Thursday, November 13, 2008


All of us are.

Big wee one has an ear infection, Little wee one has a sinus infection and her allergies are "running" (literally), Paul has an ear infection and I've had a soar throat/cold for a week now. Except now, I think it's turning into an ear infection as well. My ear drum hurts into my throat, so I'm assuming that's what it is. ugh. I'm tired of being sick.

Update: I headed to the doc today and I have an ear infection and some medical term for what appears to be "puss" in my throat! GA-ROSS! Started antibiotics, and got a warning from the phramacist that it could do a number on my intestines...lovely. Awesome. So not only will my ear hurt, my throat hurt, but so will my rear end! TMI I'm sure, I know...but by now you should "get" me...ha!

Everyone is on an antibiotic except for me, so hopefully this will all clear up soon, and our house will be sick free :-)

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week or two, and one from when Big wee one was a little wee one :-) It's getting cold out here, and this is a little warm and fuzzy shot of her :-) Plus, I haven't posted any pictures of her as a tiny little thing...enjoy and stay healthy!
Here is Little wee one sharing her breakfast with a friend.

Paul tried to take this picture of the girls...see how well that worked out...ha!Little wee one cheesing big time in a "yellow" bath...I have no clue why the bath water looks yellow, and no it's not what you think it is.Big wee one as a little wee one all snug and warm :-) Awww...memories!


Marie said...

feel better soon!!!!

AmyB said...

I have to tell you, I remember lots of random things from over the years! Hope you guys are feeling both ends!! :)