Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This & That

What do you do the day your best friend moves away, and this will be your last time to play together for awhile? You do this:
Put make-up on with markers :-) I found it pretty amusing, but only because I knew it was their last time to play together...otherwise, my almost 4 year old should "know" better.

Well, Cathy, Mr. Matt and the kids have officially moved. It hasn't really hit Big wee one yet, though she says she's sad, she'll really get it when she asks to go play. I didn't cry, and that's only because Big wee one's birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I know they will try and come back for that. If not we'll go visit them :-)

I've been scrapping a lot lately...I'm in the groove. Here are some of the latest pictures from my time spent scrapping. I should update with a Christmas in Review with pictures and all that fun stuff, but I think I'll do that later tonight. Have a great day! We are off to a Countdown to Noon party that a MOMs club Mom is having...should be fun!

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