Sunday, April 18, 2010


the ball and LIKED it!! This past week, Big wee one had her first soccer game and practice. We were lucky to even get the game in, since there were storms before the game, while we waited in the car and then it started back up again right after the game. I was praying that the weather would clear out for the 20 minutes of game time that we needed, especially since the game had already been cancelled once for bad weather.
Big wee one was definitely timid for the first 5 minutes or so. She's not one of those kids that can just walk up and be fine, she needs to be guided a bit. I walked her up to her coaches (she was crying) and introduced her and said she needed a few minutes to adjust and then...she was fine! (phewwww!!)
In the picture below, she was excitedly telling her coaches what she wanted to name the team. They all got to help pick the team name, and we had talked about it at dinner earlier in the week. Being as girly as she is, and knowing that she is the only girl on the team (of 5 players total), I started throwing boyish team names at her and she really liked the name, "T-Rex's" they are the Purple T-Rex's.

They play 6 minute quarters, 3 players at a time for each team and she got to be one of the first to play. *Insert nervous, anxious, excited Mommy here* Praying that she doesn't run off crying, or that she just stands there (which she did until we yelled RUN and then she did), or that she gets hurt and ruins her idea of a good time.

Luckily, after the initial stand there with a "What's everyone doing?" look on her face she went for it! *Instert beaming "that's my girl" Mommy here* I couldn't believe how well she did! She's never played an organize sport before, and had never practiced with her team, but she did awesome! She actually kicked the ball and blocked and ran after it and put herself out there!

This is the stance that Little wee one took while watching her big sister!

She had two assists and only one bump in the nose that she fought off the tears for. I did my best to avoid eye contact at that time, if she saw me she'd cry (you mom's know how that goes!)...her coach asked her if she was ok, and she just rubbed her nose and said yes. (another phewwww!!)

Super star Big wee one ended up with 2 assists and some great plays! Paul and I were sooooo proud of her and just beamed. We took the girls for pizza at a yummy local joint after the game to celebrate! She's excited to play again, and I'm excited that she loves it so much!


Tazewell24 said...

Great job Big Wee One! You will get even better as time goes on. Girls can keep right up with the boys and even pass them up. We love you and Little Wee One too....Grandma and Grand-dad

Nikki said...

You're a soccer supa-star...can't wait to watch the Purple T-Rex's play! Vey cool name. So happy for the proud parents too!

Jules said...

awesome Rid! Go for it!!!