Wednesday, January 9, 2008


After getting everything settled for surgery, who do you think called me as I was walking into work this morning???
That's right, the dr's nurse! Now we are playing the run-around with dates...Can't do it one weekend because I have a work event, can't do it the next because Paul's out of town, I don't want to do another weekend because its Valentine's day, and then lacrosse season starts. Not only was I starting to get a little nervous, but I was ready with work and life in general, just to get this over with...along with anything that came with it. Now I have to worry about getting it all figured out.
Apparently, one of my dr's that will be keeping watchful eye on me is going out of town, and he wants to make sure he'll be in town during my stay in the hospital. I know they have lives, but man so do I!
I'm frustrated, and I feel like I could cry. But I'm not...what's the use?
More later......

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