Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School's Out!

The girls finished their school year last Wednesday (May 20th). They both had a wonderful year and made a lot of new friends!

Here they are in the fall:

Don't they look completely amused...Little wee one is up to her same 'ol avoid the camera actions and Big wee one must have found a flower or leaf.

Here they are last week:

Some things changed...some did not. I thought this picture was funny, they are both facing the same way from the above picture. Big wee one is smiling, but obviously distracted and Little wee one is doing what she does best! Avoiding.the.camera.

At least Big wee one is smiling and looking at me in this picture.

Highlights from the past school year:

  • Big wee one could write her name at the beginning of the year, but she can now write lots of names (Mommy, Daddy, Paul, Little wee one's name & Mimi)

  • She can also write sentences, such as I love you (her favorite)

  • Big wee one knows the date of her birthday (and asks everyday if it's getting closer), the days of the week and her address

  • She still wants to be a ballerina and doesn't really like boys (there are a few that she will play with, but generally doesn't want them to look at her)

  • LOVES to color and do crafts

  • Big wee one STILL does this when I drop her off!

Little wee one's highlights include:

  • going from scribbling one corner of a page in one color to coloring the whole page with mulitple colors and kind of staying in the lines
  • TALKING! Lots of it! Big complete sentences
  • Potty trained! (YEAAAAHHHHH!!) but we are still working on #2, which can be difficult for wee one's to get the hang of
  • knowing the names of her classmates and asking about them
  • picking out her own clothes and shoes and insisting on wearing them
  • becoming extremely independent and wanting to do everything by herself
  • she also does this when I try to take her picture...GET AWAY!

Next year, the girls will go to a new pre-school with wonderful new teachers and programs. As much as I love Moms Day Out, Big wee one would be going through the same pre-school program and she needs a little more (so to speak) before Kindergarten. Since it will be easy to take them to the same school in the morning and because I have such wonderful friends that have offered to help with pick-up and drop off, Little wee one will go to the same school as Big wee one. I am excited to see what the next school year will bring for both of the girls and am pretty sad that it will be Big wee one's last year of pre-school before entering "real" school...until then, we are going to enjoy every bit of summer!

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