Sunday, October 25, 2009

We ran into...

After being stuck in the house for 4 days and needing a little sunshine and happiness in our day, I took the girls out for a little photo shoot and we ran into these folks :) ha...not really, we planned it. I told them they needed their pictures taken and to meet me, and they did :)
Meet my parents...otherwise known as Mimi & G-Pa.

I think they did AWESOME!! These are just a sample of the pictures I got of them you know how long its been since they've had pictures taken together?? Me neither! That's a long time.
I love you Mom & Dad, thanks for being the BEST and for Sunday night dinners! :) hehe!
Next up...some really cute girls, and they aren't mine ;-)


mama hall said...

your 'rents are such a cute couple! they look very happy and fun. great pics, lady! xoxo

Marie said...

this is awesome. AWESOME! i have been trying to get my parents to do this forever!!

Annisa said...

Fantastic pics!!! They look so happy! I think that is becoming you're fav photo shoot locale, huh? :)

Lexie said...

Awesome! Those are execellent! I think I'll send my parents up there. Makes me think of all the fond memories I have at the Hadley house back in the day :)

Anonymous said...

Beth's hubby Bob here- you guys look like you're doing wonderful. Those little girls are darlings (kinda reminds me of my granddaughter Alyssa).

Tell your folks Bob sez Howdy from Muskogee, OK USA (I'm the evening/night lab supervisor at the local hospital here). Kyle is out of school now, James is a senior at Sherman High. Once he graduates, Beth will move up to Muskogee to join me here.

Your photos are awesome!