Monday, May 11, 2009

Chill-laxin Mother's Day

So Mother's Day came and went...I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. This was the first weekend in a LONG time that I didn't feel bad for not doing AN-E-THING, and not having to hear about it...yes, sometimes our relationship is a little backwards. I clean and keep a decent house, but Paul is more of a "do it now, get it done" kind of guy and I am a "I just want to sit for one second after cleaning up pee for the 5th time in the last hour" kind of person :) But we work.
Two weekends ago we had our MOMs club brunch for Mother's day and it was a ton of fun. Always is; and I'm sure it always will be. I found out my secret sister was one of my besties and I was the second to the last person to go so I was totally stumped. I had no clue it was her and because I got up to go to the bathroom I missed the name of the person who went before me (we do a little guessing game to see if we can guess who our secret sister is), who happened to be the person I thought had me. Anyway, long story short, I was totally shocked and absolutey thrilled and very happy...she gave me a ton of great gifts, including skunk beer from 2007. Awesome!
Here's the group of ladies, not all of us, but a good group of us.
Ok, much better, but I still can't get that blue to go away...
So, remember awhile back I took the girls to get their pictures taken?? Here's a sneak peek at Little wee one...she wouldn't smile at all. The photographer came up to me while picking out pictures and specifically pointed this one out, "Look how sweet she is! She's kissing the bear."
I say to Little wee one (who's sitting on my lap), "Are you kissing that teddy bear?"
LWO: "Nooooooo...I cry'in"
I'm not really crazy about the softening/blur of the picture, but it's still kind of sweet. So, I only bought this one picture proof... I had to post this next random picture because it makes me laugh out loud...a lot. Every time I see it it makes me giggle. She looks hilarious!
On Mother's Day, I came outside and found the girls coloring over and over in the same place with chalk and then rubbing their hands over it, covering their hands and other body parts in chalk. Here is the, "Hey girls...look at Mommy" picture. No kidding, Big wee one really did make this face, like she got caught.And then the, "Stand up and show me your hands!" picture.
I finish this randomness with pictures that BWO had drawn. She's such a creative little gal and I love looking at her pictures, they make me smile. The one below is BWO as a girl scout, and then LWO and their baby brother (SORRY! No news to share, just a little girl with big dreams) ;-) Next comes a duck.
We finish as BWO as a girl scout (all of her pictures lately, the girl that has long hair always has it to one a side ponytail, which seems to be the "in" thing, which I've noticed among teenage girls at lax games. I'm guessing she noticed as well). Back to picture, girl scout who plays the drums, sleeps in a tent and also plays the xyliphone (I'm sure that's spelled wrong).Life is slowing down in the Flohr house which makes me soooo happy. We've been spending all of our afternoons (that include sun) outside basking in the little warmth that we've had. I hope you all are enjoying nice spring like temps as well (or whatever season you are in) :)

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AmyB said...

i love the pic of baby boy wee one. give a boy a try, they are actually very sweet :) by the way, you hsve no idea how often i refer to mine as "little wee one" now, at least in my head!