Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have no milk in the house. Big wee one is begging for milk for her oreos and I don't have any to give her (no need to worry mother-in-law, Paul is getting milk on the way home). The reason why I don't have milk...I pulled a wifey moment last night, after having missed her husband all day just wanted him to get home and forgo the grocery store. Hence, we ran out of milk.

  2. It snowed today! The girls got to spend the day with the "boys" at the sitter, since the "boys" school got cancelled. (Boys: sitter's oldest son and his friend)

  3. We are supposed to get another 3-5 inches tonight...with ice. Lovely.

  4. IceFest 2009 is this weekend...starts Thursday. Be there, and dress warm (see above).

  5. Tonight, I am trying a new recipe that a friend gave me, sounds delish. Crepe Manicotti...YUM! Which reminds me, back in the fall I made a pumpkin soup and never posted the recipe. Sadly, I can't find the sticky that I wrote everything down on, but it was good.

  6. I'll be making more of these this week. It's my new "thang".
  7. I just called Paul to pick up 2 cans of crushed tomatos and he just happened to be standing right infront of them, or just walked by them or was thinking about them...whatever, we were semi on the same wave length :-)

  8. The girls are watching *shocker* Barbie and the Diamond Castle, and now I can't stop singing "we're gonna find it....some day soon". If you have a daughter who is at all into barbies, you are probably familiar with this...if not, you have no clue and you are a very lucky person!

  9. I need to post some of the LOs I did this weekend when I got to hang with my girlfriends. I believe I finished 10 LOs, which is pretty good for me. This digi thing just helps me whip 'em out :-) Thanks for a wonderful time Sherry and for making the delicious baked potato soup, and for letting me crash in Jake's room.

  10. It's prego time!! NO...not for me...for everyone else. A friend just had her 3rd last night, a little boy (after 2 girls). Another friend of mine finds out on Thursday if she is having a boy or a girl, and two moms in the MOMs club are now in their 2nd trimesters and doing good. Two more are about to pop at any second! I have the bug, I'm not going to lie, but I'm not going to do anything about it either (at this moment in time).

Here's a little video clip of Big wee one singing a little Barbie & the Diamond Castle for us, she's also been watching a lot of the news lately...can you tell??


Our Journey to Rachel said...

I think you have a "future" star on your hands! LOL! OMG, Barack Obama? That was too funny!

Glad you came and had a good time. I really did! I have yet to put the tables away. Since I'm home today due to weather, I think I'm going to scrap!

Love ya!

Lexie said...

That video was just too cute! Can't wait to see the LOs.

Talk to you later :)

Jaclyn and Marcel said...

I was out of milk during our snow day yesterday, too! What a bummer when I made everything for Shepherd's Pie and couldn't finish the mashed potatoes for it! We've enjoyed your recipes here in CT lately~love the cake balls and Mexican Stew!

Anonymous said...


We have the same barbie and Isabella rocks out to it each night!!! hahaha so I lovedd seeing this..

And I was LMAO about the Obama at the end!!!!!