Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm getting things ready tonight to leave the girl's for a few days. I'm nervous and sad. I'll miss the girls...a LOT! I did explain to big wee one that when she woke up in the morning that I wouldn't be here, that I was having surgery. She told me she would get dressed in the morning and brush her teeth, eat her breakfast and wait for Ms. Monwhine to pick her up for school.
We are so blessed! I have some of the most amazing friends I have ever had! I didn't want to move to C-burg, away from the comforts of our life in KoP, but now, I LOVE it here! I love my job, I love my friends...I just love it.
We met my in-laws at a house today, they wanted to check it out, they are thinking of moving to the area; and afterwards, when we got home, I had two little bags sitting at my doorstep. Two good friends of mine left me little treats. One was a snack bag for Paul, with his favorite Jellybeans! And the other had a decorated dry-erase board and a COOL rubber "bracelet" like thing that I can put a picture of the girls in...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Ms. Vanillla and Ms. HeBran ROCK!
Oh, by the way, the back to back nights out with the girls were AWESOME! I laughed so hard with Ms. HeBran (and the other moms from MOMs club) at 27 dresses and then laughed my azz off the next night with Ms. & Mr. Vanilla, Ms. Cutie and Ms. Snecker...we went to a comedy show and it was soooo much fun! I even got to (briefly) stand infront of everyone and pick a topic for was FUN! Afterwards, people from the show were coming up to me and saying, "Hey Tina"...too much fun! I can't wait to have another fun night like that! Thanks Ms. Cutie for driving, hope I didn't annoy you too much (since I drank a little) :-)
I have shown Paul how to update the blog, so hopefully he will do that. We'll be sneaking out of the house super early tomorrow to be in Hershey by 6:15 am. Everything goes down around 8:30, but you know how dr's go...
Thanks for all the awesome thoughts, prayers, emails and phone calls!! The support during this ordeal really means a lot to me! I'm confident that everything will turn out smoothly and all the fuss will be over and done with!
Hugs...The Flohr's

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