Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

To my sweet little 3 year old.
At 3 you are hysterical!! Some of my favorite things that you do at 3 years and almost 2 months:
  • You chose your own Halloween costume, because it was so soft. You have worn it every day since the big day you picked it out with Mimi.
  • You run your hands (wildly) through your hair and ask me, "Am I gorgeous Mommy? Am I?"
  • You go from playing babies to playing lions and blocks in seconds.
  • You like to "sneak" medicine (vitamin C drops)
  • You love to pick out your own movie, clothes, spoons, shoes...heck EVERYTHING!
  • You call your sister by an even shorter version of her shortened! and you sound so cool and "old" when you do it.
  • You reason with me: "Just one more (holding up a tiny little one). Please Mommy, just one more?" "Five minutes. I'll be ready for bed in 5 more minutes."
  • When you count in the 30s, 40s or 50s....sounds so cute!
  • Your dancing skills (ha! you take after your daddy, sorry, and singing, "I like to move it. I like to move it!"
  • Your love for tomatoes! Any kind, any time of day.

You fill all of our lives with so much happiness. Your sister loves you, and we love you too. Thank you for the hugs and kisses and the funny little moments you give each of us everyday. Happy Belated 3rd Birthday bug!! XOXO


Jules said...

Love the cute!

Anonymous said...

That is my little girl..."I want somethen" She is growing up quick, it makes daddy sad and happy at the sametime. Love you sweetheart, Daddy

Lexie said...

The Brinks had so much fun with this little one right before her birthday :) My all time favorite was..."I'm going to miss them". Just darling!

Jennifer said...

She is so cute! Sounds like a little sweetheart :)

AmyB said...

Sweet, funny girl! Can't wait to meet her, since we'll be neighbors soon and all :)

Tazewell24 said...
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