Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friends Forever

A friend posted this on her blog, and I thought it was so cool and sweet that I wanted to post it on my blog. It reminds me (somewhat) of my weekend with my didn't matter how long its been since we've seen each other, we picked up right were we left off :-)
Updates soon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I survived!

I did it! I'm here and I survived my first major festival! It was such a LOOONNGGG day, and I was completely exhausted afterwards, but it was rewarding. All of that stress leading up to it and it all just flowed was so awesome. I LOVE my job! A huge thank you to the committee, one of those ladies has worked with this festival for 22 years. She answered all of my phone calls with ease and comfort, never once annoyed with me. She gave me great advice (listen to them when they say to wear tennis shoes and not flip-flops...I'm glad I did!), calmed my fears and gave me a lot of the spotlight, when she deserved more of it then I did! An all around wonderful and knowledgeable lady! (Is that how you spell knowledgable? Or did I make up my own word...I would do spell check but its late and I'm tired...a running theme in this post...ha!)

I arrived that morning around 4:45 am and didn't get home until after 6 pm. I couldn't even keep my eyes open that night. I was interviewed for the news, but didn't make the cut, which was ok with me...I was so sweaty and dirty! Better to keep the dirty/sweaty girl off the camera! hehe! It was such an awesome learning experience, I'm happy it's over and it has opened my eyes for ways to improve the next festival I have, which is in October.
Here I am being "special"

It was really hard for me to adjust to moving to C-burg, but now I love our quaint little home :-) Big wee one and Mimi being silly at the festival.
This week I'm taking kind of a mental break at work...doing light "duty" (aka: organizing the office, sending thank you's and articles to the local papers), and taking off Friday to go visit with some friends I haven't seen in a long time back up in the Philly area. YEAAAA!!! I'm so excited! One of my girlfriends, I haven't seen since we moved and she just adopted a little girl, one other I haven't seen since I was pregnant with Little wee one and the other...well, we keep up to date via email and try to see each other atleast once a should be a really relaxing and fun weekend.

Paul is heading to goalie camp tomorrow morning for a long weekend of shooting on goalies. He hasn't been to camp in 7 years or so, and he's excited to be back doing his thing. Back in our dating years, he traveled to 3 or 4 different camps a summer working with kids to master their lax skills. He loves it, and it gets him away for a few days.
Oh, guess what I did last night...well, really what happened to me last night?????
The oven set my dinner one fire!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!! I think our oven is off gage or something. It burns almost everything, and anytime I cook at or over 400 degrees it sets off the smoke detector. I called our main office (one perk of renting) and they will be out probably tomorrow to *hopefully* install a new oven. Crazy though! The house SMELLED and filled with smoke, so we through out our food, since Paul sprayed it with the fire exstinquisher (sp) was going to be so good too! I made roasted zuchinni with potatoes, onions and garlic, steak and corn :( Instead, we had Wendy's. Blah.

Back to the weekend, I just thought I'd throw the oven fire in there, since it was on my mind. Sunday, we didn't really sleep in and I was exhausted so we cleaned the house some and then took the girls to Cowan's Gap. I forgot that there was a family day planned there for the MOMs club, and it ended up being a great day with friends. Little wee one LOVES the water like a fish and Big wee one loves the sand. Too bad they don't both love the same thing, it would make one being either in or out of the water easier. Big wee one clung to Paul all afternoon after she saw the first fish in the water. Cowan's Gap is a lake in the mountains with a sandy beach, its free and a lot of fun. Kind of like the ocean, ok, I take that back, nothing like the ocean, but still kind of like it...dirty (as in litter), "interesting" people of all sorts and sand. See, you can "sea" the similarities right?! LOL.

Needless to say, after our afternoon at the lake, I could barely keep my eyes open and pretty much zonked completely out around 8:30. I did the same thing last night too. Whenever I get really tired, my stomach just aches and aches...the only way to make it feel better is to just go to sleep. I can't deny the hurt, I just need to succumb to it, close my eyes and sleep! This morning I woke up completely rested and feeling so much better!

These are pics from the last few days. We always end the day with playing outside after dinner, and here are the girls doing their part to keep the night entertaining. Have a great week all :-)

I LOVE this picture of Little wee one...she's in this total stinker stage. Telling us, "NO" all the time and being honory!

She's also going through a "doot" stage

Both girls are into riding on someone's back lately. Ask Daddy how his back feels about that! Doesn't it look like fun though!?

Go green! Say NO to plastic Bags...the end.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess Who...

Went poopie on the potty??????????????

If you are a parent you know what a HUGE step this is!! She was sooooo proud of herself! We did a dance around the house and sang! She told me, "Poopie". I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty and she said, "Yesssss!" So we did and she DID!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Man, she's really blossomed the last couple of weeks. She now says two-three word sentences and talks A LOT! I went from being afraid she was never going to talk to her non-stop talking :-) I love it though! Her little voice cracks me up. I love it when she wakes up and yells, "Momma, Mommmmaaaaaa, Mommma, MOMMAAAAA!!" I love when she tells me really serious stories, even though I have no clue what she's saying. I love when just tonight she asked me, "Momma, what dis?", when I was shredding zucchini. I love when I ask her if she's ready to go "ni-ni" and she asks me to "Wock?" (rock).

I just love her :-)


I've noticed that my wee ones are looking dirty. It's a summer time thing. They get all nice and dark (yes, I do put sunscreen on them), the kind of dark sun kissed skin that always looks dirty. Like I need to srub them extra hard in the tub...but I know its not dirt, because were the real dirt gathers (elbow creases, behind the knees...their necks) those are white. Little wee one has white creases, no dirt there. Big wee ones are a litte more tan, because she doesn't have baby fat anymore...just skin and bones. The summer time also gives my girls free reign to look like rag-a-muffins. I don't usually let them go around all scraggly, but when they chill at home most of the time, why get all dolled up? Look at Big wee one, she looks funky with her hair and dress that's 3 sizes too small (she wore that for her second Halloween). Just an your kids look dirty? Do you let them go without bows or brushing their hair in the summer. I do. And I'm ok with it...sometimes ;-)

Here are the girls playing with our neighbor's little boy. He's giving Big wee one a ride and then she returns the favor...summer time fun! They ride in style!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lovin' Life...

Kind of. Well, I am loving life, I'm just overwhelmed with Old Market Day, which is a HUGE arts & music festival that will go down this Saturday. It's my job. Well, one aspect of my job. I've been working with a committee since January planning Old Market Day and Saturday is dooms day! I don't anticipate anything to go wrong, well, I do, but it won't be anything that an outsider will notice. For example, I made posters for all the downtown merchants to display and after having the committee review them, one of the stores called to let me know that I put the wrong date on the flyer! Way to go Sherlock! If I get one more phone call from a craft vendor wondering if they can attend the completely filled to capasity festival, I might scream! Only if you are a non-profit looking to hand out information may you attend...I have two of those spots left. If one more vendor calls to complain about their vendor location I don't know what I will do. It clearly states on the contract that YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED THE SAME VENDOR LOCATION EACH YEAR. I don't care if your mother's husband's best friend's uncle is my sister's nephew's brother, that doesn't mean you get the pick of the litter. Someone called me today to discuss her friend's vendor location. She was concerned and all kinds of weird twisted comments were made. When I made it completely clear that we could not change her vendor location and that yes, she was in a good vendor spot she complimented me on my new hair color! I really do like this lady...a LOT! But come on! She called her friend back and explained her location in crystal clear terms and her friend called me to apologize saying infact, "She was delighted with her spot, there must have been some mis-understanding when she spoke to that young girl (aka: ME!)." I told her (for the 3rd time) that that young girl was me, and that she has only spoken to me the whole time she's called about the event!

Enough about that though, because in just a few short days, and on WAY EARLY MORNING, my first SUCCESSFUL Old Market Day will be over and I can put my energy into planning AppleFest (which is the same as Old Market Day, but not near as selective and it revolves around apples), the Christmas Parade and other holiday events (holy smokes...Christmas already!).
On to the cuties...

This past Sunday we drove up to visit with my grandparents. We don't get to see them very often, which is a shame since they live about 2 hours away, but it's hard to go anywhere with two small kids and everyone's conflicting schedules. We are going to try much harder to get to see them atleast every other month if that's possible.
We swam, ate, screamed at dogs (Big wee one did...she freaked any time a dog was in sight! ANNOYING!), swam some more, posed with flowers and then checked out the horses on our way out. Here are some pictures:
The Hydgranea bushes were BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't get enough of them :-)

Here are the girls overlooking my grandparent's land and the view from their house...isn't it peaceful!

Little wee one was playing peek-a-boo and being so silly!

Here is some funny stuff...Little wee one was walking around the edge of Nonny's flowers, doing a little dance and then...

Here's the little dance...

And then... No little toddlers were harmed!

On to the pool...N & G have an indoor pool and the water was sooooo warm! Can't beat that kind of swimming! Look at Little wee one swimming all by herself, she's taking after her Munchkin cousin (who hasn't updated her blog in awhile!)

Flowers...they were so pretty. The bees were flying all over the purple flowers, and they looked so cool. I think I'm going to have a large print made of some of them and put them in my bathroom.

I would have a picture of Big wee one with the flowers but she informed me that she was too grouchy for pictures at that time. It was only when we saw the horses that she perked up some.

I definitely need to do some photoshoping to this has potential to be cool, just needs a little "uumph"

Do you see this??? My daughter will SCA-REAM so loud when a tea-cup little dog is even in the same room as her, but will pet a massive horse! I wonder if this goes along with the whole princess and unicorn thing that a lot of girls are into. She loves princesses and princesses have princes that ride horses...interesting...I blame the dog stuff on being nipped at by an ankle dog one time.

My next post will recap Old Market Day. Have a great one!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long weekend

What a completely relaxing long weekend we had! We hung out with a lot of friends in a couple of different garages (it's a man thang), and the kids stayed up late (a lot)...but we also just totally vegged in our pj's and hung with family.
Thursday, we hung with some friends that evening. Woke up Friday to get ready to enjoy a beautiful day at a friend's pool...and it RAINED! To top it off, the girl's slept for soooo long! We ended up not making it to the swimming party, but Big wee one woke up around 4:45 so we were able to get ready and head to another BBQ/garage party...hehe! We had a blast there, Paul has finally made some friends that he has really connected with and they like a lot of things that he does. It also helps that the wives are pretty cool :-)

My Uncle J and I played golf on Saturday afternoon...and now I have the bug! I played last night with a couple of friends and it was awesome! I haven't played with just women in a LONG time, basically since high school when I played for my school team. We had a blast, got some excercise walking the course, and finished off with a beverage. I can't wait to play again and I really can't wait until Paul's hand is completely healed so he can play too!

With the rain, the local fireworks were cancelled Friday evening, so we watched them Saturday. I took the girls to my parent's to veg for a bit, then I played golf with Uncle J (as previously stated) and then Paul came over and we had J's famous hamburgers for dinner. Little wee one fell alseep on the way home, so I took Big wee one out back to watch the fireworks from our backyard. Of course her bestie (and her parents) joined us :-) After every explosion Big wee one said, "That's big...WOW, that's really big". She's been sooooo funny lately with her attitude. Not bad attitude, just her girly attitude. Yesterday, I asked her to tell Little wee one to put a toy back outside. Apparently, Little wee one didn't listen, because I heard crying. I came over to evalutate the situation and Big wee one (with hands on her hips) said very matter of factly (makes me laugh just thinking about it), "I spanked her hiney, because she wasn't listening." I tried, tried...TRIED to tell her that she's not allowed to spank her hiney, but I couldn't stop laughing at how cute she looked with her hands on her hips and her attitude, like she was doing ME a favor. Awwwe man, she's gonna be a trip!

Back to the weekend...
Sunday, be honest, I don't remember what we did on Sunday. HA!! But, I know it wasn't much, because I don't think I really got dressed...probably just played outside. Oh...wait! hahaha...I remember. With the long weekend I was getting my days mixed up. We did just lounge all day and play. It was awesome. Big wee one is seriously into riding her bike All. The. Time. So she rode all day, I digi scrapped (FINALLYYYYYY!), Little wee one played and Paul tinkered on his jeep with his non-gimp hand. We hope he's completely healed soon. Or atleast get the thumbs up form the doc soon :-)
I feel like there is so much more to talk about, but I can't remember what. Humph...I'm losing my mind! I have my first HUGE, GIGANTIC event at work not this Saturday, but the next so I'm slightly stressed. The kind of stressed that makes you feel like you might vomit. I know everything will go fine, the committee that works with this event guarantees it. I mean some of these women have been on this committee for 20 years! They tell me that a lot of these people that help out "just know what to do", but when I've never done it before NEED to know what all these other people "just know". Confusing, I know, I just want to make sure that all of my I's are dotted and my T's are crossed. I'll keep everyone up to date, and hopefully I'll get my brain back in working order next week. To top it off, my sitter (have a BLAST K) will be gone all next week at the beach, so I'm figuring out who will be watching my kids. Oh goodness, let's not even go there, I'll get that feeling in my gut again...settle stallion! Tomorrow is another day :-)

Enjoy the pics!

K took this pic of Little wee one, she's been digging these ears, and it's so cute when she rocks them for hours on end :-)

This is a cool flower that is growing at my parent's house...isn't it pretty?