Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here is a little email blurb that Paul and I sent back and forth today...made me chuckle.

Tina wrote: "Lol...very funny mr! :-) I've officially updated everyone and anyone I know from my HS class, and I've emailed Shelly to see if we can stay with her and if she'll watch the girls during the reunion. I've also emailed all my girlfriends to see if we can't get together Friday night after the football game. I'm getting excited. Should be a good time

Paul replied: "Ya right, whatever. Miss I'm tired and going to sleep and still wake up and be tired while my eyes are hanging on the dash waiting for the Calvary to relieve me and Riddy says, "Daddy, you tired...Chocolate Milk Please"...than I drive into some small town in the middle of "holy shit"
we're lost and remember why I love you, cause your you."

If you are confused, we are talking about our upcoming HAUL to TX for my 10 year high school reunion. I'm the worst c0-navigator there is. As soon as it hits about 9 pm I cannot for the life of me, keep my eyes open! Paul drives the majority of the trip, but wouldn't you know that he always asks me to drive after I've been asleep for a couple of hours. I'm so bad at it...lol. This time, I'll be better and we'll be stopping on the way down there. Coffee and a portable potty should help make the trip go smoothly!! Anyone with travel tips and games and video ideas for wee ones...shoot me a message, I'll need any and ALL advice! :-)

Paris, TX here we come!!

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