Thursday, August 19, 2010


Soon, our lives will be filled with lunch boxes and pack backs. School uniforms and gym day. Music and Daisy troop. Soon, I'll be driving my Big wee one to school and walking from my office to pick her up. I'm sure we'll do cool things, like grab a cool drink at her favorite coffee shop and have a cupcake. We'll celebrate her cool new life as a Kindergartener. We'll talk about all the crazy things that kids talk about at 5, but we'll keep it in check and talk about Santa as well.

Soon, our days will be filled with running from one activity to another, to running home for dinner and a bath. Soon, we'll start the adventure of tons of birthday parties and possibly sleep-overs (sooooo not ready for that! well, I'm not at least).
Soon, her chore chart will be filled up and she'll be helping her little sister adjust to everyday preschool. Soon, her sister will miss her and wonder why she can't play with her every.single.moment of her free time.
Soon, this mommy will cry (like I'm not already right!?!) and wonder, "Where the heck did time go?" I remember, so vividly, being pregnant with her and riding the elevator up to our apartment in our first home, thinking I was in labor. I remember holding her and sleeping with her. I remember her first steps and the first time she drew a picture (it looked just like Shrek).
Soon, all of these BIG changes will happen.
But for now, I have 10 more days of my 5 year old being just a 5 year old enjoying the last days of summer.


The Heschl Clan said...

time sure does fly fast....tell her to have a fun filled year, she will love kindergarten!! my two are going into 3rd grade..eeekkk!!! It seems like they were just in kindergarten last year!!

Melanie Newsom said...

You're making me cry! Why must they grow up?

Sarah said...

Geez Woman! Stop making me teary-eyed! I still think that way even though Hannah's in 5th grade and Mally in 4th. I'm still not ready for them to go each year.

Marie said...

sniff sniff.

but she does look adorable :)

Tazewell24 said...

Big Wee One has really matured alot. She is so ready for school and shared so many things on this visit. Little Wee One has also grown alot and the two of them just beamed the entire time they visited. They liked the new clothes they got and both were like angles at the Lions club! We so much miss them already and we know that they both will have a great school year! Love those grand-daughters and anxious to see them both again.

AmyB said...

Oh...some of those pics are very Tina-esque and not because you took them. :) Beautiful and exciting!

lexie said...

Such a fun time :) She looks adorable...I love uniforms! She will do great.

hugs to all.

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Geez Woman! Stop making me teary-eyed! I still think that way even though Hannah's in 5th grade and Mally in 4th. I'm still


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