Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Its that time of year stressed we all get to celebrate this one day each year. That's ok though, because this year, is THE year! The one when it all clicks for the older wee one. She sat on Santa's knee and told him exactly what she wanted (a sparkly dress, incase you were wondering), and before bed this evening we sat down and wrote Santa a letter and set out cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer...all while her new princess barbies from her Aunt Jessica and Uncle Nick looked on.

The younger wee one is getting into the present spirit as well, tearing apart paper and carrying her gifts around...she sat and played with the glittery wrapping paper for a while this evening. Give her a baby and she's set!

Christmas morning will be our first time celebrating Christmas at home with the girls and not having to load up the car for hours worth of travel...let me just say that we are thrilled! We plan on opening some gifts, eating some pancakes, opening more gifts...lounging in our fat will be nice! We celebrated Christmas Eve, this evening at Mimi & G-pa's house with Uncle Jay and Eric, and tomorrow evening we'll head back over for dinner. A nice stress-free, relaxing, without snow kind of Christmas day :-)

From the Flohr's to all of you, we wish you a SAFE, HEALTHY and WONDERFULLY HAPPY Holiday Season!! We are extremely blessed to be where we are today and thank all of you for you kind words of encouragement and love. God Bless!

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