Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Little Update

This isn't much of an update, but Dr. Rugg did call me this morning to answer some questions...unfortunately, I didn't have my list of questions in front of me, since I'm at work.
Paul and I basically wanted to know more about the trach tube, the "ins and outs" to it. Dr. Rugg can't really tell us what the percentage is that I'll have to have one put in, but did say that I will have some say in it. I'll have a breathing tube after my procedure, which so far is slated for January 17th (unofficially...still need to email Dr. Kalap with that), and depending on how long the swelling continues and how bad it is, will determine if I want to stay in the ICU with a breathing tube, or go home with a trach tube. At this point, if it means I can leave a day or two after the procedure then trach me up...if I have to stay for a week or so...I just don't think I can handle that...nor can the wee ones. Decisions, decisions...
I should be able to eat normally, after the swelling goes down. The area where my AVM is located is under the base of my tongue which controls swallowing, pretty important stuff, one reason why "they" want to get this done sooner then later. Talking (with the trach) is another story, I guess I'll have to put my fingers over the hole so that the air that provides my voice, voice won't fly out my throat...CRAZY!
I did ask if he knew whether or not Dr. Kalap will be doing the procedure or if an intern will do it...since we didn't have such great luck with the intern doing the biopsy, I'm a little iffy on just letting anyone shoot particals (metal coils, or plastic...have to find out which one they'll shoot me with) through my veins. Dr. Rugg complimented me on how I handled the situation with all of that...he's just glad we didn't sue since he ordered the procedure. Why sue?? I'm fine...that's just not my style.
On another side note, I totally recommend Dr. Rugg and his team for any ENT procedures you need done...if you live in PA or the surrounding area, Hershey really is a great place to get treatment. My dr's have an incredible bedside many dr's do you know give you and your husband his cell phone number??
So that's our update for today....have a good day!!

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Anonymous said...

I am worried about this as I know you are. Why a trach? Being in the medical field that is a MAJOR MAJOR thing that is never expected. Maybe a vent after surgery but a trach is not planned and is not good! Let me know more please!!