Friday, November 21, 2008


Beginning to look a lot like Chrisstttmaassss....especially in downtown Chambersburg!
It's snowing right now, this very moment snowflakes are falling (on my head...I'm in song mode today!) and its going to be so pretty today!
And then.
Tomorrow when the parade starts (that's another one of my job events, the Christmas parade) it will be FA-REEZING, and the snow will look gross and muddy and everyone will be cold and wet...should be lovely.
BUT please...don't let that damper your holiday parade watching mode, because it should only heighten the whole parade experience!
I'm excited, but cold just thinking about it.
Isn't it pretty though :-)


Jac and Marcel said...

It sure is beautiful! Where does the time go? Can't believe it's that time of year already!

AmyB said...

Gorgeous. I am jealous. There are no white Christmases here, ever. But I guess it works out because by February I am ready to break out the sun and shorts! :)

brownblog said...

Okay, I shouldn't be jealous, the weather here is always "perfect", but I miss the snow so much! Enjoy it, even though it can get so messy and your cheeks will burn it's so cold sometimes! Think about all of us poor people in southern California who never see snow! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jenny said...

Looks beautiful! I wish it was cold here. We are still wearing shorts so it doesn't really feel like Christmas.