Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dance Party 2010

I cranked up the tv on channel 5,462 (90's hit channel) and the wee ones decided that pizza was boring and dancing was the THANG! I agree...who needs to eat when you can dance?!! And honestly, I love it. As a Mom who LOVES to dance, I mean LOVES to dance, it delights me to no end to see these two shaking their groove thang!!
Little wee one was mostly just spinning and jumping, but she was letting the energy go. Feeling the vibe. Letting loose. Look how happy she is!
I didn't even know Big wee one could do the sprinkler!! She just busted it out and of course I had to jump in and join her!
High kicks. Anyone that knows me, knows that I dance. I will dance on demand. I'll dance when no one is looking...I dance for everyone's entertainment and for my own. I've been to the emergency because of my suppa star dance just makes me so happy to see them dancing :) I love it!
I have a video and I would love to share it with you, but I can't figure out how to upload the video from my flip...I think I need to download the program first...wait, Paul's flip :) hehe!
Peace my peeps!


Anonymous said...

To my girls, Daddy is coming to dance the weekend away. Love you guys and miss you a ton. Very good moves girls...Miss you, Daddy

lexie said...

Nice to see the pics after I heard about it on the phone. They are still cute as ever...maybe the bean and I can come to the next dance party :)