Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Eyes Fixed Upon Us, God's Grace Behind Us"

Momentous! Wonderful! Tearful! Joyous!
No matter who you are, and who you voted for, you should be proud to be an American today!
You should stand tall and stand behind our new leader and the hope that he brings with him.
I know I do, and I am extatic that I got to witness history. I get to explain to my girls when they are older how I felt, where I was, where they were and how cute they sounded when they said, "Rack Obama" or "Grock Bama". A wonderful, wonderful day.
Where was I:
I was at work, and honestly, I didn't even realize that the whole ceremony was happening so early. I heard a fellow worker listening to his computer, so I decided to jump on CNN and I was able to live stream the whole event on my computer. Since we are in a new world, in a new time, I was able to chat with friends on Facebook while I watched...watching history change with my friends, seeing their comments, feeling their joy. There hasn't been a moment when I've sat down to talk or think or type about this defining moment in history that I haven't teared up...I'm doing so now. I'm such a girl!
While I watched, I was invited to my co-worker's office to watch with him and 2 others, while I was in there, his video stream froze up and he wasn't able to reconnect...guess everyone else in the world who wasn't in DC was also online, but lucky for me, I never closed out my CNN coverage, so we all went back to my computer and the only part that we missed was the VP's swearing in.
I took pictures with my cell phone. Yup, pictures of my computer screen to document the moment. A friend of mine was in DC, she had tickets for the big day in the "purple section"...I can't wait to hear about the atmosphere and the vibe that she felt while she was there.
Hotels here in C-burg were packed with folks who have came to take witness to this special day. During a meeting last night, we watched two buses full of folks pull in to the hotel adjoining our restaurant. We only live about an hour and a half from DC, so I'm sure that every hotel between here, there and beyond was filled to capacity.
I had a stronger stride in my step, and held my head up a little higher today while I walked around downtown today, talking to store owners and handing out IceFest flyers. Today was a wonderful day! I hope that you feel that hope as well!

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