Monday, April 21, 2008

We're gonna party like it's my burf-day...

Well, really we aren't. Birthdays stop after you have kids. Paul asked me last night what I was going to make for my birthday I did make a delicious Rachel Ray meal last night, it was awesome! After dinner and the kids went to bed, Paul went to Bruster's and brought me an ice cream sundae home. Today, I'm heading over to one of my besties house for girly drinks and kid play. Nothing like sipping a girly drink while you watch your kids chase each other and play polly pockets...true parenting skills!

I think I'll just pop in a pizza for dinner.

On the game front, the Trojans won their Friday night game 15-3! And this week all 3 of their games are home! Hopefully the weather will look a little better by then, it's rainy and yucky out today, but I believe Mr. said its supposed to be warming up with sun for the rest of the week.

Happy Birthday to you too!! :-)

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Ramey and Stephanie said...

Welcome to 28 yr old depression.
HA!! ;-D