Thursday, April 8, 2010

Itchy, sneezy, sniffly, watery, red eyes.

This girl is struggling :( Poor thing...born with allergies that attack her big giant blue eyes.
She gets the worst sneezes and coughing from the drainage, and there isn't much we can do besides keep her filled with claritin. In a couple of weeks, it will pass and she'll be so much happier! But just so you know, this is what our house has been like the last week or so :( BOOOOO!
Here she is in May of '08...very unhappy toddler, boy oh boy is she cute though! WOW...she was a freaking adorable little munchkin (and yes I am biased) :)
Hope your allergies are making you suffer!
Till the sniffles and sneezes stop!
~T. Flo


Debra Heschl's Photography said...

omg, poor baby..that is so sad! Thank God, my girls don't have issues like that...I hope she recovers quickly:(

Nikki said...

Ava just came by as I was reading this and caught a glimps of the "baby Tillee" pic and said..."awwwwwwww....Tillee crying" in a sad little pathetic voice. Sweet Tillee, we hope you are feeling better and come play real soonn!