Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Proud...

Paul was nominated Coach of the Year (click on that to read the article)
E. Delong was named Player of the Year
And two other players from C-burg were nominated for the All-Area team.

Note to the reader...if I had taken that picture, I would not have used that angle...nothing like an up the nose shot, does nothing for the neck area. That could just be the "girl" in me talking...maybe they were going for the whole tough man look, with the Trojan man in the background. (Do you say Trojan Man, like I do in that voice...you know which one...Trrrojaannn Mannnn?) hahaha!

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brownblog said...

Congrats! And a ps..I'm putting your page on my faves. I love reading you entries. Hope you guys have a great summer.