Monday, March 31, 2008

Deep Sea Diving

Here is a picture that my oldest brother sent me. I'm not sure where he is exactly, but the last time we had email communication, that was more then just a picture, he was near Japan. I'm assuming he's still somewhere near there. As you can see, he works hard for a livin' :-)
Just Kidding E, we know that you work like, a million hours at a time and deserve a little sea time!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Update...

Saturday is winding down and oh, what a day it has been. Not a bad day, just a full day.

We started the day with a birthday party at a local indoor play area called Cluggy's...both of the girls had a great time. Big wee one had a freak-out moment, but calmed down after I took her outside...removed her from the atmosphere to take some big deep breaths and have a good talk with her. She didn't understand why the birthday hostess didn't want to open her present (to plaly with it, not just open it) and share it with her. After our talk, I think she got it a little better (or at least I hope so).

Little Wee One diggin' into a cupcake

She LOVED playing in these tubular things

Big wee one, with the help of a friend, made up into the huge tube system! She was lovin' you can see :-)

After partying like rockstars, we headed over to Paul's first home lacrosse game. Beautiful, but chilly weather was our back drop, and of course little wee one instantly fell asleep in the car. Luckily, we had time to kill and spare change to spend, so we headed to McD's for an ice coffee...which took oh, about 5 minutes. Hmmm...what were we going to do for the next 30 minutes till the game started?? I dug through my purse, found some easter eggs (don't even ask what else I found in there! At one point big wee one needed something to "stir" her concotion in her easter egg, and yes, I found an orange peeler in my purse for her to use! When she lost that one, I had yet...another orange peeler to spare) and when trying to transport little wee one to the stroller, she woke up, so both girls played in the gravel infront of the bleachers. I never knew I could enjoy the comforts of dirt so much, until it entertained them for the whole 2 hours of the game! Nice dirty mess, but well worth the fun :-)

This was before she lost that really "clean" coffee stirrer on the ground, and then used the orange peeler to stir. She was covered in that grey "dust". I feel clean just looking at her!

The Trojans won in an awesome game...8-7. There were two ejections (I'm sure everyone would have done the same thing EJ) during the of the other team's players hit one of ours in the "golden egg" so he hit back. Which Paul said, even though its not ok, EJ was playing with an injured something or another, so the rest was good for him. Don't be messin' with our Trojans...YO. Action packed. If you are looking for a new, high-paced, sport to enjoy...look into lacrosse. It's the "fastest game on two feet".

She's just being cute here. Serious coach stuff going on hereLook at that stinker stealing my drink! And I wonder why she didn't just fall asleep at home.

The best babysitter (aside from grandparents...of course!) and she is the lax manager. She's not going to be happy that I posted this pic, but I thought she needed representin'

Both girls were EXHAUSTED by the time we went home. Big wee one pulled out her sleeping back and fell asleep on her bedroom floor around 4:45ish, and has been asleep since. She'll sleep until tomorrow morning. Little wee one tried to lay down to sleep, but her baby just kept her awake the whole time. She and I caught up on some much needed alone time and read lots of books. She's really "growing" a lot lately...she now says, "bye-bye", dog (wog), frog (also wog, but is pointing to the frog, so I'm guessing she's saying frog) and she tells me that the dog says, "wuffff" (the "fffff"s with a lot of spit...very cute). We were concerned because she wasn't talking much, but a friend told me (awhile back) that the 19 month time frame is a big month for talking...and by golly, she's coming around :-) Cutie patootie.

Here are some pics to enjoy...good night! Big wee one had her second dentist appointment. The first time I forgot to bring my camera, so I was sure to get some pics this time. She did AWESOME! Like she's been doing this for years...she loved her new princess tooth brush, and the bubble gum floss (what 3 year old do you know, that likes to floss??). She got 2 thumbs up from Dr. Joe.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something to share...

I just wanted to share this announcement (minus the wordage) I'm doing for a friend...her daughter looks so adorable, I just had to post it :-)

If you would like more information on custom annoucements, birthday inviations, wedding invitations, etc, please comment me and I'll get back to ya with samples :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Riding the sick train...toot, toot!

I'm home with the girls today...both got sick yesterday. I really think its for two different reasons and none have anything to do with the flu bug, so we should be back up and in full force tomorrow :-) Here are some pics of the girls today...we were flooded with awesome light in little wee one's room, so I had to grab my camera and take some pics:
It is so difficult to get a great shot of little wee one, she usually moves and never smiles...but she looks cute here :-)

We had a great time celebrating Easter with our friends...big wee one loved playing with "the boys" and was trying to kiss them by the end of the day. Here are some pics from yesterday: I thought the bubble picture looked cool :-)

We had a blast playing, hunting eggs and eating WAY too much candy. If you didn't notice, I got the girl's hair cuts on Saturday, big wee one's turned out cute, but little wee one...I'm not so sure. I'm not crazy about it, but she did great sitting very still for the hair dresser.

I'm going to catch up on some work now, both girls are zonked out and I'm hoping to get a long nap out of them (YA right!)

T & Gang :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun times

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is Easter Sunday, and our house is busy with wee ones running crazy, food cooking and me posting :-) We hope all of you have a wonderful Easter and that you spend it with the ones you love. We'll be heading over to Mimi's house later to celebrate with Sam, Ste & the boys...needless to say I am so excited to see them!

Last night, I sponge rolled big wee one's hair. I used the same sponge rollers that my mom used on me 22+ years ago...and all the memories came back. I too, used to be excited about having them in my hair, only to wake up the next morning crying and embarrassed that my hair resembled a small blonde poodle! Big wee one did the same exact thing this morning (I'm chuckling just thinking about it), I took out the rollers, and started to chuckle to myself and she started to cry. HYSTERICAL! Paul woke up and came into the room because she was that upset. He thought she had a wig on...did I mention how funny this all was. I couldn't even calm her down because she looked so funny. I didn't tortue her long enough to get a picture, she made me wet her hair and comb it out...who knows when that will happen again. I was hoping we could get a mock hair rehearsal for her dance recital...oh well.

Friday night, big wee one had her mock sleepover and LOVED it! The girls played, ate pizza, watched movies, played, danced, painted toenails, ate cookies and played some more. When it was time to go home, big wee one didn't even make it out of the drive way before falling asleep. She was exhausted! It was nice to let the girls be girly and the moms to veg...thanks for having us over peanut butter cup :-)

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hop, hop, hop...

It's that time of year again...the Easter Bunny is coming near.

This is going to be a great Easter this year. We have friends coming into town that we haven't seen in years! Needless to say I am "UBER" excited to see them! "Sam" was like an older sister to me when I was growing up...I looked up to her and thought she was the coolest thing! She was one of my maid of honors in my wedding and truly an amazing person. She has the cutest little boys and a great safely, can't wait to hang on Sunday!

We have had the best week with the girls :-) Needless to say, Mommy is soooo happy! You know the saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"...its true ;-) But there's a twist to it, if your oldest wee one ain't happy, momma ain't happy...I think that's how it really goes.

So, big wee one has been happy, so our house has been delightful! Mimi took us to an Easter Egg hunt last weekend and both of the girls did a fantastic job hunting eggs and having a good time. Afterwards, we went to the local fish hatchery to feed the fish and then topped off the morning with nuggest from McD's and some play at the park. Daddy had a lax tournament so he didn't get home until later in the afternoon and was beat. The whole house was quiet for about an hour and a half while everyone slept and then we headed to the outlets to get big wee one some new shoes (that girl is growing...can someone make her stop!), she chose "candy cane" shoes. Of course, she has had them for less then a week and they are already scuffed up...frustrating, but she's a kid.

Little wee one is doing more and more stuff everyday! Still not saying a whole lot, and I shouldn't say she's not saying stuff, because she's talking, we just have NO IDEA what she's talking about! She says "momma" a lot and "uh-oh" and I believe she is starting to say big wee one's name more often along with "dat" (that). She had her 18 mth check up on Wednesday and is growing...slowly...she is now up between the 5-10% for her weight, weighing in at 20 lbs and is in the 25th % for her height (and off the top of my head I can't remember, but its not very tall). Not to compare but she's about 3 inches shorter then big wee one at this same age. She doesn't look tiny, but she is. She's a fiesty one for sure!

I have off of work today for Good Friday and grabbed a cup of java with my momma (ha...I'm a poet) after taking the girls to the sitter. I have to pay, so I might as well take them. I'm heading out to get them in a few, and big wee one is sooooo excited. She's been invited by her friend "peanut butter cup" for a "mock" sleep over! Mimi has surprised her with a new sleeping bag, she's going to be sooooo stoked! I'll will definitely post pics of big wee one, peanutbutter cup and (let's think of a nickname for the other little girl that is going...hmmmmm) "aister" (not sure if that fits, it sounds good in my head with her first letter of her name, but since you don't know what that is, I don't know if it flows...oh well, I know who she is :-). All three of the girls are so excited, they are telling everyone from the cashiers at the stores, to their teachers at school. Oh, to be 3 again ;-)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend...looks like we'll have cold/wintery weather here. With Easter being so early this year, that's no surprise, I'm just hoping this is the last of the winter weather. Out like a lion, in like a lamb.

I'm hoppin' on out....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lax Widow

That's right, lacrosse season has officially started and I am now an offical lacrosse widow. For those that don't know, Paul is the varsity lax coach at the highschool, he loves it and the guys are great, but I must admit that I get a wee bit jealous of all the time they get to spend with him. Sometimes it's hard to "share" him, but I know he's changing lives when he's with those guys, he cares about them so much. He always says, he doesn't need a boy, because he has 30+ all spring to deal with.
With the onset of lacrosse season, my days get longer, I'm more worn out and the girls are CRAZY! Stir crazy from being inside because it isn't quite warm enough (what am I saying, its not warm AT ALL!) to be outside and crazy from going days without seeing Daddy. Its not like they don't get to see him at all, but literally its for minutes a day. I can't wait for warm weather when we can go watch the guys practice at the field and the girls can run free!
We have, on the other hand, been spending more time with friends, which is so nice! We had poker night one night at the Wrecker's house and spent some time at another friend's last night. The kids run wild, the husbands hang in the garage and the ladies feed the kids and drink margaritas. If you know me, this is no surprise that last night I was letting my "inner" dance spirit free and did a "drop it down low" move. On the "low" we all heard a "rrrriiiippppp"...yup, my pants ripped right down the seem! I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time! Thank goodness I decided to throw on my "momma" undies, instead of something pretty...I'm still cracking up just thinking about it!
Today, is my uncle's birthday. It has been an incredibly difficult year for him, so it makes this birthday even more special to have him around. We didn't do anything to out of the ordinary for a Sunday: gathered at the folks, ate and had cake. Big wee one helped blow out the birthday candles and she sang, she also helped Mimi make uncle's cake. That girl just loves to cook!
We're ready for spring to roll in...hear are a few pics from the past week...I lied, the server won't let me upload at this time, so I'll post pics tomorrow. I also have a really cute video clip of little wee one dancing, be on the look out :-)