Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is good

Paul's been out of town all week and we've been staying strong.

I threatened Big wee one with all of her toys if she even thought she was going to be sassy with me and she honestly was the most delightful little girl EVER! What a nice change of pace from the weekend we had. Phewwwww....
a friend gave her a makeup kit at a birthday party...hence the beautiful shade of red lips!
Little wee one was also delightful. She is going through a tad of what some may refer to as the "terrible two's". But believe when I say ain't nothin'! Her version of the TT's ('s...hehehe, sorry, made me chuckle), is absolutely nothing compared to her big sister. She is pretty stinking funny though! Here's a recent converstaion that went on between Little wee one, myself and her tee-tee...

LWO: Mommy, I have to go poopie. I go poopy on the potty right now. I have to go. I go.

Mommy: Ok, LWO! Go, can do it! Do you need help?

LWO: No Mommy I no need help, I go right now (oh, how I wish everyone could here what she sounds like, with her deep voice and her emphasis on certain
Sounds of LWO rushing to the bathroom and going tee-tee, and then:

LWO: (very angry tone) NO TEE-TEE I need to go poopy. NO, YOU STOP. TEE-TEE NO! (now kind of sad) I need to go poopy, that not nice tee-tee.
If you could only imagine how freaking funny that was listening in! I was cracking up and she was serious!

Hope you got a little chuckle, because I'm still laughing about that!

I've been able to get a little scrapping's some of what I've completed. I'm happy to report that I'm about a month and a half away (picture wise) from being done with 2007!! YEAAAHHH! *taking bow, thanking all the little people, waving like a beauty queen**

sorry if I've already posted some of these...I couldn't remember (without looking back) to see what i had posted and what i haven't :)


LuAnn said...

beautiful layouts! and I loved reading about your wee ones! LOL I remember my dd saying "I no need...." LOL

Tracy Kosofsky said...

AHA!! The secret is to threaten with ALL the toys!!!! I'm going to have to try that.

Gorgeous layouts!

AmyB said...

That is too stinkin funny! the things you never think a little tee-tee getting in the way of your poopy! cute story and beautiful pages.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Love that! I too am still laughing! Those are the best memories! Thank you for sharing! I love all the layouts!
Always, Amber (Lester) Seymore :)

Sharyn said...

Wow - nearly finished 2007, wish I could get that caught up! Lovely layouts too by the way. Yes that is pretty funny!