Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

But finally slowing down.

The Flohr's have been soooo busy the past two weeks! I don't think I've seen my eyelids before midnight in about two weeks. Luckily though, this long weekend should be the start to the lazy days of summer (YEA right!)

Two weekends ago, I drove the girls to West Virginia to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday with my WHOLE family (minus Paul, he had senior night and a tournament that weekend) and my brother's...Uncle N. & Aunt J. moved to Texas and Uncle E. is in the deep blue, sea, sea, sea (somewhere??).

My wonderful cousin Mel drove into C-burg to ride the girls and I, I was so happy I didn't have to make the 4-5 hour trip by myself. The girls were pretty good the whole time we were away. Big wee one was sick. The day we got there (Friday afternoon) she broke out a fever and pretty much had it all weekend. No other symptoms of anything except for a fever. I would give her tylenol and she was fine, when the tylenol wore off she would literally fall asleep/lay down wherever we were standing at the moment. Poor thing.

Big wee one's last day of "school" was yesterday...I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! The girls will now go to their babysitter for two weeks and then "K" will start watching them after h.s. graduation.

The lax team had an awesome season this year! They ended up being 13-5 (I'm pretty sure that's right) and went to the playoffs. That game was last night. They lost, which was a bummer, but I'm secretly glad to have Paul back home again. Tonight was the first night we all had dinner together (minus Sunday's) in MONTHS! I'll miss the games, and the stories, but it's nice to have our family back :-)
Paul mentioned tonight that the lax banquet is on June 3rd...the same night as the Downtown Business Council's Annual Meeting. I'm extremely bummed, but am hoping that I can make it to the banquet before it's over. :-( I really want to be there to see the seniors (we've become attached to a few of them) and hear Paul talk. We shall see....

Looking ahead: Big wee one's dance recital is next weekend. I'm getting excited about that, she has no clue. This weekend we are going to take the girls to the zoo...I know they both will LOVE it! I can't wait to see their faces, especially Little wee one, she is really into birds and dogs, any animal really, she'll really get a kick out of it all. We are hoping to meet some friends that we haven't seen in ages this weekend as well. Look, I say that this weekend is the start to our lives slowing down, but I already have a million things planned (on top of everything else the college lax finals are on t.v., and we need to price and go through more stuff for our garage sale). Have a wonderful long weekend. Here are some pics from the past few weeks.

I took these photos of"K" and her boyfriend before Sr. Prom.


Stephanie said...

Cute photos...i guess it's still chilly up there. WOW. We are stiffly already down here in the heart of Texas. The stache is going bye bye when Ray gets home. It's an LT thing over there. To see who's the manliest. Ramey wins hands down. I think he grew that sucker in one week. ;-)
S look goregous! (saying it with a british accent) LOL

Anonymous said...

You all look great, beautiful family as usual!