Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All Systems are a Go...

Surgery is set for the 17th at 11:30 am. I'm getting a tiny bit nervous. I'll be discharged into the ICU for atleast a night and then I was told I would be in the hospital till Saturday. Tuesday, the 15th I head back to Hershey for a 2 hour pre-op appointment...checking everything out to before hand. I still don't know anymore about the trach tube, and I don't think I will until the 17th...that makes me get a little weasy in the stomach.

Many people have asked me how I'm keeping so calm. I guess on the outside I am pretty "normal" but I am a little scared, nervous, anxious, but really, there isn't too much I can do about it, so I'm just going with the flow. Take one day at a time, and after surgery, I'll do the same. There's a chance that everything will go way smoother than anyone expected, but honestly, I don't know what anyone expects, except that swelling will occur. So yes, folks, I am slightly racked in the nerves department, but I'm gonna stay strong, I don't need any wee ones feeding off of my apprehension and getting all worked up.

Other recent activities for the Flohr house include little wee one getting a "bug". Just the call you LOVE to get from the babysitter on a Monday morning, gearing up for a pretty busy week. She is fine now, she basically got it out of her system, slept for awhile and then was back to normal. So good that this evening the little knucklehead bit me! She got her first taste of time-out, and she didn't like it! I think she thought she was being funny, but it wasn't! She drew a little blood blister on the back of my thigh, very sensitive area!

Big wee one is gearing up for her 3rd birthday!! We are all getting pretty excited! She can now write her name (only when she wants to though...can't force her or let her think you want her to, she has to do it on her own), and is really interested in what everyone's "number" is. She's funny! Still sleeping great with the addition of Rina the Ballerina and her princess blanket :-) We are all very happy about that! Tomorrow we are going to pick up munchkins so she can celebrate her birthday at school. Good times, good times!

We found out that Paul will be heading to Miami for a business trip soon...lucky duck. I'll be hitting up the MOMs club for HOOT OWL (Husbands Out Of Town or Working Late) that week. I always sleep so bad when he's not home with me, so I'm not looking forward to that part, but maybe I'll just go to sleep when the girl's do and catch up on tons of extra sleep :-)

Big bro called today and he has an interview in York/Lancaster area...wish him luck!

I'll keep the site updated with info on the 17th as the date nears and news happens :-) For now, enjoy some pics from this past summer at Bald Head Island...we LOVED it there, and it was so beautiful!

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