Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally...She SPEAKS!

Last night was a big night in little wee one's world! She started saying words! LOTS OF THEM! It was so incredibly cute! Here are the words she said (in no particular order):
gook (book)

wab (crab)

duck (duck)

bell bun (belly button)

ba-be (baby)

wog (dog) she's said that one for awhile now, but was saying it a lot last night
and a few more, but I don't remember completely off the top of my head, we were reading and she was repeating and pointing to the pictures. I immediately called Paul in to listen, he's been a little stressed that she might not ever talk. We try not to compare the girls, but big wee one was speaking full sentences at 18 months and little wee one is just starting to say words at almost 20 months...she's just taking her time! I mean, why talk when you have a perfectly good older sister to tell everyone what you need. Which she does, sometimes without even a grunt to let her know that you do want something. "Mommy, little wee one and I need a drink, we're thirsty." You can't beat that service!
Today, is a big game for the Trojans! Everyone wish them luck! If they win this game, they'll be 1st in their conference, which would be HUGE for their 3 year program. We will be heading to the game to cheer everyone on!

Sunday morning was our art morning. Both girls painted, and painted and painted. Of course, little wee one, now has to do everything that big wee one does...here are some pics from their creative creations.
Have a great day, I'll post again tomorrow with an update from the game...


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Jenny Kirchoff said...

Aww Tina don't worry! Aiden didn't start talking until he was around 20 months and now...as you know...it's non stop! LOL! Your girls are precious!