Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 Years...

In the last 5 years we have:
  • gotten married

  • found out we were pregnant on our 6 month wedding anniversary

  • celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary while I was very large and very pregnant

  • patiently waited through Christmas and our due date of 1/1/05 for our first daughter to come

  • had our first daughter on 1/11/05

  • moved about 2 months later to C-burg from King of Prussa, PA...we miss KoP, but we love C-burg

  • sat at home for the next year alone a lot, annoyed my parents a lot and tried to settle into our new life with no friends

  • finally we started to make some friends :-)

  • had our first Christmas in C-burg

  • my brother and his wife came in to visit and I was sure they were going to surprise us and tell us they were pregnant

  • New Year's day 2006...WE ARE PREGNANT! wowza!!

  • stayed in shock with that news for a while!

  • kept on keeping on through out the pregnancy

  • had some complications, and was induced on 8/25/06 and Little wee one joined us on 8/26/06

  • celebrated our 3rd anniversary with our sweet girly family of 4

  • made new friends, had a lot of fun times and started to really enjoy life in C-burg

  • Paul's lacrosse team had an awesome season, and the girls and I loved traveling to the games

  • the summer was a lot of fun!

  • and here we are 5 years of wedded bliss, and 9 years of sharing our life together!!

Life is awesome and amazing! Sure we have our hard times like anyone else, but when you lay in bed at night and laugh at something really stupid until you pee know life is so good! I know I drive Paul crazy with my inability to put clothes away on the end of the bed, I have flaws, but I also know he loves me for me. That I'm loud and obnoxious at times, and quiet at times. I love that he let's me be loud and think that I'm funny (but seriously, I really am funny!) I love that he worried about me through-out my whole surgery and even paced the O.R. doors...he's amazing. He is so great with the girls! He can calm them down and stop them from crying when I can't even go near them. He's my ying to my yang and I'm his ball to his stick (that was my lax analogie there).

Tonight, we are celebrating our anniversary at a nice restaurant with some friends. I know it will be a fun night out and I am so happy that one of my greatest friends will be watching the girls. Life is good. I have no complaints (except for a new house, but that's a given) will change and go new directions for us and we'll keep being us :-) The Flohr's. The crazy family of lots of princesses, love and laughs.


I was going to upload pictures from through-out the years to this blog, but after 5 years and 2 kids...I'm sure you can imagine what this scene must be like. Both of the girls are jumping/running on my bed, they are asking for Mike & Ikes (it is the day after Halloween) and we are also trying to get dressed for trick or treating downtown. In between all that, occasionally one will crawl up into the chair where I am typing, the other will see and soon after 3 people will be in one chair with 2 arms trying to type and 4 arms going all over the place. So, maybe I will come back and update pics from the past 5 years, but it certainly won't be today...we've got some serious anniversary plans :-) YIPPEEEE!!


Jac and Marcel said...

Happy Anniversary! Boy, you guys have done a lot in a short time! Congrats!

Marie said...

ooo this looks like a scrapbook page :)

happy anniversary!!!!!

The Hadley's said...

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your night out....y'all deserve it. Love and miss you both.

Lexie said...

Happy Anniversary...

Just don't get lost on the subway again.

Hope y'all have a wonderful night.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe how fast 5 years have went. We were married the week before you... And it's so crazy to think back to everything. Some days I feel like it's been a year and other days it feels like 50 years...
You have a beautiful family, and you should feel blessed.