Monday, June 14, 2010

My babies.

Are growing up and I need to deal with it. I can't though. Makes my eyes swell up with tears every time I think about Big wee one going to kindergarten and Little wee one just getting bigger.
I've never felt love the way I do when I look at this face. So beautiful and funny and goofy, and moody and angry and fiesty and happy...everything that I am and then some! A mix of two people who love her more than words can describe.And then we threw in this one. Sweet and gentle, a loner and a silly girl. Not anything like her big sister...a country baby born in the heat of summer who loves a hug and her baby dolls. Who has fought a lot from the time she was born with her funky foot to her ridiculous allergies and asthma now. Both equally make me angry and in love in the same sweep of a second.
Both are super funny and super emotional. One gets angry and stomps her feet, the other gets sad and slumps her shoulders over. But they have to grow up? Do they have to be ok with writing their name and reading books? Coloring pages and drawing pictures? Catching bugs and growing flowers?
I can't take it. My babies, my sweet little angel faces. Now one has purple "highlights" and talks about going to school We go over her schedule countless times a day, with what we will be doing and who we will see...if we will go to a store or have a "stay home day". The other just goes with the flow, no real need for a schedule, just happy to keep on keeping on.

One loves ketchup, the other mustard. One LOVES every fruit or vegetable you put in front of her the other is a "meat-atarian".
Both are super excited about summer and want to go camping, watch fireworks, eat hotdogs and play in our neighbor's pool. Both love to play with our family friends and watch tv when they first wake up in the morning. Both love to be outside and wait for Daddy to open the garage door to pool out various riding toys...though only one rides, the other just carries her "super high bouncy ball" around.
When I get home, I'm going to hug these wee ones...tight! See, I'm heading to the US Virgin Islands for a trip by myself. Celebrating love and photographing my first wedding, but thinking about them and my man the whole time! Go hug your wee ones!


Sarah said...

What an amazing opportunity! Have ]fun shooting the wedding.
Your girls are so precious and so photogenic!

AmyB said...

what beauties! what's up with LWO's foot??

lex said...

pic #3 looks exactly like you...exactly.

mama hall said...

they grow up too fast. what i can't believe is how much BWO looks like YOU all of a sudden! wow- it's incredible!

you are such a talented photographer and your babies are just beautiful. striking.

have fun with your camera on the islands! xoxo

BoJo said...

Hope you are having a great time in the sun, sand and surf, despite the fashion statement of 'toe-boot'.

This was an amazing post and such beautiful pictures - I love the purple highlights and can feel my heart swell when I read about your girls.

You are truly blessed!!

Tazewell24 said...

They are both so good about eating and just being kids. Both are quite equal (just in different areas). Adorable smiles. Love them so much and enjoyed their stay and our shopping for clothes experience was just neat for us. Can't wait to do that again!