Monday, November 9, 2009

Love them.

I do. A lot. Even when they whine and drive me crazy and say things like, "You don't like me anymore." I even (kind of) like it when they run into my room first thing in the morning (I'm talking 5:30 am or so) and Big wee one will give me her brown bear and Little wee one will give me a baby and they let me sleep with their lovies. Just because they love me.
Lately, they have been the best of friends. Playing together so well and entertaining one another. We will over hear BWO saying to LWO, "LWO you love your (insert her nickname for the other here)", and LWO will say, "Yup, I do."
So do I.
And of course so does Daddy.
I love this age! I love that they can do things for themselves, but still run to me for a big hug! I love that BWO can be mad at me one second and two seconds later tell me that I'm the best Mommy EVER. DUH! hehe!
I love this picture of the absolute favorite of them. Thanks for letting me take this picture girls, because later this afternoon (little did we know), LWO will fall on the driveway and scrape up the side of her face. Her poor sweet, teeny, tiny face, now looks like she went into the ring with Mike Tyson (ok, maybe not that bad, but not all that great either!)...there goes our family pictures for Saturday *sigh*

Some highlights from recently:
  • LWO had her yearly check up today and she did not do the eye test or pee in a cup, but she did let the nurse take her blood pressure :)
  • LWO weighs a whopping 28 lbs :)
  • BWO's teacher at school told her she was very artistic and then asked her if she knew that that meant, when she said, "no" the teacher said you are an artist, and BWO said, "I know what that is, my Mommy is an artist" *blush* have I mentioned that I love these kids??
  • BWO wants to have a lemonade stand in the WORST way, we will definitely have to do that in the spring/summer.
  • Both girls have been picking out Christmas gifts every Sunday when Daddy pulls out the toy inserts from the paper...looks like BWO is still going for barbies and such and LWO is still into babies.

If you want to see even sweeter pictures of these two, go little girls are growing up and getting prettier by the second! Daddy is going to have serious issues when they get older!


Marie said...

look at that! both of them looking at the camera! whoo hoo! :)

Jennifer said...

Love that picture! Your girls are gorgeous!!!! And I can't believe LWO only weighs 28 lbs...Asher weighs 30 already! LOL! I guess boys are just bigger then girls ;)

Anonymous said...

Those girls are super cute, but again being the dad that is super easy to say. I love you girls, Daddy