Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photo shoot

A good friend of mine and I got together tonight to get some pregnancy pictures before the next little Meyers joins the crew. I took 195 amazing pictures...pretty easy with such gorgeous subjects :-) Thank you so much for asking me Annisa...I was completely flattered and I hope you like them (of course there are a LOT more), these are just some of my favorites :)
Yes, her eyes are that blue...crazy blue. Her daughters' eyes are crazy blue too...lucky ducks.

I really liked this looks awesome in black & white as well.
Doesn't she look fabulous!? Pretty awesome for thinking she was going into labor at Wal-Mart this
Her sweet little girls...
This little stinker is too freaking cute!
Couldn't you eat her up?? She's cute in black & white too.

Miss Thang here rivals Big wee one on true princess-esque
She's also got some stunning blues...almost clear blue.
Thanks again Annisa and I promise to bring your bassinett over and burn these on a CD for ya :)
You Rock!


Marie said...

awesome shots! where were you? love the scenery!

PrincessFlufferbutt said...

Great photography, great subject!

Annisa said...

I'm loving the pics! Can't wait to see more. Thanks again SO much for doing this!

The Wise Family said...

Wow!! Great pics! I had no idea Annisa was preggers! Congrats to you, lady!