Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keepin' it Real...really busy.

Don't they look a lot alike in this picture?
Man, is it just me or is this time of the year just sooo busy??! Between being a working mom and a lacrosse widow, I don't feel like I have a lot of free time to just stare at a wall. Which, by the way, I was able to do just moments before typing this update. Anytime I try to sit at the computer when little people are around, one of them inevitably ends up on the desk, pushing buttons, writing with a pen, moving the mouse...you get the idea. Both are now in bed, so freedom is mine at last!

(Here's Grandma teaching Riddy how to fight with sticks!

Paul had a game tonight, somewhere. I don't remember where, but they won!! GOOOO TROJANS! They've only lost 2 games, so we are pleased with the season thus far! (again), GOOOO TROJANS! It's frustrating though...I know Paul gets so annoyed during a game and the stands are silent. Mind you, I hoot, hollar, stomp on the stands and act like an idiot, so I know he's not talking about me...sometimes all the guys need when they are in a tight game is for the crowd to get rowdy...don't make me do it. You know I will...ALRIGHT!
Let's get a little bit rowdy. R-O-W..DY! Sorry, an old cheer from back in my days as a young'en are emerging. You don't know how many times I sit in the stands and hold back from yelling old chants (there is a difference you know, between a cheer and a chant). In honor of Paul's bride, I just keep it to simple things like: "GOOO TROJANS" (have we heard that before) "COME ON GUYS" pretty generic, "GO BLUE!" (or white depending on the jersey they are wearing) and other random sayings that pertain to defense, the goalie, the middies/attacks...you get the picture. Fun fun...I think I like lacrosse more then football. Maybe that will change when football season is back up, but lacrosse is definitely action packed!
From cheer camp, back in the day
The girls are doing great! Big wee one has a nagging cough, all they do at this age is spread back and forth. Little wee one has finally cut her first "eye" tooth. Its been tearing her up though. Runny nose and diaper! The little thing as allergies as well, so we have a lot of fluid flowing from her body. She's talking more and more these days! LOVE IT!
I'm doing good. I found out over the weekend that an old friend from high school was in a serious car accident. She (you know I don't name names...protect the privacy), has two little girls and a husband. Apparently, she lost control of her car (3 other ladies where in the car, one I also knew, the others I didn't) and it flipped (a lot)...she flew out, along with the other girl, and they landed beside each other. My friend is now paralyzed from the waist down!! I was mortified when I heard the news and have just been sick to my stomach. I can't even imagine what her life will be like now. Her youngest daughter will never remember a time when her mom could walk. It's going to be an extremely LONG and hard road for them...but she has the personality to pull through with flying colors and she has a major support system. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Sorry for the depressing load...

Back to what's going on. Work is busy, busy right now. A Taste of the Arts is in full planning mode and so far looks to be a great event! We'll have live mannequins roaming the streets, chalk art for the kids, bubble stations, a kid's choir, musicians playing for every hour at both ends of downtown (will solidify that on Thursday at our next meeting), wine tasting, beer tasting, food tastings and artists around different locations downtown along with a "mini" gallery in what will be the new Bistro. Very exciting! Last year the weather was perfection for the event, so I'm hoping it will be the same this year! What a great way to welcome in spring!! My girlfriend Ray, will be selling her jewelry at Heavenly Grounds as well...check it :-) If you live near the Chambersburg area, it should make for a nice evening out ;-)

I must execute my duties as a wife and get to cleanin'. My friend, from down the street just stopped by, and mentioned my stack of laundry (thanks for noticing!). I can't help how quickly it piles up! I made a delicious quiche for dinner tonight...super easy! Here's the recipe, make it...you'll be glad you did!

pre-made pie crust (cook at 450 covered with foil for 8 minutes, then no foil for 5 more minutes, then turn the oven down to 350)

3 eggs, beaten

8 oz of sour cream

and whatever you want to put in her quiche. I did sauteed green peppers, onions and red peppers, along with crumbled bacon. mix those ingredients together, pour in crust and bake at 350 for 40 minutes, take out and let stand for 10....

as big one would say...de-freakin'-licious! (she didn't really say that, but she did say "freaking" tonight!!) I shouldn't laugh, but it was pretty funny. There was a mess in her "kitchen" and she said, "What the freak is this?" Copy cat...guess I need to watch my usage of the word freak! Now on to pictures and then cleaning...peace out!

These pictures are from this time last year...a little trip down memory lane. We are coming up on my Uncle's one year anniversary on his cancer diagnosis and hospital stay and Big wee one's hospital stay with pneumonia (that was her the day she was admitted into the hospital...poor thing). The other's are just cute pics :-)

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