Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Update

Phewwww...May flew by for the Flohr's...literally! It was April and now it's JUNE! What tha...

So here's a little of what we did throughout the month of May, hopefully I remember the big things :)

Mr. Chris & Ms. Tara both had birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDS!

My dad has his store front for the winery and has been working away inside. It's a slow process, but soon enough there will be a new winery downtown...Tuscarora Mt. Winery and we are all thrilled about it! He's had a couple of tastings and people are raving about his wine! Even people I don't know, through casual conversation on the streets (part of my job, chit-chatting with the locals) have raved about it. Makes me proud :) Little wee one smiled on demand! Big milestone...though she still doesn't do it all the time. She looks kind of like a bug in this picture...a face only a mother could love.The lacrosse banquet was this May. Paul did his best not to get too emotional and Little wee one did her best to let the WHOLE banquet know that she had to, "Go PEE on.the.potty." (You have to know her voice and the way she talks to understand how that went)...we're always good for a laugh!Paul is really going to miss these two All-Americans! Congrats guys & best of luck!! (One is going to Elizabethtown to play lax, the other will be going to Wes Pointe, pre-med. Really nice guys!)It is finally (and I mean F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.) warm enough for the girls to play outside when we get home in the afternoon. These two goombas LOVE to run around outside and play with Mr. Dapper (our next door neighbor...he's 6 and likes to dress very dapper).Oh lookie here, Big wee one is teaching Littl wee one how to do a cartwheel.We enjoyed a morning at the farmers' market, eat jerk chicken, chocolate chip muffins and face painting. Our seedlings that we planted...have finally found a home!! Paul and I built the box and I did all the rearranging of the gravel and dirt...all the while working on my tan ;-)Don't they look so nice and cozy. Our lettuce is really growing nicely and I think that will be our first harvest...soooo exciting! The girls love to check the plants every morning, and water them every day. Big wee one likes to say that she's a "science girl".Since it has been warmer outside we've been able to do a little swimming in the 'ol inflatable pool. Big wee one and Mr. Dapper had a blast pushing each other into the freezing cold water. It was nice entertainment for a whole weekend, and now I think we need to get a new one...those pools just don't last. Heck, what am saying, it's a plast inflatable pool! Mr. Dapper's dad set up his tent...loads of FUN! There are some crazy cats in that tent!We did a little BBQ'ing with some friends. And since it has been so warm, we literally are outside from the time we wake up (we've been eating breakfast outside) to the time we go to bed (we've also been eating dinner outside...soooo nice). The girls love to pull the chairs out and play school bus, it's so sweet.Uncle Eric celebrated his birthday! Big wee one gets a little iffy and emotional when someone else has a birthday. It's still hard for her to grasp that everyone has their own special day, and they deserve to be treated nicely. She hates to sing and do all the birthday celebration...but she did great with Uncle Eric's birthday, of course he had to let her help :-)Oh my goodness, is everyone really looking at the camera? There is nothing like ice cream after a long hot day. We love to get this special treat from a local hotspot on occassion...nice and refreshing. If you promise not to tell, Paul and I love to get special treats here once a week or so after the girls have hit the sack....hehe. Just because I thought it was cute.
Alrighty, so we should be caught up with what I've missed with May...don't forget the other posts I did...we did have the dance recital and some other odds and ends, but this about sums it up :) Now...on to June.

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