming and then everything turning into a grey cloud. I was so incredibly sad. I just wanted Paul to touch me...his feet touching mine while we layed in bed made me feel better. Knowing that he was there, and knowing that we just had dinner at my parent's house. Knowing that my brother was home with his girlfriend and my other brother was home waiting for his wife and daughter. I feel safe. If I need a hug I can easily get one.

Go hug someone you love!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just realized that the Digi Free stuff link was wacked...I fixed it, so when you click on it, it will now direct you to a bunch of free digi stuff :-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ten Things.

Here I am copying another blogger...she posted 10 Things on Tuesday. I'm just going to post 10 things today :-) And maybe I'll remember to do it again another day.

  1. I never mentions my girl's names, well at least I try not to, but for sake of the story here goes: Little wee one calls Big wee one "ReeRee" and everytime she does Big wee one says, "My name is NOT ReeRee it's Rid-DEE" (must put emphasis on the DEE)

  2. I had coffee with 2 girlfriends this morning, and while sitting there it occured to me that "catching up" may become our new friendship. Since we all have kids in some form of school and we are all working now. *sigh* this job thing is taking up way too much time

  3. I ordered 2 photo books off of shutterfly this evening and got them both on sale and then saved even more when I googled "shutterfly coupon code"...SCORE! I sent one to my father-in-law and one I will bring to show off my girls when I head back to Pari' for my HS reunion.

  4. (Might be TMI) but my "girly cycle" has been a little wack the past, oh I don't know 2 years, and I've been nervous the past week or so that I might be preggers...I'm NOT! Phew....not that I'm totally against having another child, I'm just not ready right now. I'll get back to you on that in another 2 years or so.

  5. My biggest brother comes home next week (sometime around the 18th)...he's bringing his girlfriend. Wonder if she knows she'll be tested by me the whole time. I'm the only sister (not including sister-in-laws, you ROCK Jess!!) so who my brothers date have to get clearance (or so I think) by me. I mean, its cool that they like you, but seriously, I have to like you too...lol.

  6. Monday school starts! We had orientation Friday night and Little wee one stormed her way into her classroom to play with the toys, while Big wee one walked hand in hand with Daddy, saw all the people (and chaos) and ran back out!

  7. Big wee one is doing EXCELLENT with letter recognition, can spell a couple of small words and can read those words when they are in front of her. She LOVES books, and thankfully Little wee one is catching on.

  8. Today was a pretty boring day and lazy day. It rained all day, so we hung inside and lounged. The girls slept, so I headed to Targe' to buy new bath mats and frames for our bathroom (I'm doing a new black & white theme). We've had the white shower curtain, and I wanted the bath mats and then I saw black frames on sale (2 for $2.48) so I had to get those! I ordered prints from shutterfly (to pick up at Target tomorrow morning) of some pretty flower pictures I've taken to add a splash of color to the bathroom.

  9. I took some pics of my friend's little girl for her 5th birthday. I did her 4 year pics last year...she's changed a LOT! Her face isn't chubby anymore, like a little girl, she's starting to look like, hmmm, I guess like she will when she's older. Crazy! She's a cutie though!
  10. Above is last year, below is this year

  11. I finished the scrap challenge for our scrap group. If you'd like to do it, it's below :-) I think if you click on the picture it will link it to a larger version. If not message me and I'll email it to you.

The life of a mom on a Saturday night...heading downstairs to get a bowl of cereal with my man :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nacho Momma & Reunion

I made nachos for dinner last night, and they were good. Not something I make on a regular basis, but they were calling so I headed to the 'ol Wolly World to get some Velveeta. What are nachos without Velveeta?? That's what I thought ;-)

During our extravagant dinner (Big wee one insisted we eat outside, in the extreme heat with nasty flies, which both girls yelled and swatted at the whole time and then a bee landed on Big wee ones plate, but...that's awhole nother story), back to what I was saying; Big wee one turns to me during dinner, opens her mouth and points inside and says, "Mhmmm...that bite was good Mommy. Nachos are my faaavooorite!" Guess she liked them :-) *sigh* Makes a mom proud with those types of manners.
We had a pretty fun Labor Day Weekend. Paul packed the car while I packed snacks, toys, videos, blankies, brown bears, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, oh and polly pockets. All of which stuffed the back seat, annoyed Paul with the clutter and caused for a terribly annoying 5 hour (I was told it was going to be 3, BUT...) car trip down to Lynchburg, VA for the White Family Reunion. This was my first time attending the reunion, which consists of family from my mother-in-laws side. Basically, one of her aunts and lots and lots of cousins. All kinds of cousins! Some that have been once removed and then times 2. Lots of 'em. All of them are cousins of some form. Which means, for Big wee one, who is really into who everyone is in relation to her or the people she knows (ie: Mimi is Mommy's Mom, and Uncle E is Mommy's brother) this was amazing. She kept asking where her cousin was...lol...their everywhere, their everywhere! She did meet some young cousins that she was excited to play with all day!

It was cool to meet all of Paul's cousins and get to know them. I was a little nervous at first, to go, just because I had no clue what to expect. God bless my mother-in-law (you know I love you!) but she can work you up about people and what your thoughts are may not always match who the person is, once you actually meet them. If that made anysense?? Anti-who, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming! I'll be delighted to go back next year, pop the cap off a cerveza and enjoy the weekend with family. Thanks everyone! We had a great time.

I also got to meet Paul's grandfather. I went to his gravesite, introduced myself and had a few personal moments with him. It was nice. Paul and I got married on the anniversary of his death in 2003...he was an extremely important person in Paul's life. Big wee one even laid a flower on his headstone.

We were so happy to be back home. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We stayed in a hotel room with the girls (of course), and the first night Little wee one layed in the pack-n-play and sang, yelled and said, "Ni-ni, luv eww, ni ni" over and over! It was really cute and sweet, but man the girl would not go to sleep. After about 30 minutes of that, Paul turned off the game on the tv and she fell asleep. Through-out the whole event, Big wee one was "shshing" her, but that didnt' work. She's so funny.

Here are pics from our fun weekend...
Big wee one was crowned queen of the reunion. She was thrilled to wear a tiara ALL day and then all the way home and then all the next day, until this morning when it broke. (Daddy's going to fix it)

Little wee one was making new friends and enjoying the babes and their toys. She was all over the place! No need to worry where mommy is, when there are babies to kiss and hands to shake.
Let me introduce you to Zoe. Adorable. The newest addition to the White Family Reunion and very photogenic! I couldn't stop taking her picture...seriously, just ask her mom, she was probably thinking, "Get your camera out of her face"...I couldn't help it. Promise I will send you some copies :-)
I'm not sure this is something they do every year, but here are lots of cousins singing the "Dixie" song. It was comical, with dance moves and all :-)
Just the girls being girls. I couldn't get a picture of Little wee one looking or smiling at me the whole day! I still got some pics of her being cute, she loves limes, and I got a semi-smile lime face ;-)Towards the end of the evening, I realized I didn't have any pics of these cousins playing together. See the glow necklaces the two older girls are playing with? A little later on Little wee one will bite into of these, kind of throw up glow in the dark stuff and gag...quite an event. Don't worry, the package said the "stuff" was non-toxic...phewwww!
If you made it all the way through this entry, good for you! Thanks for hanging in there and have a great night! Happy trails...