Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Those Eyes...

This kid...let me tell you, this kid is something special. She's sensitive and loving, she looks up to her big sister like she hung the moon and she loves her Mommy and Daddy. Everyone loves this kid, she just has this silly, lovely personality...a little bit of spunk with a whole lotta cute. It's the eyes...they just melt ya.
She's also are kid that doesn't get a break. Well, I mean, she does, but there always seems to be "something"...when she was born it was an emergency induction because her heartrate was way low, then she had the cord wrapped around her neck and the nurses had to do their special nurse thing to make her pink (thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for your awesome nurse skills!), and then we had to take her to Hershey at just a wee 6 days old to have her foot checked out...it was twisted sideways, and the dr's wanted to make sure she didn't have club foot.
Now...now she'll start speech therapy once a month for a year for moderate speech fluency (she stutters). We spent 2.5 hours being evaluated yesterday, and came out with this diagnosis. She went through a couple of different hearing tests where she was below normal on one and just below average on another (the third one she did great on). The lady doing the testing said the abnormal reading on the first test could be the makings of an ear infection...see where I'm going, this kid just can't get a break...hehe :)
She did impress the ladies evaluating her with her witty comments and sunny attitude :) She's a lover ;-) She also scored above average on many other aspects of the evaluation, in the 4 year old bracket on some of them.
I do love this kid, so much...so, so MUCH! Thanks for being our special silly girl who likes to keep us on our toes!! xoxo


Marie said...

Oh she is just beautiful :)

I failed a bunch of hearing tests when I was little-don't know if I was stubborn, or really couldn't hear, but at least my mom made sure I didn't sit in the back where my Willis bum belonged.

Ramey and Stephanie said...

She is a cutie girl! :) You are a very blessed momma to have such gorgeous girls. Just watch out for those pesky boys someday..(like my 3)
Reece went through a lot of ear problems too and still has trouble with saying "r". No one has said anything about speech, but I feel like it would benefit him.

Martina's Moments said...

She's a doll! These little ones who have so many challenges usually turn out to be able to handle whatever life offers so well. She is probably a strong little girl who will be an amazing woman!

mama hall said...

we love you TillyPie!

Tazewell24 said...

Little wee one is a sharp little girl. She wants to know "how" and big wee one wants to know "why". Between the two , they have all bases covered. Love you both...grandma!