Sunday, March 7, 2010


My mom and I hit the road on this BEAUTIFUL Saturday to go to my cousin's bridal shower. We haven't had that much time alone together in a long time and we had a LOT of laughs!! Especially when she almost drove us right into that heart was BEATING out of my chest, I'm glad she found it so amusing ;-)Here is my beautiful cousin and her future husband...great couple! They are getting married in the US Virgin Islands :) I'm super excited for the big day!This is a pretty rare occurence, a picture with my grandmother :) And here is my beautiful mother! My best friend and amazing Mimi! Thanks for the great day Mom!Meloni and I have been pretty close for a long time! We are only a couple of weeks apart in age, and being that I am the older, more mature cousin, I was sure to fill her in on all of my wedding wisdom...ha.ha. We've shared SO.MANY.LAUGHS and I was beyone thrilled when she asked me to photograph her I said, "YES!" hehe!This is Hadley, she's a trip...a total teenager in every aspect. Remember those days? This is my Grandpa. The glue of the family. He's a handsome man isn't he?? :)
What a gorgeous day for traveling...after all of the snow we've had it was nice to see the sun. Thanks for a great day Mom, and the rest of my family :)


Marie said...

I was in Pittsburgh this weekend too! Too bad I didn't see you out ;)

Mary Beth said...

Great family photos. So glad you are close to your family...a true gift!