Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet...

What a busy Halloween weekend! The weather held out for Trick or Treat on Main St, so we were able to go downtown and enjoy our morning/afternoon. As soon as I was done announcing winners for the costume contest, and everyone went their way, rain drops started falling. We made it back home for naps and a late lunch and dinner, then we headed back out for trick or treating in our neighborhood.
Oh goodness...this costume made me laugh everytime I looked at it!
Little Duck and Pumpkin Princess
The girls were pretty lucky that they ran into Batman to protect us and to remind Big wee one to hold on while walking down steps (she fell at one house, the bricks on the man's steps just crumbled under her feet! Do you know that he didn't even ask if she was ok?! Crazy right! Rude man...).
Once the girls started to get tired, we invited Batman over to trade his peanut candy for peanut free candy (allergies and all). He ended up with some good loot and the girls ended up with a lot of delicious chocolate!

We brushed our teeth and hit the sack. Paul remembered to change the clocks back, but that didn't stop the girls from coming in our room around 5 am. Oiy! Don't they know that they can sleep past 5:00 am?? Hopefully that doesn't last.

I had 3 photoshoots on Sunday, so be sure to check out T Flo's Photography blog. I'm hitting the sack, I'm adjusting to the time change, even though we gained an hour, I certainly don't feel like I've gained anything!

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