Friday, August 15, 2008

Date Night & Digi

My great friend C came over tonight and asked if we wanted to go out to dinner and a movie, in exchange her and her husband can go out for dinner and a movie. Sounds like a done-deal to me. So off to dinner we went. Unfortunately, our favorite Mexican joint was piz-zacked! :( We settled for Italian and decided to over gorge ourselves on popcorn at the movies. It worked...we are both stuffed and sick feeling. But man, that nasty, buttery, with nacho cheese flavored sprinkling stuff on top popcorn sure was worth it.

We saw the Dark Night, what a great movie! LONG! But good...its sad that Heath is no longer with us, he was an extremely talented actor. It's a bummer that his last movie was so deep and not something more upbeat.

Sunday, will be our day with the wee ones...all 5 of them. I know I've said this before, but I honestly don't know what Big wee one is going to do when they move (who knows when its going to happen, but eventually it will)...these kids are like brothers and sisters!

I've been on a SERIOUS digi kick this past week. It started last Friday night when I got together with my girlfriends and worked on these pages. Since then I have completed a few more pages...some I won't show because we have our scrapbook challenge reveal night next week. I'll show them off after that night.
This page is a pre-done page, I just added the picture and the journaling. Easy :-)

This page was a template. I added the paper into the pre-established LO and then added some of my own touches...another time saver. This pages talks about how I love being a mom, but how I'm also my own person.These are the three pages I've gotten done for Little Wee ones birthday...doesn't look like I'll have that finished by birthday # 2, but if you know me...that's no surprise ;-)
If you don't have a hobby, something that gets you excited and something that you can do with friends (or by yourself)...find one! Make it your passion and make it your own. I've been scrapping for 10 years now, you should see my first scrapbook....POO! But, I've loved it and I've made some incredible friends through scrapping. I've taught classes, been published, sat up REALLY late cutting and laying pictures and embellishments to achieve my perfect look.
Now, I'm thrilled to be able to digi scrap in bed at night! Pick up my laptop and my external hard drive and take it wherever I want. My hobby now travels lightly.
Good luck with your hobby, and make it your own!
Good night!

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The Wolfe Family said...

Very cute pages!! I'm getting more addicted each time I attempt a new page. I am getting quicker but i know I have a long way to go=)