Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new rule...let's vote. ---------------------->

I'm gonna get sick. I can feel it. Swelling up in my throat and nostrils. It's lovely. You know what I'm talking about. Ugh.
And...I know exactly when it happened. Yesterday. When I was voting at the old folks home (no offense old folks), but it was kind of musty and gross. Damp if you will...stagnant air just sitting there, waiting for me to walk right into the germs.
Oh, and the lady behind me with the phone stuck on her ear (the "blue tooth") she had a "cough" if that's what you want to call the phlem rattle going on behind me. Nice.
I'm overdosing on vitamin C right now. Uck.

A new rule, shall we vote:

Men...hey, you! Listen...DO NOT WEAR SWEAT PANTS IN PUBLIC! Save that for at home, when you are relaxing on the couch watching the game. No one wants to see that. It should not be allowed. Believe me, Paul knows this rule...I tell him all the time. I don't mind sweats at home, I don't mind you running through the dunkin donuts drive through, but NEVER wear them out if you are actually getting out and walking in public. Gross.

This rule of mine started in college. A young guy who thought he was "hot stuff" wore sweat pants to class one day. He leaned over his desk and his rump jiggled. Last time I checked, young men should not have jiggly rumps. They should be firm and man like...that very moment started my hate towards men who wear sweat pants in public.

So, if you thought, " I'll just run out in my sweats", think just made some lady infront of you swallow her own vomit. Yuck. Don't do it. (I'm only bringing this up, because I saw a man voting with sweats on, and it was gross. And then the lady hacked behind me.)

The end.

I know you are thinking, well, maybe you are thinking, "Where are the pictures of the wee ones? We haven't gotten so see how adorable they were in their costumes...Please post a picture!"
I don't feel, just at this moment, sitting here for the hour it will take to upload all the pics, so I'll leave you with one :-) or 5!
Big wee one and her friend Little wee one as a witch who carried her hat around all nightHeading downtown to go trick or treating.Little wee one is getting to the age where she wants to wear what she picks out. During trick or treat downtown, she didn't want to wear her witches costume, she wanted to wear her jersey. I didn't have a choice in the matter, so she was a football player :-) Everyone loved it~Dorothy...stricking a pose.


Marie said...

awwwww she is adorable as a little football player!!

AmyB said...

So cute, no matter what costume they insist on! I was reminded of one particular Halloween we shared...3rd grade I believe...and it seems like we were both witches that year maybe. You called my house, long before dark, crying because your brothers had gone out HOURS ago, and were going to have MUCH more candy than you. When was I ever going to come over so we could go out?? :) I thought everyone might want to know about that one!

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Hi Tina!

I was cracking up over the sweatpant thing! OMG, that was really funny and I totally agree with you. Funny, because Jake & Dave NEVER wear sweatpants out in public. I never thought about it before. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Your girls' are so darn cute. I love that little wee one has her own mind! I will be updating my blog in a day or so. Jake made a great nerd and Rachel was a cute ladybug princess!

Hope you all are well.