Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keeping Busy

What a slacker! Seriously...

So, we've been uber busy in our house, getting ready for holidays, working tons, helping with the winery, enjoying the last of the nice in general.

Lots of exciting things are happening including: the wine shop's GRAND OPENING!! After months and months of restoring the building and dealing with government and state and borough codes, I am excited to share that tomorrow we will have our official ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:30 pm. Mind you, when I say "we" its in support for my dad and mom. If you are reading this and can attend, then I'll be happy to see you there!

On the flip side, my photography has taken off and I am over the moon! I love being able to capture moments between family members and smiles of kids and the love you can catch. I feel very blessed that these families invite me into their lives to capture these moments, they trust me to treasure their moments. *sigh* I have found my love...thank you to everyone who has called me and made me so busy...I couldn't be happier with the road that I am turning on! Check out some of my newest shots here :)

Have a fantabulous weekend and enjoy prepping for the holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Tina, Just want to say Thank You from Dad and I for all the hard work you have done for the Grand Opening and the Winery in general. I know you have a very busy schedule and to take time for your family is really appreciated. We love you. Mom and Dad