Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Week Recap

We've been so busy the last two is a review with pictures.
I took the girls up to our old stompin' grounds to visit with friends. We had a wonderful time, thanks to ADR for opening her casa de' la keenan for us to come in and destroy :-)

We got to meet this little munchkin.
And see one of my very good friends. Along with some other friends, that I didn't get pictures of...sorry ladies! Play at an awesome park! Lots of good times and laughs were had!

This month's Mom's Night Out was a fondue/pool party and I had a blast! I love this once a month get away for the night with all of these fun ladies.

I hosted an ice cream playgroup at the park, and the girls had a blast!

Friday evening (no pictures to share of this) was First Fridays in downtown C-burg and it went very well! I was extremely pleased with the turn-out, the weather was beautiful and Big wee one and I got to spend some quality time together (Paul took Little wee one home, she had a tummy ache).

Saturday, we went to Caledonia State Park and played in the creek. The girls had a BLAST, and it wore them out for good naps. We'll be heading back there real soon for another refreshing play day.

When we got home there was a surprise on our front step for Big wee one...she's been a riding machine since this awesome new Dora bike appeared! A HUGE thank you to Nikki & Steph for dropping it off, you two ladies ROCK!

We got to hang out with some friends Saturday night, and the girls had such a great time that they zonked out where ever they was pretty funny actually, my friend's basement looked like a crime scene with kids just laying around, passed out.

These are just some random cute pics that fit into the two weeks.Little wee one finally, at almost two years old does the famous "CHEESE" shot :-)

Have a great week and be......

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